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April 18, 2006


I just read the comments, and the excellent (as usual) recap by the badly overcaffeinated always excellent Steve, and I want to make sure I understand this correctly: Jack could have saved the nation, or saved Audrey, and HE PICKED AUDREY??


Anyway, good work by everyone. Except Jack, who is starting to seem less manly than Chloe.


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Just what were you doing last night anyway, Dave?

Trust me, Dave. Audrey bleeding to death was still good TV.

Sadly, Dave, that is the case. I mean I could hear all the bloggers screaming "PICK THE RECORDING!!!!" so I don't know why Jack couldn't hear us.

What are the chances that the next 24 Jack will dump Audrey and go for Chloe?

Y'know, I hate to belabor a point, especially about the now moot Ghas Kannisters... but if "fire" was the cure-all to nerve gas, did it really matter that it was being sent to everyone's home? Jeepers, as soon as you fire up the ol' Sylvania to boil your water the stuff would become as impotent as President Purse. Unless, of course, you were trying to fill your home with gas in order to commit suicide when, ironically, it would be really efficient...

Guess its a good thing THAT pesky plot point is SO 7:00 to 8:00pm...

Yes Dave, what were you doing?
And I must offer congrats on getting judi hooked for those night when due to uninterest... erm.. unforseen circumstances you can't be with us. At least then we aren't left all on our own.
We get kinda out of control when left to our own devices.

Dave, Dave, Dave....boy do I miss your weekly columns in the KCStar's Sunday magazine... As a long-suffering business travel consultant I am begging you to refer me to a reprint of the column about "Rudy, the fare chicken", and his miraculous ability to set airline pricing at just the right levels.... It's important now more than ever...more important than 24, for sure! Help me, pleeeease....or I'll be forced to watch another 24 season marathon this weekend..

I was having Brad Pitt's baby.

Hey, don't forget JackSack™ and ChloeSack™'s "supporting" roles!

I don't know who'll get this reference, but the thing about last night's ep that struck me was seeing a stair car in the background during the shootout. I started laughing and thought how funny it would be if Jack used it as his getaway car. "You're gonna get hop-ons."

I get it Ann!!!! *sniffs for the loss of a terrific show*

by the way I saw the Bluth stair car on my way to work once, just sittin' in a lot in Beverly Hills

We missed you Dave!

Ann, that is SO Arrested Development...*snork*

Dave, did everything come out OK?

*knows it's an old joke but just wanted the opportunity to directly address Dave*

p.s. Does Angelina know????

In Jack's defense, he though Audrey had brought him some hot wings and was naked under the coat. A man has needs!

And Dave, what did you name the little Pitt? Peach?

Thanks, Dave!

I recommned a good book over watching TV. Currently I am reading the history of the Etruscans . . .

Aaron has morphed into his cell phone which is being fondled by the first lady handbag. WHERE IS AARON? And Audrey messed up her designer, fitted WHITE dress coat with...ick...blood. She should have stayed on Third Watch. Liz

*snork* at Dr. Doug! Didn't the Etruscans play the Catskills?

Judy L - email judi the bloggoddess - she can probably find a link to the Rudy the Fare Chicken column.

Jack would treat the hop ons like the stair car treats banners. RIP Arrested Development:'(

good name for a rock band:
Dr. Dave and the Etruscans

Seems to me that Jack and Audrey could've used the stair car to escape - worked for so many of George Sr.'s prisonmates... no touching!

As an aside, does anybody think that Mike Novick's long absences are attributable to a bad case of constipation? No one's that squinty...

...and we even had to endure more of the Prez giving icky kisses to Martha. I still have visions - make them stop...for the love of God make them stop...

I'm so glad some of you knew the AD reference. The Bluths were the best. :(

I like Audrey. I'm not ashamed. I'm glad she pulled through.

I loved the Bluth's stair car.

oh president hand bag, you blow-hard

See, Jack shoulda immediately uploaded "the evidence" to Wikipedia when he first got his hands on it!

Better yet, he should have called a late night talk show and played it on the air.

"Jack! She's cut the dickens out of her artery. Save the liver!"

*checking pantry for fava beans and a nice chianti*

In fairness, the evidence wouldn't necessarily "save the nation." It's more like, what's more important, having evidence to make Logan go to jail, or letting the woman you love die. Millions of lives were no longer on the line. Jack knows that he's such a badass he can give up the evidence, save the girl, and then kick Henderson's butt later to get the evidence back. He retains his manly status.

Dear Dave,

Did you really read the 645 comments posted to your announcement you wouldn't be watching 24? That seems like a task more boring than watching Audrey.

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