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April 17, 2006


Everybody watches. Everybody.

(Thanks to James in NC)


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First, But I am not actually here.


so, does a FIRST count if you're not actually here?

Not first, darn! Oh, well. 8 1/2 more hours until my man Jack is in action. Hope he's rested up for a fight with Pres. Weenie.

We saw the movie "The Wild" with the kids and lo and behold, who is the voice of Samson the Lion? The one and only Kiefer. No thigh shooting, I'm sad to report. It is a cartoon, so I guess that's only appropriate.

I also read that next week in the comic strip " Nancy", Jack Bauer and Sluggo are gonna get in a fight and Jack shoots Sluggo in the thigh..

24 - I saw "The Wild", too. Did you notice the special agents near the end? The chameleons?

btw - William Shatner was hilarious as the psycho wildebeest. Kiefer...well...Kiefer had nice hair.

I don't.

*ducks and runs*

Me either, Bumble.

*hides under Bumble for cover*

But I read all the stuff here - most of the time. Really.
*friendly, loving smile*

me, either.

But, I look at all the pictures of Keifer. Yum!

I tried to watch it. It's a very funny show, at least for a while. But then I overdosed on "Alas, poor Yorick" looks and pregnant (with twins!) pauses, and I couldn't take it anymore. In the first episode, Jack must have shot Continuity and Logic in the thigh.

no need to run and hide - looks like there's more of us here that don't watch it than those that do

*wonderin' what'll happen if he tries to sneak a peek up KDF's skirt now?*

Don't do it, Tiny - El will smack you upside the head with your own "K."

oops -wrong thread

Yeah, I loved 24 for the first season and then gradually lost interest as the plots seemed denser than the phone book and just as easy to decipher.

Besides, I just read the comments here and I can follow along with a much more interesting version anyway.

SN - I agree. And being a left-coaster, I can read the comments first, then hear them screaming in my head if I decide to watch the actual show later.

...at least, I THINK that's them screaming in my head.

You shoulda seen what Garfield caught Jack doing with Marmaduke! (Jack claimed he was just hiding a cannister. Then he shot Garfield in the thigh)

Well, Eleanor, the cows have finally come home. For those of you interested, the following is a transcript of my interview with the LA Daily News. The reporter very nicely asked me not to blog his questions, only my answers, so feel free to come up with your own questions. Also, lob derision and snorks as you wish. I need the feedback, people!

Also, thanks to all those who supported me in this endeavor. I'd also like to thank the Academy, my agent, my hairdresser.....*dodges the hook*

Wow! You want a lot. Ok, here goes: First of all, Steve is pretty elusive. We might not see him until Monday night, but when he appears, I'll ask him. He really is the king of recaps for this show. We ALL love his commentary.

1. (my name) , Miami, Florida (home of Dave Barry)

2. I watched 24 before blogging it with the Barry bloglits. I blogged with them before we started riffing on 24. Commingling the two is just a hoot....and hard work if you do it in real time, like I do. I don't have a laptop. I end up running back and forth from the living room to the dining room to comment.

3. None. I wait for submissions to the blog for other "important" Jack Bauer-related items of interest.

4. No, I don't watch and blog other shows. But, I think Lost would be a very good candidate for this type of treatment. It sort of has to be a show where you suspend disbelief and just go with the flow. However weird and unrealistic it might be. And, have FUN with it! That's the whole point.

5. I watch alone and blog with many. And it's plenty hard to watch and keep up with just the Dave Barry bloggers. They are all so quick-witted and sharp. I don't think I could keep up with real people, the show and the blog at the same time. I'd simply explode.

6. We just LOVE it when Jack shoots someone in the thigh. It's like a trademark of his. That and the JackSack, which appeared at the beginning of this season. He's like McGyver with that thing. And the Hoodie of Safety. Who knew a hoodie could prevent nerve gas from penetrating your body? Homeland Security should know about this.

Chloe is absolutely my favorite character. It was so funny at the beginning of this season. She finally got laid and she wasn't even happy about it! Could he have been that bad? Her facial expressions....she's just so much a combination of constipated and frustrated and knowledgeable. But the sweater she's wearing this year? Is supremely ugly. Costumer should be shot in the thigh.

The technobabble is ridiculous but fun, and predictable. Someone is always setting up a "perimeter." And downloading "schematics." I mean, really. And Jack's Cellphone of Death....it does everything! And the battery never dies! Where can I get one?

Gratuitous violence? Bring it ON! That's what this show is all about. I hate it when there's no gratuitous violence. Gets my blood pumping.

We also love First Lady Crazy and her ramparts, which tend to overflow whatever garment she's wearing.

Executing martial law in LA in, what was it, 3 and a half minutes? Ha!

Kim should die, because she is useless as a plot device and has no value to society or to 24 or to the Dave Barry bloggers.

Audrey, oh what can I say about Awwwwdrey? She always has feelings at the worst moments. And she cries way too much.

7. We are a very diverse and bizarre community whose only common link seems to be a very warped sense of humor. Nothing is sacred to us. We are all very friendly within the blog. I haven't actually met any of the other bloggers in person...yet. It's weird that I seem to be the only blogger from Dave's home town.

