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April 22, 2006


Time to start planning your family's summer vacation.

(Thanks to Ford79)


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Sounds like a good spot to go for someone who already has a Sewage Disposal Plant named after them...........

VF, El! (btw - 6-1 Yanks in the 8th)
I have to handle the stuff all the time at work (figuratively, of course) - don't think I want to peruse it on my vacation.

Wow - just realized that on the last couple of threads, it's mostly women talking about poo. That's a bit different. Maybe the boys are off doo-dooing their business.

Ain't THAT some sh!t!

Fantastic! The one vacation trip where the kids will never ask "are we there yet?"

Very good point, El.

kindly notice that "experts" from several Big Ten(11) Universities are featured guests. 2 from Illinois, one each from Michigan, Purdue, and MSU and at least a couple from oHIo State. as a native Iowan living in buckeye country i am proud to note that we Hawkeyes always said the other Big Ten(11) schools were mostly "full of it."

Seems like the perfect place for Punkin to have a family reunion.

Hey! :(

*snorks* at Jacki

Punkin, you know she's right.

"Explore opportunities for handling and applying manure to reduce odors."

Gosh...I use Arrid Extra Dry myself, but if you say so...

My personal favorite: "Food concessions available on-site"

I couldn't get beyond the headline.


Dave, do you think there are port-o-johns available on-site? Or is that unnecessary at this type of event?

Look at that! Dave read something judi blogged. :-)

Now that would be a crappy vacation.

rickh -

Nobuddy from Northwestern? Would that be a hint that their sh!t does not stink?

Merely wonderin' ...

(Technically, I think its a Sewer Lift Station ... not a disposal plant ... merely observin' ... #16, isn't it Dave?)

One thing is for sure...if I had to manage manure, I'd want the method to be as efficient as possible!


Northwestern is located in Chicago. like right smack dab in the city. in the daze before huge $ sports contracts Northwestern, a very acedemically oriented school, was a perennial doormat sports wise.

one of their popular cheers ended with the phrase,"someday you will work for us."

so, they (Northwestern alums) should be well versed in the fine art of slinging bullshirt.

rickh -

yeah, I gnu whirr Northwestern is ... one of my friends got his DDS degree there ... and I'm from (the western edge) of Big 10 country, so I know of the doormat status ... tho it seems to me that they gained a tiny bit of sports respectability in the last few years ...

but, yeah, their alumni should be able to fling it and sling it, I agree ...

But wait! Ther's more! And its on the internet!

"For details on how Swartzendruber's retrofitted their manure tank to reduce rates, Click here."

yeah.Gary Barnett (sp?) brought some respect to NW as he took their football program to great heights before he defected to Colorado (where i think he was involved in a contoversy)

and the hoops has had it's moments

but Northwestern's great claim to fame is that they are, have been, and seem dedicated to remain, a great acedemic school.

a DDS from NW is probably worth an MD from a lotta other schools.

and given the co$t of some of my wife's recent dental work, maybe more.

"Manure, Keep it in the Root Zone"

Now, those are words to live by!

Rah! Rah! Northwestern! (Isn't that, like, what you people do, when you have school "spirit" or whatever?)

We don't need to learn new ways of managing manure because we already have a strategy. We use it to keep planting ivy on stuff as a subtle hint as to which League we'd like to be part of...

(You can tell I'm legit because it's Saturday night and I'm not only sober but reading about sh!t on the internet.)

Yeah, Dentist work isn't cheap ... but given the crude jackhammer techniques I experienced when younger (MUCH younger) ... the new styles and equipment are definitely worth the price ... to me, at least ... and dentists (as my friend has pointed out over the years) have a much lower tendency to get mindnight emergency calls ...

A surefire way to eliminate the phrase 'Are we there yet?' from many a child's vocabulary.

theme song: Ain't Guano Rain No More

...Do you want to find out about efficient manure management strategies?...

SHHH! Don't spread it around!

Actually, manure application is complicated. You have to spread it evenly or your field will get wrinkled. Then you have to start over with a brand new field, and that gets expensive. Fields don't grow on trees, ya know! :)

*wanders in*


Good Lord! This entire blog smells like sh!t!!! What on earth have you people been doing???

and yet, i notice there are no women in that picture. you men just love to stand around and talk

*wanders in, a day late*

Cool! My item got posted!

*takes bow*
*bonks head on keyboard*

As for you, rickh, may I say as an Illinois grad that maybe the reason Iowa wasn't included is that Iowans don't know sh.t...

And if you meet a friend at the convention, don't shake his hand, quips my 18 year old son. ;)

The story goes that the late Harry S Truman, a man occasionally given to use strong language, while addressing a convention of farmers in his native Missouri told them the secret to increased crop yield was "...manure! Manure! Manure!"

A family friend who was seated next to First Lady Bess reportedly turned to her and said, "My goodness, Bess, you simply MUST get him to stop saying manure!" To which Bess replied, "You don't realize how many years it has taken me to get him to say manure!"

