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April 28, 2006


Hey Dave, et al,

I really thoroughly enjoyed the show in Dallas. The music was well worth the
ticket price, especially once it had been matched by the bar tab. Anyway, I
figured I'd send you a few of my own crapcam shots I took during the show.

The whole set is here:

Give Denver hell for us Texans,
Bo Nash



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i'll be the FIRST to day that was great. just like being there, only different!

to day, to say, whatever.

i didn't know sammy hager was a writer...

Amy Tan as a blonde?? hmmm

Can I get a hurrah for crummy cell phone pictures?


*MWAH!* The Dallas show was great. Thanks, RBRs.

Its like seeing through my beer goggles while sober! mmmmm beer....

WAIT A MINUTE... I dont need no recommendation for drinking heavily... I do it just fine on my own.


I have my crapcam
a belly full of bourbon
looks like a frzzl-shmzzl

Whoa! Amy Tan's hot!
gimme some... hey! let go! hey!
I'm gonna... a ...*r-r-ralph*

Get Down, Chuck Berry!
Rocking the oldies! Alright!
*E-a-r-l*! (splat) Godammit!

Poor Dave didnt get whipped by Amy oh well there is always the next show.

It depend's on your definition of whipped.

I would have expected a larger font from a Texan.


Amy Tan is the hottest blonde asian women I have ever seen.

KDF ~ Being from Teaxs, you better duck...in fact you better run like hell...or we'll declare open season on you :)

Teaxs = Texas. SEE !! You got me upset KDF!

Don't worry KDF, he'll never catch you on a blog - he has to type quickly to keep up.

WOW. I feel like I was THERE.

Ya know, except without all the fun.



*bold font used as an homage to Teaxs, in addition to Texas

Now I have to fight off TWO bloggers !!

I which we had the sound to go with the pics. I would so love to hear them.

*HIGH-FIVES ANNIE* in bold Texan manner

Snork @ KDF

hey! Chuck Berry!
play Inna Godda Da Vida!
(Belch) Whoa! (sits down) (spits)

sidehike - I had already stolen some of these from you yesterday, along with JaLaG's. Once I post captions, I'll credit where I got them.

Bo just segued right into family photos, didn't he? That shot of his(?) kid dressed like a condom was the giveaway to that - don't think the RBR would get to do that on stage - even in Texas....

WOW Amy.....

I looks like it didn't cost you a whole lotta money to look that cheap....ala Dolly

Dang, they have a lot of equipment!!!

There's probably some excellent (but poor) garage band out there shaking their fists and wishing.

I never get to have any fun!

Can anyone identify the dude in the Devo hat?

ooooh, flickr. I loooove flickr.


I think I just may have cracked the biggest mystery since the Da Vinci code--namely, how can the Rock Bottom Remainders be so bad?

The crapcam pic shows Dave playing what looks like a cross between a guitar and a ukelele...the same way I would...


(I still snork at his statement that he is not bitter about the gravy ladles.)

Dave, you WERE aware that they make left-handed guitars, weren't you? Check with Paul McCartney...

That is all.

JT - I'm left-handed, and I play guitar right-handed, probably even worsererer than the Dave. That's not a ukelele - I believe it's a lovely Gibson, but I could be blinded by the crapcam. I do know that I can confirm the guitar type within the next 24 hours, since I'm going to see Dave tomorrow at UCLA! Woo-hooo!!!
*does the happy-white-girl-dance...whoomp...thud*

I'm okay...sigh.


Thank you for that explanation. I still suspect that you're wrong, and that Dave just needs to get a left-handed guitar, and that I'm smarter than you for figuring it out, and you're just being petty.

And the tone of this note has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you get to see Dave, and I don't.

Excuse me.


I'm back now. I hope you enjoy seeing Dave.


Take it easy, JT - there are so many better reasons to hate me.

The dude in the Devo hat is...Erasmus somethingorother, their ringer sax player. You can see the hat better here.

As I've said before, it looks like a replica of a Buddist Temple.

Better reasons?

You mean you got to hang out with Dave before???

Please excuse me while I go do some power-snivelling.

Jt - no, I've yet to meet the Dave. Just sayin' that there are so many other reasons to hate me. Good looks, awesome IQ, incredible humility, etc.

If you're gonna power-snivel, at least get your motivation right. :)

Late to the party, as usual, but have to offer a big honkin' snork to Annie for the Texas reply.

Now that you are all covered in snot, let's answer this question shall we: why is it all the blurkers get posted and get crap-cammed while those of us who live, eat and breathe this blog usually get a: no recognition and b: nowhere near Dave?

Oh wait, I think I answered my own question.

wow, bo, a genuine CrapCam! where'd you get it?

being from Texas and the brunt of a lot of jokes here...still...you guys are the best. Have a great weekend.

Long live the blog !

