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April 25, 2006


Amy Tan naked. Or, fairly naked. This  blog will continue to pursue this important literary effort.


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She is soooo gonna kick Dave's butt.

oh, and first...to see Amy Tan naked on this blog. I'm torn, but at least I'm not Tan.

We'll try to get pictures of the flogging.

Guys....are you there? Guys? Guess all the blood went downstares....sigh.

Ted, is that a mullet she's wearing? On her head, a little higher up.

What an odd Tangent. She will Tan your hide.

Can you get a famous literary person more my age? All I can think is "The Bone Setters Daughter" and Joy Luck Club.

Alfred - picky, picky, picky - write a decent book and drop your drawers.

I don't know - looks like a fake Tan to me.

Wait a second, is she standing in front of an elevator? Like that?? In a hallway???
I'm hoping it's just research for her next book.

Better the lovely Amy Tan than nekkid pictures of Ridley Pearson, Scott Turow, Roy Blount, Jr., or Stephen King.

Annie- I will do what I can.

Might have been a public bathroom.

...looks like a bad commercial for cheap jewelry...

I read Joy Luck Club to help me pick up Asian women. True story.

Whattya know - there are NOT Tan lines (well except for the lines y'all are comin up with)

oh, i get it, she's selling her new book,
and probably her old books,
that's the literary world, sell, sell, sell,
after all, right Dave?

CoastR' -- those lines are more blue than tan ... merely sayin' ...

"This blog will continue to pursue this important literary effort."

Looks like the Blog is shooting for another Pulitzer...

Saving Fish from Drowning : A Novel (Paperback)
by Amy Tan

List Price: $13.95
Price: $10.74 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $3.21 (23%)

Availability: This title will be released on September 26, 2006. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. Ships from and

GASP! This must be part of the drugs, sex and nekkidness we hear about in the lives of big rock stars! (Watch closely bloglits, we're getting the backstage story.)

BTW Amy's gonna rack up a few groupies of her own. (Or in her case, would that be groupers? That's what ya call male groupies, right? Groupers.)

*no puns about How to Save Fish from Drowning for fear of inappropriate product placement* ;-)

...at least it's not a squirrel cook-book.

And I like her jewelry.

Well, bahoola...just put it right out there.

I guess the fish where chosing the wrong stream. Its electric boogie woogie etc

Joy Luck Club was one of my favorite books in Middle School. At no point while reading it did I think, "Man I want to see the Author naked."

I did wonder what the chess moves where.

"GASP! This must be part of the drugs, sex and nekkidness we hear about in the lives of big rock stars!"

I think you're (not your) absolutely right, Lisa. What's next, the Blog trashing his room, throwing TV out of hotel window etc.? And is he going to dangle a one-year old from the hotel balcony? The world waits and wonders.

It hink its a Blogstage viewing of the them.

amy tan naked,
as seen from the waist up,
wrapped in a sheet,
wearing cheap jewelry,
Oh, and she's written a new book,
and did you hear?
Amy Tan, Naked!

Ms. Tan is the type to hold grudges...and a camera...just a warning. Beware a bare Barry!

It wasn't until she began having hallucinations about a naked man approaching her bed that novelist Amy Tan got really worried. ...

I loved The Bonesetter's (or bone something) daughter

take off the sheet and even i'll but the damn book,
not really, but take off the damn sheet, please!

Pobre Amy, no tenga a ropa. Y el took a picture of her naked.

She has some muscle on that arm.

buy amy tan's newest book!
first 100 order gets a collection of cheap jewelry
and full color nude photos,
(from the shoulders up and wrapped in a sheet)
but the jewelry is really nice...

Was that picture taken with the Crapcam 2.0? It looks like it may be a clearer picture, I think we need a shot of dave in a blue shirt to be sure!

When I have to wake up early in the morning. I get on edge, but am able to fall asleep. I wake up every other hour because I dream of Ninjas attacking me. I have never been late when Ninjas where attacking.

So I guess Amy has the same technique, only she uses a naked man. And then she ends up walking in the hall way naked. Maybe she should dream about ninjas instead.

Just as long as Dave's publicist doesn't get any bright ideas. Love that blue shirt, just keep it on, please.
This crap cam shot is almost good enough to blow up and put on a poster for the concert this Saturday.

Anyone else hoping Amy retaliates and sends the results to judi for subsequent blogging? *snork*

Bumble - yes - see my 6:04 post.

Who the hell is Amy Tan?

Words of the Sentient:

Poor human nature, what horrible crimes have been committed in thy name!
-- Emma Goldman

Did anyone notice the name of the picture is "amy11.jpg"? Eleven of how many, one wonders. I hope Mrs. Blog approved this photo shoot...

Mrs. Blog doesn't need to pretend there is a naked Blog standing next to her.

Amy Tan is an author, she wrote Joy Luck Club and others. Most are based on Chinese American heritage.

