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April 09, 2006



(Thanks to espinosaj)

¹Also, what you do when you use it.


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"Squeem Brazilian Butt Lift," isn't that some kind of South American Olympic event?

help to keep vital organs in place"

Mebbe the guys from Fridays "Attention Men" thread should have had one of these.

Made in Brazil?

So it's what all the trendy transexuals are wearing this spring?

Hmmm, I'd always thought it was done with wax.

I guess it's called the "Squeem" because that's what happens while you're putting it on.

"magical lingere" It's a freakin CORSET!

I always thought that squeem was what Elmer Fudd did when he couldn't catch that wascawy wabbit.

breathing is optional

See, this has always been my problem. My vital organs keep flopping all over the place.

Love the misspellings in the explanation of the product. That really gives me faith in those selling the item. :)

Um... Hate to mention this, but most Brazilians live in poverty. They are thin because they don't have much to eat. And they *certainly* are not spending $40 to $80 dollars (a realtively HUGE amount of money, in Brazil) on a rubber corset...

i squeem, we all squeem for ice squeem??? huh??

Corset? It's a frikken Girdle!!!

I don't need one of these to hold my vital organs inside my body ... my jeans do that, and my suspenders (not to be confused with "danglies") hold up my jeans ... merely sayin' ...

... and ... (from the last line of the blurb) ...

you are going to feel fabulous!

So ... tell us more about "Fabulous" ... is she the one in the photo?

are their other products 'not for the squeem-ish'?

Or you could always just remove one of those pesky lower ribs. I mean, if you're going for the turn of the century look what with the corset and all, might as well go all the way.

Yau can get those here in Panajachel, at the dollar store, except they cost $2.50

I just love the way they parade out all these models who patently obviously don't need a corset, girdle or butt-lift of any kind and then use the photos to show how great the product is.. show me a fat chick (of which I am one) who looks slimmed down wearing this product and THEN I might be interested

Rather than a girdle (as I suggested, above), I think it's more like a rib belt ...

I've hadda wear one of them a couple times, when ribs got misplaced, bruised or busted (but never surgically removed) ...

Yes, you can sweat under them, they itch, they hurt ... and NO ... they do NOT make you "slimmer" ...

Unless, of course, I wuz wearin' it backwards ... or, mebbe upside-down?

U of O:

If you wear it inside out, you look fatter.

Well DUH!!!

That's whut I wuz doin' worng ...

tnx Lairbo ... I'll make the appropriate adjustments to my undergarments ... IYCMD ...

no one has mentioned the picture of Opr*h saying "I love my Spanx!" i guess it's true what they say about people in positions of authority... and does she Squeem while the Spanx are administered?

Hmmm.... It's been a long time since I've seen pictures of the people on the beach in Brazil or maybe I just missed them but I don't remember all the big, white or black seemed bands around the midsections of the bronze beach beauties (of either gender).

Hay - I've been to Brazil. There are millions of people there who are NOT poor, but you still don't see too many fat people, especially women. I think I gained 10 pounds in a month there, because we went out every night from the office to eat massive meals and drink oceans of beer (and listen to really good music). But I don't think the hot mommas in the office were wearing girdles. Its a mystery.

However, in Brazil, an ideal female body shape is very large in the caboose. Small waist, but well padded posterior. So that's where some of it goes.


Squeem Shapewear is NOT for the Squeemish

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