Hey, MC is a good sport! Yay! Hopefully I'll be in a crap cam pic tomorrow, but I'm not getting my hopes up....ah, hell, yes I am!

*Wipes off snot*

*Makes mental note to sign Jacki up for classes in proper snorking technique*

The sax player's name is Erasmo Paolo. One of the best names ever.

The Guitar is a Gibson SG. More info here.

I've had the crapcam for years. It's about time to trade it in for a moderately less crappy one. :)

Have a great time tomorrow night Annie! Us right-coasters will depend on you for a full report.

I second Annie's "yay" for MC's good sportness. MC, thanks for playing!

And *snork* at Annie for the happy white girl dance.

Annie, I bet Dave will be as excited to meet you as you are to meet him. Share your pics please!

Ok, who are we mad at and why? *gets ready to jump on the bandwagon, avoiding the snork/snot*

What the? Where is the Chicken Wire Screen?

Annie WBH! I'll be at the 2:30 RBR show (the free one) as well as the Dave/Ridley panel. I'll be the bald guy in the blue aloha shirt (and maybe a pirate hat.) Say Hi if you see me!

WOW. I feel like I was THERE

Hey, look for me and Mrs. ThePoint... we'll be there!!

So you want pictures?
Here are some pictures!!!!

*E-a-r-l*! (splat) Godammit!


OOOH! JaLaG's photos are CLEAR!

wow, ask and motw are both so normal looking and attractive. how does that happen? i just assumed we were all freaks here.

We are merely freaks in disguise, crossgirl. :)

AlanBoss and Mr. C: We expect CrapCam photos of you!!

Hey Dave, Great job on Craig Ferguson. Both chords were phenomenal! (I know I should know this, but who was the lead singer?)

I can finally say I saw the RBRs! (sortof)

So I'm channel surfing last night and TOTALLY happened upon the Craig Ferguson Show and could not believe my good fortune to hear the RBRs. Not that they're that great but they played the 60's Standard Suburban White Boy Garage Band staple Midnight Hour way better than my local garage bands did.

Now that you've had time to think of a comeback, Dave, does your wife openly laugh at you?

Closet freaks, KDF, closet freaks.

To the rest of the world we appear completely normal (except for Mr. Completely...). On the blog we show our true colors.

I just bought a new laptop (Sony Vaio). It has a camera in it. Does anybody know how to use it for anything useful (like taking a picture and uploading it to the blog?)?

Daisy - Hey!! I resemble that remark!

Lisa, I believe the singer is Mitch Albom's wife, Janine.

daisymae, i'm just guessing here, but i think if you mention the word *porn* in your request for techie help, you'll get a better response. here's my revisions:

"I just bought a new laptop to view porn (Sony Vaio). It has a camera in it to make porn. Does anybody know how to use it for anything pornful (like taking a porn picture and uploading it to the blog?)?"

They forgot to mention that John W Hickenlooper walks on water and recites the Talmud while balancing the budget in one hand, the homeless problem in the other and a book on his head (his deportment*, naturally, is excellent).

* He graduated 3rd in a class of 4,305 from Miss Pinchbottom's Deportment Academy for Young Ladies. He'd have been 1st, except for the penis thing.

snork @ crossgirl

AND, I have two concerns about using that approach:

1) Any use of the word p*rn in a post will immediately cause me to, again, start receiving daily hundreds of spam emails with ads for "hot babes" and "viagra" and "vicoden", etc., such as happened when my then teenage son used my computer to visit porn sites

2) Using the word p*rn in the blog will be kind of like saying the word b*mb at the airport -- and will attract all kinds of undesirable federal attention.

I know it sounds like I'm being paranoid...

(looks over shoulder to see if anybody is watching)

Thanks KDF. I had seen her in earlier pictures, but didn't recognize her. She did a good job.

Amy was cute over on the side singing backup.

i am taking the advise to "drink heavily"

not because the RBR are anywhere near central oHIo but because two score and a dozen years ago this day, i was born.

(thanks for the bd greeting js)

um, i sure hope 52 is not the "dumb" birthday

but this guy gives me pause to wonder

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German policeman was nabbed for a bank robbery after he used his girlfriend's car for the heist, authorities said Thursday.

By using his girlfriend's car, he "might as well have left his business card, it was really stupid," said Horst Roos, spokesman for state prosecutors in the western city of Trier.

Police quickly discovered the boyfriend of the car's owner was on the Trier police force, and recognized their colleague's likeness in video footage of the masked robber.

When the 52-year-old heard he had fallen under suspicion, he confessed -- just a day after the armed raid.

He said he stole the money -- more than 10,000 euros ($12,430) -- because he was in financial trouble, Roos said. Armed robbery carries a minimum jail sentence of five years in Germany.

Happy birthday, rickh!!


If you're still sober enough to read this, "Hoppy Birshday Rickhss".


