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April 24, 2006


This was supposed to be a punishment?

(Thanks to SGT Sickler)


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Hmmmm...first again, perhaps...

*mumbles to himself "really' really have to get a life..."

Sounds like a story cooked up by a kid who was caught surfing an off-limits break on the internet.

It was horrible, Mom. The teacher said if I failed the next quiz he'd make me watch a girl-on-girl video!"

"Sorry, teach, I forgot my homework. Please don't punish me with that orgy video again."

Let me guess - the teacher had to be there to 'supervise.'

That reminds me....anyone seen Tiny lately?

Nope, Annie WBH, but I haven't been around much either.

The nation's education minister promises stern action.

Stiff penalties.

(snorks @ self)

Damn! I didn't get to watch porn as education until college. Human Sexuality class. Heh, heh.

punishment because the porn involved a 98 year old man (named ernie) and a 87 year old dominatrix.

Ok....did the teacher actually have to FORCE anyone?

The teacher would be "sacked"? with whom? And is *that* a punishment?

"OK, class, time for a "math quiz!"

Wavey - again, TMI....

gosh, it's so quiet over here... you'd think everyone was actually out doing something like, maybe watching some stupid tv show that wasn't the sopranos and/or big love and/or south park. seriously, did somebody get shot in the thigh or something? or are you all huddled in some small closet somewhere, watching porn?

Jeez, why even lug the damned books home!

Where was this freaking teacher when I lived in KL? All I got for not doing my homework was a ruler across the knuckles...

Which, I suppose, if someone was taping it, COULD be the lead into some BDSM porn...

NTTAWWT... wait a minute, yes there is...

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