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April 26, 2006


Tickets are still available for tonight's performance by the Rock Bottom Remainders. We are planning a hard-rockin' show featuring numerous chords, including, for the first time ever in our repertoire, a B-flat. There will be alcohol.
Also featured in the show tonight will be Monte  Montgomery, who is a fabulous guitarist, but has agreed to join us anyway. We will also have our regular guitarists, who are me and Greg Iles. Here's a little-known fact: At one time Greg and I formed a band in an effort to pick up women. For some reason we failed, despite the fact that we made an album with a really cool cover:


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Lookin' good, Dave. :)

For the record, that shirt is black. I think.

Confession: I secretly play the banjo *sob*

Black is the new blue.

GASP! *I* am wearing black today, TOO! This must mean something...

Hmmmmmm....The Little Willies, I think I dated one of the band members in my younger days.

Fortunately, I met my husband soon after, he played in a different band called the "I Can't Pick My Own Socks Up Off Of The Floor"

Ahhh, memories....

*uses superhuman strength to refrain from making an Amy Tan/B-flat joke*

get a lot of dates back then?

p.s. you do look good in black.

Okay, I was bringing a shirt for Dave - I had a blue one, but I'd hate to be behind the fashion. Black it is.

Dave, you look like a really cool hep cat now.

Oh, sure. Salt in the wound. "Tickets are still available." Hmmmph.

*sobs and hunts in closet for black yoga shirt which will cause her to B flat*

*wonders if children can fend for themselves if she flies to Dallas for the evening*

KDF - sure they can. Just make sure to tie their fuzzy straight jackets really tight and stick them to your Velcro® wall. Leave them some PopTarts™ and juice boxes, and you're good to go.

Not that I have any experience with this myself.

Ooh, KDF coming to Dallas? - then I'd have three things to be excited about this evening.

BTW - my ears got clogged with water in the shower this morning in defensive preparation.

"No, Mommy, not the Velcro® wall again!!!"

KDF - If YOU get to go then I get to go, too!

(I have no kids in the house, but I'll still take some of that velcro)

Dave's just wearing black to get into the, you know, soul of a rock musician. He'll revert back to the blue in no time.


Good news: Seats still available on Northwest for $258!
Bad news: The flight is boarding right now. :(

then you had better hurry. Maybe you'll run into Stevie Wonder!

I would be flying out of Boston. But I did run into Ray Charles there once!

running into stevie wonder is cruel.

Any news on the Northeast support group? Are card games and MaiTais sufficient to make up for the fact that we can't get to Dallas?


The support group is taking sign ups now!

Just email me and we'll pick a date to get together as a group and drown our sorrows in drinks with umbrellas!

hey, lookout! whooz flyin this plane anyway, stevie wonder?

Hey the photos with the new phone aren't bad.

Good luck with the B-flat. *I wish I could be there*

A B-flat? Jeebus! That means there's a high probability you'll also play an F in the same song. Why would you do such a thing when technology has given us the capo?

C'mon, Dave! All these Good Names for Rock Bands we come up with, and the best you could do is "The Little Willies"?

Was your big hit "I Only Got A Three-Inch Tool"?

And you wonder why you didn't pick up women. Sheesh.


"Little Willy and the Three Inch Tool" WAGNFARB!

or a really sick children's book.

What I want to know is this:

2 days ago, great weather, mid 90's, girls in shorts, life was great.

Now, RBR have arrived, its cold and wet and miserable.


No, its all you jealous New Englanders wishing this weather on us!

(erm...that's the temp in the mid 90's , not the girls)

Hrrrmpph. Yeah, blame the Boston people, fine.

pssst, Punkin, he's onto us!

YES! My methane powered weather machine is working!!! (They don't call it "BeanTown" for nuthin'! Mmmwwwwhhaaaaaa!)

KDF - you can control the weather?

and is this in any way connected with that whole tea party incident?

Toto - ix-nay on the ea-tay arty-pay! Gonna get us in trouble!

What's this about now?

And all you bloglits were aware of THIS, of course?

i would like to state for the record.... well... i wish i had something to state for the record regarding mr. greg iles. unfortunately, i do not.

how about off the record?

silly judi - they don't make "records" any more - now it's called a CD (that's short for "compact disc")

So will you all be performing with the full Monte or what ?

And if Paula Abdul shows up, please try not to make her cry!

Off the record, judi has failed to deny having intimate knowledge of the verisimilitude of the moniker "Little Willie" as applied to Mr. Iles.

*goes to check stock in [email protected]*

Glowing with fluorescence, the Rock Bottom Remainders are neon candles in the dark.

Dave Barry's so phat..
He learned a B-flat...
He will play tonight in Dallas
And he owns a walrus phallus..

um...meanie the black? you knew this, right?

"THE LITTLE WILLIES are Lee Alexander, Jim Campilongo, Norah Jones, Richard Julian and Dan Rieser. On their self-titled debut CD they cover a range of songs by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Townes Van Zandt and Fred Rose, as well as bandmember originals."

tho', this album did get a great review! : P

man... i'm slow (at least for this ADD bunch!). not only that, i sound like miss-take-all-the-innuendo/fun-out-of-the-name-The-Little-Willies. i'm sorry. i'll stop.

We were in the front row,
But not in Dallas..
We wish Dave would have seen us
Next time I'll bring a walrus penis..

I heard a rumo(u)r that RBR is going to be on Craig Ferguson's show Fri night.


slyeyes: That rumor is true.


WOOO HOOO-I'll be watching Craig Ferguson. YAY RBRs!!

*makes note to set dvr, as he is working 'til 3am Friday night/Saturday morning*

Could you be planning on a Chuck Berry song? Will have to let the blog know about the new song!

I had a friend who died because he played a B-flat chord too fast.So, take it slow guys, you're not kids anymore...

tune your guitar down a half step and play in B. You could just play in A sharp.


Dave, I always wondered why you won't go home. You can't push Willie round, Willie won't go.

OMG, now I have that "Li'l Willie won't go home" chorus stuck in my mind... Thanks, Dave, it's gonna take a week to clean that part of my brain...

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