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April 14, 2006




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first :-)

I suspect Marwan.

Damn - the only snakes I thought that Home Depot carried were in the plumbing aisle.

I guess she wouldn't have appreciated the dead rabid squirrels I used to find in the plants at HD. At least the snake wasn't glued to the toilet seat.


Thank you for helping me remember the advantages of NOT living in a warm climate. Generally speaking, we do not find snakes in potted plants at Home Depots in the northeast.

Life is full of tradeoffs.

*shudder* At least it wasn't in the toilet aisle.

Autin. My state's capitol. It was a coiled politician. It was probably hard to tell the difference.


I would like to propose a toast to this anonymous victim for actually declining to hold a news conference. And if she subsequently decides not to sue HD, despite spending 3 days in ICU, I will personally send her a HD gift card (not good for potted plants.)

P.S. How come she was "bit" in the headline, but "bitten" in the article?

ouch ......them buzz worms can ruin your day...3 days in ICU would not be my idea of a Spring break...they taste like chicken but you need a lot of them to make a meal..

*snork* at Texas


Thank you for questioning the reporters grammar before I had a chance to!! I thought I was the only one with the "wrong tense" alarm in my head.

Yes, I know I'm sad. Thank you. I'll crawl back under my rock now.

And yes, I do also realize that should have been "reporter's".

**note to self - PREVIEW BEFORE POST!!!!**

Speaking of snakes, I got into an automobile accident on Tuesday around noon. By 5:00 Wednesday I had received 14 (by actual count) phone calls from attorneys who of course were hoping that I had neck pain or internal bleeding or something. (It sounded like at least 4 or 5 of them were glued to a toilet seat.) Yesterday, I got five letters from attorneys also.

Ironically, this morning, while rushing to answer the phone (another attorney) I tripped over the pile of mail (from attorneys) and sprained my ankle. (I made this part up) So now I have them all suing and countersuing each other.

I agree with Marie. This is obviously the work of Marwan!

If only she had been in a bank instead ...

Where is Mr. Grammar Person when you need him?

sthnbelle. My wife proof read a letter I wrote to the IRS last year. It bled red and I hated her for it but boy did it sound good and I got the IRS off my back. D**m school teachers !

Texas - I think you mean "D**n". :)

The victim isn't commenting because her attorney(s) told her to save it for the case. So she doesn't 'mis-speak' and have it used against her.

HD is saying that was a security snake - the woman was trying to steal a pencil.

See ! I can't even curse right !!!

the snake once hath bitten moves on

Marwan oh how we miss you.

Someone has to say it...
"Home Depot? Why'd it have to be Home Depot?"

I'm sure that a lawyer crawled out of the other pot and handed her a business card after she was bit.

I believe the correct Texas usage is bit. As in

That thar snake done bit her.

The blog could create a whole category of "Things that have gone wrong at Home Depot"


Permit me to correct you, if I may.

It should read: That thar snake done bit her. Yeehaw!

Thank you.

KDF - in colder climates, the snakes just go inside to hibernate. If you keep the heat really low, they probably won't wake up until spring. Feel better?

New Home Depot tagline:

Home Depot: You can do it. We can help...you get medical attention after one of our deadly snakes bites you.

Annie, you are absolutely right about why she didn't comment.

I hope Dave gives us the follow-up here as to the amount of the settlement.
I'm thinking -
Home Depot = Deep Pockets = 6 figures.

I've been to Home Depot maybe three times and have seen mice and birds in there (being in the Northeast, of cours), but not rattlers. The mice are why my visits have been limited....

FCDA - I know you are more wise than I am in matters of law, but didnt you forget part of the equasion?

Home Depot = Deep Pockets = 6 figures*3 days in intensive care = 7 figures.

I wish I could get a floor clerk to move that fast when I'm wandering around in our HD...

I've been to Home Depot maybe three times and have seen mice and birds in there (being in the Northeast, of course), but not rattlers. The mice are why my visits have been limited....

And now I've been tagged as a robot - it was the comment about the mice, wasn't it?

Mikey -
I think the Home Depot Lawyers would drop the YeeHaw and amend a DANG! at the end.
..For Texans: amend - v. tr

    To change for the better; improve: amended the earlier proposal so as to make it more comprehensive.

    To remove the faults or errors in; correct. (See Synonyms at correct)

    To alter (a legislative measure, for example) formally by adding, deleting, or rephrasing.

    To enrich (soil), especially by mixing in organic matter or sand.

Mud - I had the exact same thing happen to me last month after a minor car accident. (Minus the tripping). I was so annoyed I wished I had never reported the accident!

