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April 10, 2006


Stay inside.


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*doing little dance around the room, husband is looking at me strangely*

"This is totally different from the Burmese python," he said as he measured the tracks.

Don't care. Get it the hell AWAY from here!!!

another option for the sequel to "Snakes on a Plane"...

The "Lost World Vivarium,"...sounds like a place maybe that mega hornet should go.

"However, he said an American expert, David Liebman, a big snake hunter, had volunteered to lead the search for the python – if someone could sponsor his airfare."

I'll volunteer too if someone "sponsors" my airfare. We'll start on the beach with both hands full of fancy drinks in coconut shells with umbrellas on the side (we'll use the umbrellas as weapons to poke them in the eyes, and when they can't see us anymore we'll have more drinks!)...

WHO'S WITH ME?!?! Lets rid Barbados of this menace once and for all!!!

Coast - I gotta to to work right now...otherwise, I'm goin' in with ya.

Coast! I'm in! I'm in!

*nods enthusiastically, packs swimsuits and sunscreen*

Snakes run on tracks?

Some quotes: ... his search for that Burmese python, last spotted in Joe's River ...
... no one should attempt to capture it . If ... spotted that or the other snake(s) ...

I hope they're using non-toxic colors to decorate these critters ... wouldn't wanna pollute the environment, one may only hope ... merely sayin' ...

"he had to be nearby when the woman was wetting her lawn"

confusing cause and effect, methinks...

Ma'am? the good news is that this wasn't that eighteen foot python you were worried about...

Oh, that's a relief!

Yes ma'am. It's only an 8 foot python

I'm sure the residents are all hyssssssterical.

*wanders off to history class to punish self for punning*

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Control Centre said it was not a matter with which they dealt.

"Bert? Lady just called in a giant python."

"Sh*t. Hmmm...wait a minute. Give me that dictionary. Ha! Here it is: Technically, it's a reptile."

"Oh, that's a relief!"

Snakes, snakes, snakes...that's all we talk about around here...oh, and HERPETOCULTURALS WBAGNFARB (especially on the TV program LOST, which I've never watched. How on earth did it earn so many Emmy's?)

"Alright everybody, if you'll please line up, the Unruly Mob will be starting shortly. I want the torch carriers interspersed and...Jim, you can't set fire to your pitchfork. Somebody do something with Jim."

"Wur gon' git that sumbi+%h!"

"Thank you Skeeter. Your enthusiasm is...nevermind."

"I'm scared! How will we know if we see it?"

"It'll be the 18 foot Burmese Python, Sally."

"We're going to start at dusk and storm towards town square, so everybody think of your own unique way to rouse some rabble, and we'll start hunting it after the..."

"It's not in my right shoe! Hey, it's not in my left one, either!"

"Somebody plese sedate Jim."

"Are you sure this will catch the snake?"

"Please. When has an Unruly Mob ever not worked?"


ok, I'll come to Barbados with you, too, but do I actually have to hunt for snakes?

and sparrow, the choice is work, or drinks (and snakes) in Barbados.

you're goin' to work?? ;)

Simul with Southerngirl! Was it good for you, sweetie?

*busily packing snakes we can let loose - just in case we accidently catch the real one*

I'm Goin'!! I actually almost stepped on a snake the other day, and I DIDN'T even scream! Ok, it was only about a foot long little brown snake or something, and at first I thought it was a really big, fast worm, but I DIDN'T scream!!

So I think I am qualified. Plus, I drink.

CR, count me in!

Best line in article:

"They would move at the speed of an elderly person taking a leisurely stroll," said Corrie, who has over 20 years' experience dealing with reptiles.

"If the dogs are barking irregularly at night, also check it out."

Arf! Arf! Arf! Ar*urk*

(And now it's the snake that'll be irregular.)

Southergirl: you're right, a bad day in Barbados with drinks (and snakes) beats a good day at work anytime. I think that we're getting enough bloggers on this expedition that you and I can just handle the drinks (maybe set up a "command post" type of thing) and take it from there.

*waves to Ella, way up there*

sparrow, that sounds like a plan! ;)

I'll go - I love Barbados, with or without snakes....

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