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April 19, 2006


If you are reading this, then I have managed to blog from my new phone, which I have spent so much time with in the past 24 hours that my wife is, frankly, jealous.


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Let me be the first to congratulate you, Dave.


*steps back to give Dave & his phone some privacy*

Alive! It's ALIVE!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!


You got a super phone like Jack has (Treo), didn't you?

Can you blow up terrorists with your new phone Dave?

My wife can relate Dave, I got a new laptop two weeks ago.
I am reminded of Dilbert when his only girlfriend aske him if he loves her more that that computer.
Of course I love my wife more.
Just dom't ask about my Palm Pilot.

Huh? *looks over shoulder* Did somebody type something?

Yeah, my wife gets jealous of my time with my computer, so I can sympathize. But the important thing here is that you got your phone working, right?

Aww, Dave...what's her name? Er, your cell phone's, I mean...

Yaaaaay! Dave's back amongst the living!
C'mon, Dave, we want the make, model, and description of the bells & whistles!

*sitting in my cube awaiting 1st crapcam photo*

Your effort to blog from your new phone was successful. However, I wonder how long it took to post "A MOMENT OF GUY JOY" since the keypad is so small.

Dave, you look great! Nice to finally see live video on this blog....you do know your new phone is transmitting video, right?

My husband is 'with' his computer so much, I now call it 'fondling the computer'.


Dave, Congrats on your first post from the new phone.

I got my new phone today. It is something called an 8125. The salesman required proof of a college degree before letting me buy it. I start my advanced cellphone training course next week.

And I'm ssuurree tthhaatt wweee ccaann lleeaarrnn ttooo iiggnnooorrreee ttthhheee mmmuullttiippllee lleetteerrs, rrriiiggghhhtt??

Have you had one of those moments yet where you are at a cafe or restaurant or whatever with four or five friends and everyone is sitting there texting someone else? And suddenly you're thinking maybe this whole technology thing has gone too far....

It happened to me a few weeks ago. It was an ephiphany... and if you've ever had an ephiphany, you know how painful that can be...

as long as you're not sleeping with it...

Lisa Bisa etc.: That's the very one I got.

My husband is having an affair with his computer, boat and the lawn. I'm beginning to think we're Mormons. OMG!!!! Maybe I'm just unbearable to live with???? No, no, calm down, you are a wonderful person, you are a wonderful person

***leaves to console self in corner***

Be careful Dave. If she gets too jealous she just may accidentally drop your new phone into a casserole she's about to stick into the oven. Or it may just accidentally be left where Sophie is playing with tools. Or it just may accidentally be driven over 11 times in succession while your wife is trying to park the car.

Terrible things happen when wives are ignored.

24-aholic- WTD?!?

I'm okay now. Thank God for meds....

Poor 24-aholic....we're here for you!
...did you bring any beer?

What else would I take meds with?

S P J G... Love your palm more than your wife?
That's a pretty tough life!

Dave-Oh good, now tell me what to do! ;-)

But seriously, I love the little keyboard that slides out. So far I've been able to set my date and time and make a phone call.

Oh, and I added an appointment. I'm envious that you're posting on the web already--I guess that's what the college degree is for.

But can you shoot people in the thigh with it?

Mike, that attachment came with the wireless earpiece, which I did not purchase.

Jon, that was a Joke.
I was paraphrasing Dilbert.

This is what I was paraphrasing.


So Dave how about a picture of walter with the new less crap cam.

mazel tov dave - and arent you the guy who, when i commented on the bad song compilation, you sent me a note, handwritten. i still have it, because i asked you why you didnt have email.......you told me that email would ruin the written word....blah blah.

Dave, I hope the 8125 people cut you a sweet deal for that plug... you do realize we all must own one now, right? LBFF, you were paid to casually mention the model number, yes? To elicit Dave's response?

I smell product placement.

A likely story... SPJG, a likely story

Uh-oh - the 8126 just came out. It has an amp that goes to 11.

KDF-Yep, I'm secretly on the payroll. *But isn't it spooky that we got the same one???*

Annie-That's what I'm afraid of. It's going to be obsolete before I finish cellphone bootcamp.

That's the problem with technology - planned adolescence. Only a kid has the energy to keep up with it.

*snork* @ annie!

And Clark, way up there in the cafe...shhh...they're listning.

or listening as the case may be

Dave and LBFF,

After reading this website (http://www.mobiletechreview.com/cingular-8125.htm) I am sufficiently jealous. What a cool phone.


Uh oh, I think elizabeth won the product placement award on this one.

And it is a cool phone, or at least I think it is. I'll let you know after I figure out how to use it.

Hello? Hello? Dang it!

Oops! Looks like Elizabeth italicized the thread. I don't know how to unitalicize it. or do I?

Looks at elizabeth. You're the perpetrator!!


My (fairly) new phone doesn't even have a bad CrapCam.
And I was already depressed from reading the other thread about the 103"TV.

What's the point? :(

El - Mother's Day is coming...drop really big hints....on somebody's foot!

Hey! Newbie Alert!

Welcome, rachelnewbie ... if you're really whom you say you are ... I've been fooled before ...


OK, the article in Elizabeth's link was written by someone named "Lisa."

*raises inquiring eyebrow in Lisa Bo Bisa's direction*

Sly-That's too funny and, I promise, a coincidence. You can lower your eyebrow now. ;-)

So, Lisa, let's see you post to the blog now. C'mon, you don't need training - if Dave cou...um, nevermind.


Let's look at the facts:

1. Dave "dropped" his cellphone out by the stables next to the First Cleavage.

2. Dave bought a new cellphone.

3. Dave's new cellphone has lots of bells and whistles and gizmos.

What did Dave REALLY do with his phone?

And why? (ok, we know why)

sly - you're right! It was Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the library!

yeah, i'm really a newbie. just discovered the 24 commentary. i'm hooked on this blog. it's like a whole new meaning of blogging over here...


Welcome, rachel!

I know I'm late, but I'd just like to give a *snork* to some-people-juggle-geese for the handle. Fantastic.

rachelnewbie-Join us we're all addicted. Dave throws the best parties on the web.

Rach- and sometimes he's too busy to show up and blog with us in Real Time (strumpeting you know, takes SO much out of a person) but we have a blast anyways!

Ty Laura, I am proud of it myself.

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