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April 12, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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That's a baaaaad idea.


*leaves now*

That one has a look on its face like, "even for barnyard animals, this is pretty low."

I'm all alone here. Nobody is watching.

This is my chance...my one chance to...


*does a precious little flourish and belts out a rendition of Feelings*

Uut Grunn...says it all

'Sheep' and 'hotel'. Nope, not goin' there.

fivver - you forgot to note that there is one NEKKID sheep there too while they are advertising for the hotel.

Coast, they think they're SO clever with their subliminal messages, huh?

"Stay at our hotel. Have your way with a nekkid sheep."

I mean, how could anyone resist that? Those adverting people are evil. This is baaaaaaaad.

*zips in*

*hears someone singing Feelings in the background*


*zips out*

'Sheep' and 'hotel'. Nope, not goin' there...

Hay wait a minute! Is this a West Virginia comment?

*stumbles in*

Brokeback Hotel occurs.

I think the Serta sheep are cuter (obviously they are trying to play off of that ad).

*stumbles out to go to work*

this advertising is in the state of washington, right? (right?) no... okay... no more "sex with animals is still legal in washington" references... i'm sick of 'em, too)

the guy who thought up the "sleep with sheep" advertising campaign, i presume, is unemployed now.

Mikey - only if your cousin is a sheep. BTW, I was born in Beckley.

*thunderous applause for Fed*

I've never heard it quacked before, though...

*tosses roses at Fed*

*snork* at tony!

bleatings...nothing more than bleatings...

Advertising Sheep wbagnfarb

**holding up lighter to Federal Duck**

Do you think anybody feels sheepish about this campaign? Or did they flee, going on the lamb until it was safe to return to their office? I guess ewe have to call somebody to find out if they were just being a wolf in... Okay, I'll stop now.

What we HAVE learned:
Either the campaign WAS a failure or we are not the target audience. I am apparently the only one who actually visited the website (hotels.nl) and discovered it was in the Netherlands. While there are no doubt plenty of people-loving-sheep jokes to go around there, the fact that no one else seems to have actually checked out the source means A that sheep in capes don't sell hotel rooms, or B sheep in capes don't sell hotel rooms to Americans. Probably. Maybe. What were we talking about?

Uut grunn, laura... uut grunn

*enters, detecting slight odor of singed feathers*

Dang! I missed the singing duck, didn't I.

Brokeback Hotel occurs.

I can't quit ewe?

Laura...I figured from the ".NL" suffix that it was in the Netherlands, but I didn't click on the link because I don't intend to sleep in the Netherlands anytime soon.

I may fall asleep in the Nether Regions, however, due to the calming effects of the Ultimate Toilet.

I've seen multiple references to the 'Uut Grunn' saying in these posts, but what does it mean?

Uut grunn means....utterly grand

Yeah, I looked it up.

*sigh* *note to self: get a life*

Actually factually, Uut Grunn means "from Groningen" in the Groningen dialect of Dutch. Groningen is the northeast province of the Netherlands. That still doesn't explain why the sheep care.

"bleatings...nothing more than bleatings..."

What does James Lileks have to do with this? ;-)

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