Kathy P - if the mice disappear, the snakes probably ate them.

Kathy P.

The mice will see you now.

CR - you're right. ICU will certainly up the ante.

Good thing it wasn't in the hardware aisle, among the wood-shaving tools -- then it would have been a snake on a plane...


Yeah...I know about clamming up until the case goes to trial, but that rule seems more honored in the breach. Everywhere I turn, folks are calling press conferences so that they can dramatically stammer out the terrible tale of how their entire lives were destroyed when the piece of soot fell off the ceiling fan into their shrimp cocktail.
However, you'll notice that I don't owe her an HD giftcard unless she actually fails to sue, so that gives me til the statute of limitations runs out before I have to pay up.

You're right Betsy, and the ethical lawyers just want to tape their mouths shut!

Annie - No.

*feels dizzy*

*snork/groan* at fax!

Didn't this exact thing happen one or two years ago, but not in Austin?

I think I remember a story about someone getting bitten

*at a Home Depot
*by a rattlesnake that was
*hiding in a potted plant

I'm sorry, now I'm suspicious. Is it a partnership?

I can't under stand how a company as large as Home Depot can treat customers so poorly. I signed my roofing contract on 9-14-05, Home Depot has now installed three roofs on my house and are getting ready to install the fourth one. They pay their contractors as little as possible and that is why they get poor quality contractors. Home Depot does not return phone calls, emails or letters for weeks or never. When you see my web page you can see the distruction they do to peoples lives and property. When you search the internet for "poor customer service from home depot" you can read for days, how do they get away with this?


Thank you,
Don Wenzel
Oxford, Michigan

Home Depot is God, just ask them! We ordered a door and they lost the order. We ordered a bathtub, and they couldn't find it AFTER it was received. We ordered carpet, and two days AFTER it was suppose to be delivered they called to tell me it had been back ordered. It took 5 phone calls to get them to cancel the order. And they still billed me for the stuff. Then it took another 10 phone calls to get a credit. And we are still not done...they charged me a re-stocking fee even though they promised they wouldn't!

I've called President's office, no return call. I've called The Dalles branch manager, no return call.

Buyer beware. Home Depot has gone from a good company to one that is terrible!

I bought a new LG washer and dryer (you know the expensive front loader ones). I was suppose to get a rebate back from Home Depot. It has been 3 months and I have yet to receive my rebate. They stated that they have no record of my purchase. Imagine that. Don't beleive their rebate crap. Go ahead and go to Lowe's or a competitor, you get the 10% up front and don't have to deal with that.

With our You Men now off at War Guess What. HD has stopped given Veterans discounts. When that young mancomes home to fix up his home it will now cost him 10% more.

We ordered and paid for our kitchen cabinets, floors, etc in March 2007 and now mid July - they are still reordering doors and calling the cabinet makers to come and clean up their work. We can't get a Home Depot person to really care. I have made SO many phone calls I can't believe it - just get them moving along - since they have the money.
What do you do to get a little respect or even fake concern from them?

Yes home Depot leaves a bit to be desired but the asses running the individual stores don't want to hire the help to take care of customers. They are catering to the people of questionable citizen status and forgetting about the real citizens and to say nothing about their so-called preference to sr citizens. The younger you are the better chance you have to makie it at HD

DURHAM, N.C. April 28, 2008 - Etienne and I walked into the Home Depot to see if they'd participate in Shoeboxed.com's Receipt Recycling drive.

We were pleased when we saw the storefront was emblazoned with the slogan "GO GREEN." There was no way they could refute our offer, which was to come in every day from 4.22.2008 through 4.29.2008 to collect, shred and recycle all their receipts.

The store manager, standing right infront of the huge "GO GREEN" poster, quickly corrected our optimism.

"Sure, I'd be glad to help out. But I can't. You'd have to file with corporate, and that'd take a whole year. I just can't help you guys out. I can't even help out the girl scouts who want to sell cookies here."

So we tried a different approach: "Well, what if we left information for your clients, so that they could mail all their receipts to us. We'll scan them, then recycle them."

He was equally unhelpful in his answer the second time... and what, the corporate website talks about community?!?


recycle your receipts this earth day: http://deals.shoeboxed.com/earthday/free-mail-in.html

Home depot sucks because of craptastic customer service. They took my money and screwed me over! I ordered window coverings in Dec '08 and I still don't have them. I called March 6th and the lady didn't return my call. I called again March 17th 2009 to get a refund. I got a call saying it is too late they are being shipped. Every month they call and tell me that they are delayed. The customer service rep told me "well I left a message." Whoooppeee! A jr. high kid can do that! She never apologized or offered any solutions. I signed a contract so I didn't think I had any options. The rep eventually said "oh yeah, some people changed their order. Gee maybe you could have let me know?? I talked to a friend who got their window coverings from Sears and they got them in three weeks.

