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April 13, 2006


Time to party.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Oh sure, FIRST thing in the morning and it's an old load of cr@p!

Just one more reason why I gave up being a geologist...

Fossilized Feces WBAGNFARollingStonesRB.

In other news, the Swedish geologists found several empty bottles of Mezcal and a prehistoric keg nearby.

"Cambrian scientists will certainly find them very interesting," Terfelt said.

"Unfortunately, I'm a geologist, and I find them boring as hell," he added.

Dave, how goeth the Seder?

On a post like this, is first the desired comment?

Or is t(h)ird?

You can actually buy coprolite jewelry. It's great for starting fights in bars:

"Hey buddy, that's a nice looking ring. What's it made of?"

"Dinosaur sh!t."

Heh heh. They said DUNG!

Based on the fecal attempt at humor it strikes me as a bunch of guys digging at rocks for a long time and when they came up empty they "discovered" something.

"See those lines on the rock. That is Cambrian worm dung!"

"And how does that differ from contemporary worm dung?"

They found 500 MILLION year old poop from a freakin worm, and the best the guy could do is call it "unique"?!? The understatement of the year!

"It is inevitable to joke about this, so we gave it the title 'Anomalous faces and ancient feces,'" Eriksson said."

Ohhh yeah!....hahahhhaaaaahhhhaaahahhaaahahahaha

*looks around furtively to see if anyone else can tell I don't have clue why this would be funny.

*snork* @ Lucy

It just is, because it isn't. And then there's that whole worm poop thing.

some haiku:

the ancient droppings
have anomalous faces
God, I have no life

the philosopher
poops and wonders if science
will study this one

the gourmet searches
for petrified poop to make
ultimate coffee


Crap --> Dung --> Feces --> "unique"?

... anyone see where this is going?

Nope? Me neither ....

Cambrian scientists? Wow, talk about geezers.

Man, I can't even get a chance to use my geology degree. Some people have all the luck...

On a Geological Society field trip in college, we were in the Llano/Marble Falls, TX area. We went visited some nearby caverns, and there was a guy there who took us on a tour of a nearby roadcut. He was telling us this story about this one group he led, apparently accompanied by a couple of know-it-alls. He dug out a bit of bluish rock and let these guys hold it, and then suggested that they lick the rock (a common direction, but generally only given with suspected halite, which this clearly wasn't). They did, and then asked, "Well, what is this stuff anyway?" or something to that effect. He really got a kick out of the looks on their faces when he told them it was mostly the dung of tiny prehistoric critters.

There's a special name for fossilised faeces?

also, glix: dung of prehistoric critters = bluish?

"The Coprolites of Death" wbagnfarb


and probably redundant....

ASK...you beat me to it:)

Yep...they're almost as old as the pre-Cambrian scientists!

Let's party likes it's 1952!

Let's party like it's 100 Million BC (or BCE for Dave)! Pass the Poop!

Just proving the point that scientists spend far too much time staring at nothing until they finally think they "see" something.

They really need to discover bar hopping.

Well, we all know what worms do:
They eat, eat, eat, then they poop, poop, poop.

Or at least that's what they taught my brother when he was in kindergarden, complete with hand motions.

Hey, I'm just going to consider the tour guide the expert...he said the blue (blue-black-green?) grainy rock he pointed to was microscopic animal poop, so I wasn't going to argue, lest he try and get me to lick something else I can't identify (and yes, I know I just potentially set off a bomb with that comment). I guess some nasty stuff must have happened in the couple billion years since it showed up. But considering what it started as, I don't know how it could get nastier.

Anybody who would go through 8 years of college, all that math and science, complete with all the tests (oral and written), term papers, lab excercises, on-site digs, etc., just so one day they can look at a piece of fossilized rock and be able to tell it was poop, is just full of coprolites, in my opinion.

Like I should talk, I was a French major . .

So, Lmd, you must have gone through college just to learn how to call Americans coprolite-heads, right?

and pepe, yeah, that stuff is everywhere. Those darn animals just left it lying around all over the place, like they were wild animals or something. if saying coprolite gets old, go for glauconite (green poop from fish)

you know who,

People pay good money for pine tree sap with dead bugs in it. Go figure.

learn'd something new today: Glauconite greensands are often mined and used for water softeners. So don't forget to rinse yourself with poop water before you eat some dead bugs with breakfast. :D

Hum. I think they meant facies, not faces. Facies are the term for rock-layers.

Glauconite...that might have been the word, in which case, ignore all my above references to microscopic.

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