We (Mrs. ThePoint and I) just returned home from seeing Dave and company.

Dave is one of the most gracious, nice, and all-around swell guys I've ever met. The kind of guy you want to have over for a barbecue and beer in the backyard.

The band is actually pretty good... better than a garage band but worse than, say, the E Street Band... but their enthusiasm more than makes up for any lack of talent - not that they aren't just sloppin' over with talent, 'cause they are - and they're up there obviously having a great time. And so were we. They rocked the house. Especially when Amy Tan spanked Dave and Ridley with her whip.

They played BOTH songs they know, and Dave showed off his newest chord, an A7#5 sustained with sprinkles.

Got to meet AlanBoss and his spouse, and AnnieWBH, and Mike and Mad... and a couple of blurkers made themselves known too.

Official crap-cam photos to follow.

I am Soooooooooooooooo jealous; but do appreciate all the eyewitness accounts and photos!

I would also like to point out that, to the best of my knowledge, no member of the RBR has fallen from a tropical tree and sustained a concussion, unlike a certain member of another well-known rock band. Just one more indication that Dave and company are are a musical, literary, spiritual, and eleemosynary treasure for the ages.

*clinks virtual beer bottle with bloggers everywhere; swallows; smacks lips in appreciation
and solidarity*

Mr. C !!!

Good to see an update ... I'm sorta almost catchin' up on sleep ... by tomorrow a.m. (CDT, here) I'll be lookin' fwd. to pix & stuff ...

Sounds like the DBBLOG outfit had an excellent meeting ...

tnx 4 bein' there ... and sharin' ... (and HI! to Mrs. the Point ... tnx 4 sharin' him ... merely sayin' ...)

Roger McGuinn's contributions to the band were superfluous but greatly appreciated. (You all remember Roger McGuinn, right? The Byrds?) He played and sang Turn Turn Turn, Mr. Tambourine Man, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere... he was okay - okay, he was great. Of course, he had a good band backing him.

A quick, after show check in....

First I would like to clear up two urban myths.

1.) Ted does NOT have a mullet! Obviously, photographic evidence confirms that Ted has had a mullet in the past, maybe even recently. And he may develop a mullet again in the future. But at this time, Ted is mullet free. (BTW, I heard someone say Ted's last name out loud today. For those of you who were wondering, it is pronounced exactly like it's spelled.)

2.) Inspite of rumors spread by a certain, nameless, humor writer (initials T.H.E.B.L.O.G.), RBR does NOT, reapeat, does NOT suck! They ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!! well... the tent... er...okay, the awning.

It was great meeting Mr. C and Mrs. The Point, Mad and Mike and Annie! O.the U, Elenore and Cyn, We missed you!

More tomorrow night. Pics and maybe a few vids as soon as I can figure out where to post 'em!

I gotta dowse my sunburned head in aloe and get to bed.


C'MON ... it's past 0600 CDT here, the "alarm" function of the cell phone belongin' to MB(RH?) woke us with "HIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHH GRAAAAAAANNNNDMAAAAA" ... and I'm lookin' for photos ...

C'mon gang! Drop your ... um ... nevermind that part ...

Wanna see pix!

(Goes off to motel-provided "breakfast" experience ...)

I know there is really no other news in the world more important than RBR news right now, but just for giggles....check out the names of the guy and the town....seems like a perfect fit.

"The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association will ordain Ma Yinglin as bishop of the city of Kumming in southwestern Yunnan province, Rome-based AsiaNews said Friday."

I think it's important to have a yingling in charge of kumming....anyone opposed?

*brain has been warped by sorrow of NOT seeing RBR's*

Punkin --

My brain is never in need of (additional) warping ...

I agree with you ... it's bananamous ...

BTW - this occured to me the other day ... Friday? As RL werk intruded uponst moi ownself's life ... a little thot kept naggin' at the edges of consciousnessocity ... and the followin' effort (based on the "perverted" nature of my lack of commentary on some thread, somewhere back there ...)

A Blog we all know as Dave
Has fans about him who rave
But they don't cast aspersions
At all my perversions
(Don't tell him -- St. Judi's MY fave!)

(Some sort of glitch at this end ... hope this doesn't post twice ... it's not THAT nice ... merely sayin' ...)

mike n mad, mr. c, alanboss, annie...


*slogs off to power snivel*


We missed you!

thanks for thinking of me {{Alanboss}}! i'm so sorry i missed meeting you n Mrs AB and Mrs. The Point,(whoohoo, Mr. C;) and annie! *hugs to Mike n Mad, n Mr. C*

we'll make the next meet, hopefully. huh, Uncle Omar? (if U is over thisa way)

glad y'all got to see the RBR's in person. (i watched a video that another bloglit sent me, to feel kinda simul-there. they are too much fun!)
ahhhh, good times:)

Yeah, whut cyn said ...

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