I hear RBR reserved the EXACT SAME set of suites at the Motel Imperial that resident Jeorge Boosch wanted to use for his weekly "summet meeting" with his secretary, but RBR wouldnt budge and kept their reservations. Jeorge made reservations at another hotel which was undisclosed for marital reasons.

Just what I heard. Way to stand yer ground Dave (and company!)

Yeah, I looked it up on Wikipedia. I initially wondered why some author would be tolerating Dave sneaking around taking pictures of her half-naked, but then I came to the part about them being in the same band.

With all those potential band names Dave trots out, that's what they settled upon?

I then followed the link to Dave's wikipedia entry, and was disappointed to see that his exhaustive bibliography was mostly red (unmade) links.

You should all go there and make new entries, at least stubs, for all of his books.


Anyway, is it just me, or does her mouth seem disproportionate in that pic?

KAZ - re: disproportionate mouth - have you ever heard her sing?

I've never even read her books.


Words of the Sentient:

...there are more instances of the abridgement of freedoms of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. --James Madison

Thank you, hardkaur, for getting to the real issue.


Annie -

VERY HEAVY on the "almost" there ... it's not really very sharp, the resolution is not good, poor focus ... one click and it becomes ... not good at all ... merely sayin' ... (as a pro photographer, picky, picky, picky ...)

Yay for nekkid pics. Or semi-nekkid pics.

Oh course Dave's wife will never know anything about taking pictures of half-naked women while away.

Don't be silly, M.C., Mrs. Blog often posts here. We LOVE Mrs. Blog.

I suspect Mrs. Blog not only approved, but requested this photo.

I've never read her books either - but now I gotta, cuz she looks hot in a sheet

TC... exposes marketing in America.

...anyone have the phone # for Amy's publicist?

Forgive me for not reading (caring) about most of the comments above (just kidding!), but why does it seem to me that it's not HER hand that's holding the towel/sheet/toga up, but someone else's...particularly a MALE hand...?!

AFKAT-They'll do everything else, but will probably leave the dangling up to Michael Jackson and Brittany.

(Also, Amy Tan wrote Saving Fish from Drowning, a title which I mangled earlier in the blog. My apologies to Amy.)

WOA. Amy Tan looks PISSED.
Watch out Dave, justice is swift and it is cruel.

As a mother of 2 fans of "Sagwa" on PBS, I must say that I'm SHOCKED at this kind of behavior.
I thought most writers were boring.
Go Amy!! Wooohooo!

... someone else's...particularly a MALE hand...?!

So, t.cg -- Male hands got dangly bits?

O: No, look more closely. The hand on the wall has got the dangly bits. The one holding the...whatever...doesn't. It looks suspiciously like the Blog's...but I'm not certain. It does have a wedding band.

(NTTAWW "dangling bits". Most males got 'em...part of the package...er...so to speak...)

"Naked Amy" WBAGNFA quirky indie-pop band.

I'm waiting for the nekkidity pictures of Mitch Albom.


Also, check out the Dave Barry nude on Amy's web site. Revealing .... I always thought 'Rock Bottom' was a play on ROCK, as in the music style, but it turns out is has something to do with bony butts.

Other Dave - Mr. Barry used a stunt double for that shot, so it doesn't count.

slyeyes - really? Albom??? or are you being funny?

Um I can't find it.

Where is the picture of Dave on Amy Tan's site.

Maybe Amy had to take it off the site.

Thats too bad.

I wonder if I should ask permission for some of her sites code. The Qand A section has a part that I want to add to my own site. The click and hide section in fact.

How do you name the sound of throwing up? Because that´s exactly what I´m doing.

Dave Barry is welcome in this latin mind!

nicely staged. great look of surprise. you kids are having a great time in the hotel...er dorm... er...

Annie, no, I'm not kidding.

I saw him perform with the RBR in St. Louis last year. That man is ripped!

Sly, I'm a long time Mitch fan. Grew up in Michigan reading his columns in the Detroit Free Press. Tuesdays with Morrie should be required reading for all humans.

well it's 10 AM est either the Blog was indulging in a few Heinies after the gig and slept in


Amy's revenge has been swift and terrible.

Amy's Revenge wbagnfa punk band

ok so my computer or it's user is totally retarded Dave(or someone purporting to be Dave) has posted twice already today so maybe he's not been the victim of Ms. Tan's reprisal.

or she's really really devious.

This would be a perfect picture for Half-Nekkid Thursday

Just sayin'.

I remember Half-Nekkid Thursday. I was a fan of theirs ever since their mid-80s hit, "Voices Carry". I wish they hadn't broken up.

Rickh--don't forget, indulging in heinies is illegal in some states. Not to mention grody to the max.

I have this fantasy about splurging someday on a worthy establishment. I'll say I want Joy Luck Club and hear:

"Okay, but I have to make phone call"

Being later intoxicated with green tea and gentle massage. Tied up and blindfolded by topless twenties and being bait and switched with bottomless granny nymphos.

Any perspectus quotations?

This is so cool. I love the expression on Amy's face. Priceless!

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