Stupe-Great story! I guess the real estate industry picked up on that and came up with their own: Location, location, location.

This thread was just a giant opportunity for all blogits to say sh*t!

Isn't this thread dung yet?

I agree, I think it's time to put a crap on it.

Can't we just eliminate it entirely?

Please excrete me for trying to move us away from the bowels of this topic.

Pretty offal, isn't it? Time to evacuate.

I think this article is just being fecestious.

I guess the ground on this thread is still pretty fertile, after all.

I'm enjoying this thread's sewage.

In fact, this thread is so strong, I was able to sewer the lid right back on the septic. Can't smell a thing.

You guys are so punny.

Maybe so, but I'd rather we just wiped this one from memory altogether.

And flushed it away?

Btw, I'm still playing that Dungeon Escape thing that was blogged a while back (yes, I know I'm pathetic). Does that thing ever end? I finally got past the stained-glass dragon/sword-in-the-stone room, and that still wasn't the end. There was hand-to-hand combat with a mummy after that, and it lopped my head off.

Long way to go for a pun, Ms. Bumble (SNORK).

What exactly are you trying to say, Herr Wortspiel?

Blue, it's your turn to clean the outhouse.

"...lopped my head off." Very well thought out and executed....er, uh, wasn't it?

If it was some sort of pun, it wasn't intentional. I fail to see the relevance, but I may not have read the whole thread, and I didn't really read the article either. Just the headline.

Another good one! Man, you're killing me....

Bumble - BWAAAAAA HA HA!!!

OK, someone please explain to me how I'm being funny, because I don't get it.

*looks for similarities between her apparent puns*

*sees the word "head"*

Is that it? I still don't get it. Or if I do, you guys are very naughty.

Ahem. Please excuse me while I head to the head to make a deposit in your name.

SNORK@ Bumble.

Bumble -- a heady thought. Just don't let it go to your head. IYKWIM

Bumble, you are the coolest of the cool.

Nothing to get, and you're still playing along, and in your attempt to "get it" you managed to find a pun even where there wasn't one, at least that I didn't see, because you are smarter than I am.

But you're right about the naughty thing. :)

I'm so confused. My head hurts.


Hey, the dungeon game does have an end (har!). I just finished it. Yay me! Now I must reward myself by reading a boring 20 page chapter in my Business Law book.

*one more week, then finals, and it's over. one more week, then finals, and it's over. one more week, then finals, and it's over. and then I might join the honors program and have more work to do than ever. it'll never end. it'll never end. it'll never end. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!*

*zips in*

I didn't "get it" either Bumble, I have no idea what they're talking about, and I'm not really sure that they do either. I'm awful with puns.

I think they're just toyleting with you!

see what I mean, even when I try

*zips out*

*snickers @ El*

Baby Ruth?

Crap, I missed out on the punfest.


El's pun was no accident. She's a lot punnier than she let's on.

"Manure, Keep it in the Root Zone"
what a words to say

What a load of sp@m.

Hey! Manure spreading is an honest industry here in cow land.....

First prize in spreading it goes to Todd, my coworker, and better BS artist than RickH if you can believe that.

I mean that in the best possible way, if we didn't have a layer or two of it in our office, I couldn't get thru the day!!


i give you all a standing offal-ation!

I'd bow, except, um.....you don't wanna know.

For that pun, take a bow, El (hee-hee).

All Im interested in is the field demonstration.

Seems as if these "agriculturalists" merely wanna demonstrate how to be #1 in a #2 business ...

Bumble, Meanie, and KDF are all out standing in their field. They need to be hosed down to flush out all the stank. But careful -that stuff has a way of rolling downhill. So it depends where you stand.
Good puns, everyone. I'm totally inflatulated with you. Now get some sheep, er, sleep. Downwind, please.

Annie, we were merely exploring opportunities for handling and applying manure to reduce odors. Please cut us a little cheese. Er, slack.

Join us at the Food Concessions?

Indubitably! btw- did y'all concede this was food? Main course - Moo Poo Guy Pan? For dessert, let me guess - Mississippi Mud Pies?

Why is there only one appropriately dressed guy in the picture? The one with the rubber boots.

He's the food concessionaire.

Ummm...The TRUCKS Look NICE.

Got nothing else to say.

i got nuthin. those were great puns. sorry. got here late.

I wonder if they get commemorative t-shirts. That logo looks like it was just made for a shirt.

Where can I get one?

at the food concession.

I'm a day late, but that place is right on my way to the cabin up north. I'll try to stop by Memorial Day weekend and file a report.

In the old days these were called Honey Wagons. The Bear Union and Bee Union Members united against this designation,and decided to create their own fair.
These brave men and women are doing a great service for their neighbors.Unlike the columnists at the Herald,they actually help fertilize the environment.

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