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April 19, 2006


It is time to purchase your earplugs.

(Denver and LA residents: You, too.)


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Yeah, yeah, yeah!

*is supremely jealous*

Well, that's not very flattering! They've still got to be 100 times better than Paris....

And first!

*googling Dave as male underwear model*

Dave seemed genuinely flustered after getting no reaction to the "male underwear model" line.

Tough crowd.

*sigh* Dallas has special memories for me and m'lady - That's where we met! Dave could I have a pair of complimentary (airline) tickets so we can go see the show?

D'oh! Me too, Annie.


I wuz actually thinkin' about the possibility of gettin' a cheap airfare to LA, and then I recalled that the weekend in question is when I'm hopin' to help my son (& his family) move into their new home ... unless I'm werkin' ... so ...

LA will not happen for me this time around ...

NTTAWWT -- in the overall sense -- I mean, I'd like to be there, but the downside is that I'd hafta go to LA to be there ... IYCMD ...

I loved that show, "Dallas." May I get a free compliment, too?

Now OGLING Dave as male underwear model - the first one I know is him because it matches his shirt (plus the weinermobile connection)-
Barry blues
This one, if you look closely, you can see his thumb holding them up for the camera, so I guess that counts as modelling -
Barry good team

I wish the cameraman didn't come from the "I must use skew to show we're cool" school of thought.

Authors being in favor of literacy. Who woulda thunk it.

Warning on the first linkie! judi would approve of the photo, but your boss might not.

And you are coming to upstate NY when Dave? So I can see you play too?

"Don't you boys know any nice songs?"

The TV anchor Doug Dunbar used to be in Miami.

yeah...i'll be at the dallas show.

Yay! You look SO good, Dave! :)

See you there DAve!

And Annie-wbh - you look lovely today! (free compliment)

wolfie, he was just IN syracuse. isn't that upstate NY?

signed --

admittedly horrible at geography

I can hardly wait till Wednesday ...

Dave, forget Dallas. Houston...come to Houston. Just 250 miles south of big D. Take Interstate 45 south. 3.5 hours @ 80 mph. Or 30 minutes by crop duster.

judi, darling, queen of blogness, and keeper-of-the-appointment-book-of-Dave-Appearances - Any chance of the Philly area? (particularly for the new Peter book - my son flipped over the first one)

judi, yes, syracuse is upstate....where it should stay.
My son's 1st communion is the 29th, the day Dave plays LA. Think I could get the babysitter to take the kid to his communion?

He was?

*kills self*

KDF- I heard the reporter say "Calvin Klein" after the underware model comment. She was mulling it over, I think.

*Dave as an underware model? Hmmm nothin' funny about that.*

Nooo, wolfie, don't do it! We need you for the 24 blog!

Hey, if Kramer could be an underwear model...

You guys have got to come to Pittsburgh sometime!

well, here comes another plug for davebarry.com:

don't be like wolfie! check the events page regularly so you don't have to kill yourself for missing a Dave-event in your area!


i'll post the book tour info there too, when I get it. at this point, it doesn't look like philly will be on the list, but quite a few cities that they don't normally go are on this tour. but i don't want to post it yet because they're not definite, and i don't want any more deaths on my conscience.

(unless of course you consider NYC to be "in the Philly area")

I'm with Dave R- what was with the wonky camera angles/moving/zooming? Made me a little nauseous.

like Kramer, are Dave's buttocks 'sublime'?
did anyone else have a problem with the video 'buffering' every 10 seconds, so the whole report took 20 minutes to watch? no? o.k.

*snork!* @ Judi :)

I'll be in Syracuse in the fall for a little Hawkeye ass whopping of Syracuse....I'll be in Denver and Dallas also, so any of yous blog commenters, maybe we can have a Shasta.


Harsh judi. Just rub salt into the wound why doncha?

Actually, I ponied up the 50 to see him talk last time he was here. It was worth every penny. This year.. no pennies to spare.
*turns pockets inside out*
*watches lint fall to floor*
*sighs and slinks away to crawl into a hole and die*

See ya at UCLA, Dave!

I think there was a reaction to the "male underwear model" bit. The camera operator apparently fainted because for no reason, the angle tilted from 45 degrees left to 45 degrees right. Personally I think camera operators need to have levels on their cameras? Is that weird angle supposed to be "edgy" or something?

Sign me up for the geezer bus...

Sooooo....why didn't the newsclip feature a SAMPLE of the music???? This band sounds like it's so bad, it's actually good!

C'mon wolfie - judi actually mentioned you by name! You gotta love that (okay, she was scolding you, but still - any attention is better than none, right? Wolfie?

*snorks* and thank you to Judi.

Judi - just askin' - any clue how many people are gonna be fighting over Dave during the VIP hour? MOTW and I call dibs on testing the new crapcam.

dave, you look so cute in that clip--you know, you may play in one of the worst bands ever, but at least you'll never have to worry about *this* happening to you... : P

wait, i don't get it. yet another case where i reply to something and people think i'm yelling at them, scolding them, or being a crabby old hag, and i'm just... answering the question. what'd i do?!

I didnt think you were scolding her judi
(I'm not sucking up for free airline tix either)

as for how many people... better ask ted. i've only been to one or two of these things and you know, i just entourage my way through the crowds like the crabby old hag i am ;)

I cannot afford to go either.
This is sooo depressing.

Please come to Boston.

Please come to Boston.

Posted by: S P J G | 04:42 PM on April 19, 2006

Wasn't that a Harry Chapin song?

You are not a crabby old anything. You are the Goddess judi. The All Powerful Stealth Bloggerette.

Sorry judi.

*flagellates self*

I didn't think you were scolding me, judi. I did check the site before I asked, though. :)

Anything us PA folk can do to sweeten the pot, as it were, to entice you and the Blog to grace our city? Cheese steaks, TastyKakes (I don't know how to make the little trademark thingy), beefcakes?

i'm sorry, belle, i don't make the sked. nor does dave. it's those bas... nice folks at disney who make those decisions.

(just kidding, jen! don't hurt me!!)

Oh, noooo! The mouse has Dave!

So glad I read this today - I just got tickets to the Dallas show. Thanks!

Good plug for the boss, judi!
Well done!
And wasn't that just the perkiest news team you've ever seen - blech! I'm surprised they all didn't do a group hug at the end.

solution: I'm just going to turn up my hearing aid REAL REAL loud, connect it to my megaphone, and eavesdrop from sunny southern arizona.

**runs out to find all night hearing aids & megaphones R (backwards thingy) us store. what? the nearest one is in Dallas?**

**resumes fetal position**

I am so excited, I bought VIP tickets to the Dallas show.

*Swoops in to revive Wolfie*

What?? Aw, sh....

*Kills self*

Its just a flesh wound.

Aww, why doesn't Dave ever come to Paris (the ciy, not the bimbo)?

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