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April 17, 2006


That would be Chloe.

(Thanks to ArcticAl)


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First! Let's hear it for beauty + brains! Go, Chloe!

It's gotta be that sweater.

Or maybe it's that screamer.

If I'm making less sense than usual, it's because I overdosed on Easter chocolate. Sorry, but not very. Guess I'm having a bad hare day.

Is any bunny out-hare?

The easter Punny has struck again.

...and the actor portraying President Manilow describes his "nixon look" as "just lucky."


When I read the name "Chloe" I immediately thought of Sevigny... Then the "Bunny" comments made me remember "The Brown Bunny'... Movie sucked, but so did she...

wonderful constraint there, Betsy!

Yay, Chloe!

(she says good looking guys are hitting on her)

Only one person who knew Jack was alive is still alive.

Is Jack dead or can't these people count?

Ya I got posted! Well one for four submissions today is OK I guess. There was a treasure trove of 24 articles in the news up here today.

*applauds for AA*

Good for you, AA. El and I were too busy enjoying the 80-degree weather down here to check.

Whu-whoa. Where's wolfie? *peeks around*

That Chloe, she is HAWT!!

Sad that there are no pictures. Glad that they told me how to pronounce her freakin name!

wait for it, wait for it....

Ricecub gets kuddos, but what the hell happened to the poor SUNgirl? [left side]

CJ - see what too much SUN will do to you?

*Hands AA SUN-screen to wipe on unfortunate arcticette.*

Then runs into kitchen to make a batch of chili-cheese dogs. Quitting smoking sucks, but the junk-food rewards are tasty, now that I can taste 'em. [scurry, scurry]

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