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April 22, 2006


Time to start planning your family's summer vacation.

(Thanks to Ford79)


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Sounds like a good spot to go for someone who already has a Sewage Disposal Plant named after them...........

VF, El! (btw - 6-1 Yanks in the 8th)
I have to handle the stuff all the time at work (figuratively, of course) - don't think I want to peruse it on my vacation.

Wow - just realized that on the last couple of threads, it's mostly women talking about poo. That's a bit different. Maybe the boys are off doo-dooing their business.

Ain't THAT some sh!t!

Fantastic! The one vacation trip where the kids will never ask "are we there yet?"

Very good point, El.

kindly notice that "experts" from several Big Ten(11) Universities are featured guests. 2 from Illinois, one each from Michigan, Purdue, and MSU and at least a couple from oHIo State. as a native Iowan living in buckeye country i am proud to note that we Hawkeyes always said the other Big Ten(11) schools were mostly "full of it."

Seems like the perfect place for Punkin to have a family reunion.

Hey! :(

*snorks* at Jacki

Punkin, you know she's right.

"Explore opportunities for handling and applying manure to reduce odors."

Gosh...I use Arrid Extra Dry myself, but if you say so...

My personal favorite: "Food concessions available on-site"

I couldn't get beyond the headline.


Dave, do you think there are port-o-johns available on-site? Or is that unnecessary at this type of event?

Look at that! Dave read something judi blogged. :-)

Now that would be a crappy vacation.

rickh -

Nobuddy from Northwestern? Would that be a hint that their sh!t does not stink?

Merely wonderin' ...

(Technically, I think its a Sewer Lift Station ... not a disposal plant ... merely observin' ... #16, isn't it Dave?)

One thing is for sure...if I had to manage manure, I'd want the method to be as efficient as possible!


Northwestern is located in Chicago. like right smack dab in the city. in the daze before huge $ sports contracts Northwestern, a very acedemically oriented school, was a perennial doormat sports wise.

one of their popular cheers ended with the phrase,"someday you will work for us."

so, they (Northwestern alums) should be well versed in the fine art of slinging bullshirt.

rickh -

yeah, I gnu whirr Northwestern is ... one of my friends got his DDS degree there ... and I'm from (the western edge) of Big 10 country, so I know of the doormat status ... tho it seems to me that they gained a tiny bit of sports respectability in the last few years ...

but, yeah, their alumni should be able to fling it and sling it, I agree ...

But wait! Ther's more! And its on the internet!

"For details on how Swartzendruber's retrofitted their manure tank to reduce rates, Click here."

yeah.Gary Barnett (sp?) brought some respect to NW as he took their football program to great heights before he defected to Colorado (where i think he was in