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April 07, 2006


Here's a story with a lot of information, including the fact that Deceased Former President Allstate Spokesperson is not happy about being deceased. There is also this deeply troubling Q-and-A exchange with one of the executive producers:

 I read that Kim Raver, who plays Audrey Raines, got a pilot for another show. Do you know if she is coming back, or if anyone is coming back?

“Don’t know yet. Don’t really know.”

(Thanks to Tallulah)


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I am not Tallulah

Ok, Tyra.

Tyra's hot

tho slightly disturbed

and no more Kim eh?

so, are there 2 betsy's (or betsi's) now? cuz that's not fair - I have enuff trouble keepin' track of 1

Whoa. Even the Blog Himself calls you by whatever "T" name that comes along. Whoa.

heh, I've been around for a while, although Im not as prolific as Betsy. Sorry, but I'm not changin' ;-)

"this man against the world thing, and it becomes a bit cartoonish, not plausible."

*ahem*...so if I understand him corrrectly, apart from this, the show would have resmbled real life?? Interesting concept...

Until Homer Simpson guest stars, I'm not watching it.

Homer wouldn't work.....if Jack shot him in the thigh, it would simply be absorbed into his gelatinous mass.

Will we see more of Kim?


This is one of the happiest days of my life.

Right now, the guy could run for President in O8 on either ticket and he would probably win.

Kim and Audrey should move in together.
Jack needs a new girlfriend, and a dog. I keep saying he should just get a dog, and they could kill off the dog..if they want to evoke emotion, they should go for the real tearjerker.

Betsi..."Prolific" is a nice way of putting it. :)

P.S. I wasn't aware that Thimbletweed was "keeping track" of either one of us. But I been bein' Betsy with a 'y' for 63 years now, and it's too late to change. He'll just have to adjust his bifocals and watch our endings.

okay... if i know kim *won't* be on the show, i might start watching again. maybe.

Slight correction... The "outcry" over Edgar's death had nothing to do with his character and everything to do with what they would have to do to dispose of the body.

Betsy - Tiny is already quite adept at watching women's endings.

Puppytoes - don't get too excited yet - they only said you wouldn't be seeing any 'more' of Kim. Not necessarily less.

AWBH...I knew some devious mind would pounce on that. Glad the point went to the posse;)

Right On! Betsy and Annie.

Tickletoes...don't be so...sensitive! And watch out what yer watchin'

Logan is the guy behind all the things that Jack Bauer and his colleagues are fighting.

“Well, I don’t want to give anything away, but this was the big one.

Does anybody else feel ripped off by this? It reminds me of Hanna Arendt's The Banality of Evil, because if there is one thing that Prez Cheezewhiz is, it's banal. He has neither the gravitas (or the smarts) to be the mastermind of sh*t!

(gets off soapbox)

Daisymae...If he's really as dorky as he seems, you and Hannah are right. However, as someone pointed out on the official 24 thread (I think it was there), this could be the SNL/Secret Reagan approach: "Duh" in public, and polymath mastermind behind closed doors.

If that's it, I can't wait to see him being "competent". What a stretch!

that wasn't me bein' sensitive (as if)- that was me bein' easily confused

*pats Tinkerbell on the head*

There, there, everything will be allright.
*comforting smile*

private *snork* to posse


Hey, now! I beat you to the punch, fair and square.


Did I not say, right up front: "I am not Tallulah"?

by that I meant: I am not Tallulah

in other words, I am not Tallulah

I thought I was being perfectly clear

OK, maybe I should try it this way:

Tallulah is Tallulah


now I'm even confusing myself

maybe next time I should just go with FIRST

So, Mr. K, what you're telling us is that you are NOT Tallulah??? Is that correct?

I don't know Betsy. His messages are a bit confusing ;) I know he had me fooled.

And as for President Weenie-Pants being smart enough to pull off the Jessica Simpson-dumb act and actually being smart enough to plan anything... he biffed it up last season when he was thrown into the Oval Office. Unless, of course, he was behind all of last season, too..... No, that would take away from Marwan's badness and I don't think I can accept that.

We all look forward to Audrey, or Kim Raver, becoming the co-anchor of The Today Show under her new alias: Meredith Vieira.

How am I going to ever catch up? Vinny SOMEBODY might remember me, and help. or not.

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