You should go to Dave's website and read the comments on the Pooped-Coffee Beans entry. We talked about you.

I also learned today that some of the bloggers use fake email addresses, if that's of any interest.

I'm curious. How or why did you pick me?

Also, what are you wearing?

That's all, folks!

Awesome job, Suzy Q! His questions were a bit weak, though. ;) Ahh, it's Monday and I'm critiquing a critic.

Suzy - lovely. You realize you were just handed a marvelous, g0d-given opportunity to yank his chain and you passed it up though. When dealing with critics, telemarketers and survey takers, I make up my answers based on how much they will suspend belief before hanging up on me.

Great Job SuzyQ. You did us all proud!

Annie - loved the chameleons. Hard to explain to a 5 year old that they can't really make things polka dotted!!! I did not even know that was William Shatner until I read the credits. I was so into fantasizing about Kiefer doing lion roars in the privacy of my own home, I found it hard to focus.

***did I write that? Thought it was just in my head***

I have not seen (not scene) even one scene (not seen) from 24, and I don't blog here on Monday nites either, cuz it's just too much to keep up with.

*runs after Bumble*

Suzy --- Wonderful!!! And I don't know that you missed any opportunities at all -- after all, you did tell him we discussed him on the Pooped Coffee Bean thread. That alone should give him something to think about for a while:)

Didn't we already blog the earlier strip from that comic that had Jack oversleeping the start of the first episode?

everyone but me.

(couldn't we talk about The Sopranos or...Big Love or...South Park? just wondering)

BRAVA!!! Suzy Q

You were EXCELLENT. And I don't have to read his questions to know that they sucked and you gave them gravitas by your answers.

AND, why wouldn't he let you print his questions? What's up with that? He just thinks he's so special that he's having them copywrited???

And I'm with Betsy on you putting him in his place by telling him he's on the Pooped Coffee Bean thread.

I hate him and I don't even know him.
Good thing I'm not a person to rush to judgment. :)

Anyone notice it's all girls confessing to not having watched this show? That's strange, considering it stars Kiefer and Arnold. Who was also in a movie with Yum... I mean Oded.

Calm down, Eleanor girl! He might have been a bit sensitive about me posting his questions prior to publication, but he really is nice. (and actually, his questions will be copyrighted once published)We've been having an entertaining back-and-forth email conversation going on for a few days now. He's a bit nervous about what you'all will think. His exact words re: my blogging my answers: "I fear (know) that that will be received with more interest than my actual story."

Thanks for the kudos! *takes a brief bow and blushes*

Jack needs to just start shooting people if he hopes to get home in time for the NHL Play-Offs!

YAY Suzy Q! You were great!


I love The Sopranos. I thought last night's show was excellent even though no one got whacked.

Big Love is a tremendous show that just seems to get better every week. I haven't watched last night's yet so don't say anything, but isn't Bill Paxton just the perfect "everyman, how did I get into this mess" person? Yes.

Can't help out with South Park, don't watch.

Suzy Q - well done, girl! Thanks for the insider preview. :)

And Thumper, jeez, peeking up my skirt when I'm not even here? Have you really got it that bad?

eleanor: thank you! (i was begining to think no one here ever watched anything *else*!) no whackings on Sopranos this week -- tho' we now know vito has an eye for antiques, and carm voted for bush, so, you know... that was pretty weird!

don't worry, can't tell ya about Big Love--it's our TiVO'd entertainment for tonite (while you kids are watching 24)

South Park? beyond hysterical. you *should* watch.

have a great nite--hope tonite's episode of 24 is full of thigh-poppin' good fun! : D

that *should* be ...good fun! : D

(i hate when the stupid smiley's get broken up. makes 'em look... stupid-er.)

LTTG ... VERY nice job, Suzy Q ...

so ... if he's worried about your answers getting more interest than his story, why doesn't he put in a plug so we can actually find his story to read?

Will it be online somewhere? Or merely in a "news"paper or magazine?

... oh ... BTW ... y'all of the female-gender-type persuasion ... I'm not, and I don't ... watch ... (well, I did watch parts of one show, 'cuz I happened to be in a location where I could actually try to keep up with the bloglits in real time, as the show aired ... but only that once ...)

So, Suzy Q kindly emailed me the questions and the critic's email addy. I spent some time answereing the questions and sent them off to him.

The email was returned as undeliverable.

Do you think we killed his inbox the way we often kill web pages?

Anyway, Suzy Q's answers were better than mine.

Go Suzy Q!

Excellent, Suzy Q. And I live in So Fla. -- I was in Miami for 22 years, recently moved to Broward Co. for my job.

I DO watch 24 and blog with it (saw ya there last night), though I get more frustrated by the robot, which only allows a post every 5 minutes, than the show's plot (or lack thereof).

Other good shows - Grey's Anatomy (which I love), Boston Public (which is showing a side of William Shatner I never dreamed was there from his goofy Star Trek days...he positively steals every scene in that show as Denny Crane) and Without A Trace. I also like Commander in Chief (but it's MIA), House, West Wing (when I can find it), and, of course, reruns of 24.

I don't get HBO and I don't like Lost. I've never been able to figure out what's going on in that show.

daisymae: You escaped to Broward? *envious*

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