So all I can do is rant on blogs until my window coverings come some day. Maybe I should pay them four months later and see how they like that?!

Home Depot hired a new editor, Jocelyn Laurence, for their Eco Options newsletter. Before that she was at Green Living Magazine. This might tell you something about how "Green" Home Depot really wants to be. If you ask me, it will be just more "green" washing.

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 5:44 PM
To: 'Jocelyn Laurence'
Subject: RE: Green Living magazine

Dear Ms. Laurence,
Thank you for your fast reply - it was fast. What I was trying to say is that we are inundated with green this and green that. We are looking for more content - what is "green", what makes something "green", why is something "greener" than something else?

Hardly anyone out there tells us why something is a greener choice than any another option. Is my All Clad Stainless steel sauté pan as green as the cast iron fry pan? If it isn't, why not? I bet my stainless steel pan will last as long and as far as I know, the processes used to make it are less toxic to the environment. It probably did travel farther to get to me than my cast iron fry pan - but maybe the manufacturing techniques offset this? Lodge is clearly a better choice than the Le Creuset on the face of it but maybe Lodge isn't as good at scrubbing the air at their factory? While this kind of depth may be difficult for every story, we want to know more about why you chose what you did for the story. We don't look to you to give us information on how well they perform because we can get that from Cooks Illustrated or Consumer Reports but we would like to understand why you chose those items as being greener than other similar items. Otherwise, we know that the Le Creuset pot is a good green choice because you said so. We also don't know if we agree with your findings. We haven't learned much. What about the million other products you haven't reviewed?

Plenty of media outlets and governments are saying that fluorescent lights are better than incandescent but if my mom in Detroit doesn't know that the fluorescent bulb can't go in her garbage - it has mercury in it. So if she unknowingly throws it into her normal garbage, it breaks, and the mercury goes into our ground water, is that greener than that incandescent? Who decided this and why? Maybe they are both bad. Which is worse, polluted ground water or using up more electricity? I can't wait for LED lighting to be more popular so I won't feel guilty about what light bulb I use. LEDs are clearly better than both. I know this but the general public doesn't. Let's tell them!

If you tell me the Le Creuset is great because it is long lived, uses some recycled materials, and new non toxic and fish friendly coatings, we can compile a store house of knowledge in our heads. Then when we go to the store to buy something we can say to ourselves, "gee, this one has fish friendly coatings, uses 30% recycled materials, and while is not cast iron, it may last awhile." That might make me buy a greener TV or cell phone or toy. This is worthwhile knowledge to learn and isn't that what the magazine is about? Otherwise you are like a fashion magazine, predicting that this item is currently considered "trendy" today but tomorrow some other item will be.

From: Jocelyn Laurence [mailto:jocelynlaurence@castlebridge.ca]
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 4:28 PM
Subject: Green Living magazine

Thanks for your comments. Sorry I’ve taken a while to get back to you, but I wanted to check with both the writer and fact-checker before I responded.

Regarding our decision-making process, I simply asked the writer to give me a good cross-section of cookware that fulfills various functions and is green. She was assisted by Green Living Enterprises’ in-house researcher, who has been involved in the green world for decades.

I confess I felt that you saying the article was “sadly lacking in content” was a bit extreme. For a number of the items featured (the Big Green Egg, the Thermal Magic Cooker & Hotpan), explanations were given for how they save energy, and in the non-stick cookware, it is well explained why ceramic is preferable to conventional coatings. We try to provide readers with choices, but we don’t have the resources (or the mandate) of a Consumer Reports-type magazine.

However, as you must know, there are no easy answers or perfect solutions to green question. Somewhere, at some point in the manufacturing/growing/harvesting/distribution process, there is an inevitable fly in the ointment.

As for cast iron, I personally think it’s the best of the bunch. I have a cast-iron frying pan that is at least 40 years old and is going strong. Yes, the manufacturing casts a large footprint, but cast-iron cookware is not only something you buy once in your lifetime but also something you hand on to your kids and grandchildren.

With the benefit of hindsight, I would have emphasized high-quality cast-iron cookware manufactured in North American, to avoid international shipping. And I just yesterday found out that at least one manufacturer (Lodge) is working (successfully) towards more environmentally friendly practices.

Hope this helps and all the best with your green efforts.


Jocelyn Laurence

Green Living magazine
Green Living Enterprises
70 The Esplanade, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1R2

a good place to work and they pay better than the competition.

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