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April 17, 2006


And yet it's right here, on the Internet.

(Thanks to Fane Henderson)


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may i be the first to say EWWW

Maybe it's the Cadbury Easter Cow...

Why would that be "eww"? Do you think that chicken poopers are that much cleaner than cow ones?

Words of the Sentient:
Despotism is unjust to everybody, including the despot, who was probably made for better things. -- Oscar Wilde

Is saying this sounds like bullsh*t to me too obvious?

Well, back in Iowa they used to call that by the technical name of "poop".

did you just call me a despot? i'll have you know i'm far more democratic. (but, you may kiss my .. ring;)

(n the last i "herd", cows shoud not be pooping eggs of any colour!)


The scientists have begun "researching it."

"Wong? Smell this."


"OK...I'll go write it up for publication."

OK, repeat after me:

that is an egg-shaped cow turd

Maybe they can serve it up with the 'pies' and 'muffins' the rest of the herd makes and have a party! (No party poopers, please!)

"What's that awful smell."
"That's just Wong."
"I know it's wrong, but what's that smell?"
"It's Wong - he had Tai for lunch."
"How could Thai food make someone smell like that?"
"Not Thai food - Tai, the guy in marketing."

In other news, a chicken just laid what appears to be some sort of pie.

a chicken pie?


now that's funny

This just in - it was a chicken pot pie...
ooops - poultry parfait pie.

It was Brangelina's baby! They named it Turdella

Note to self: When visiting China, DO NOT under any circumstances order the egg foo yong. Or omelettes.

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