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April 17, 2006


Because I have something better to do of an unavoidable scheduling conflict, I will be unable to watch 24 tonight. Once again I'll be relying on you commenters to provide your random brain ejaculations thoughtful analysis on tonight's action.

And there is probably going to be a lot of action tonight. Here is where the plot stands, as far as we have been able to determine using powerful university supercomputers:

Edgar is still dead.

Jack Bauer is trying to take down the President of the United States for his role in the Killer Kanister plot, which very nearly caused hundreds of thousands of innocent viewers to die of boredom.The president has ordered the CTU to arrest Jack. This is not really a big deal. The CTU gets ordered to arrest Jack roughly every 45 minutes, and it never works out.

Working on Jack's side against the president and the entire U.S. government are deceased former president Allstate's brother Wayne, as well as Chloe and Audrey. Not to beat a dead horse, but: Audrey continues to eat up huge chunks of air time. They should just call the show 24 Hours of Audrey and be done with it.

Anyway, last week Audrey contacted her father, Secretary of Defense William Devane, who has been flying around in his official government jet since last year, waiting to return to the plot.Tonight, according to the previews, he will confront President Manilow. Also there will be helicopters and of course shooting.

That is where we stand. I look forward to your comments. Please remember that literally billions of people depend on this blog for accurate information about 24, so please do not post any comment unless you are totally 100 percent certain that you have had a couple of beers. Thank you, and good luck.


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First! to establish a perimeter!

And I can't even watch the show for another 3 hours.
*snuggles in to watch the 'show' here - it's much better anyway*

not first, but first to establish that i've had a couple of beers.

ask - to thigh own self beer true.

where IS everyone....what the...it's a TRAP! - ask, behind you- terrorist spammers!! And they've got Thumper and SuzyQ!
...we've got to save SuzyQ!

...is everyone sober but us?

Outer perimeter established (Annie's got the inner).

I'm sober, but I'm always sober

Snork @ '...is everyone sober but us?'

"where IS everyone"

Don't you know? Martial law has been declared (or "marital law" as one of my other 24 websites has it spelled) so everybody is out running the streets! No traffic - much easier to drive now.

Everyone's watching "Prison Break."

Beer: check.

Remote: check.

Husband putting kids to bed so he'll fall asleep with them and leave me the hell alone for Jack Bauer Power Hour: check.

Bring it ON.

Ahhhhhh!!!! Rolling blackouts in Texas! I don't want to miss tonight ;_;

Any chance Chloe can reroute power to me from a less-deserving locale? :P

Here's hoping demand for power goes down with the sun. I'll try to stay on as long as possible but be ready to fill the gap in the perimeter if I drop out of the net.

[Re-Assuming Flank Two Poistion -_o ]

I'm telling you prison break only gets good ratings because everyone watches it waiting for 24

I'm Here! I'm here! And I'm drinking. :)

24 countdown checklist:

Wine: check

Dinner: check. Tonight's offering was a very nice pasta with pesto, grilled chicken and toasted pine nuts, with a smattering of Locatelli romano cheese.

Remote: check. *tosses it away* Oh, who needs the damn remote? It's not as if I were going to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Blogger friends: check

Dave: no check. Will send cats to shoot him in the thigh.

What else? What else?

Seekret email correspondence with reporter: check :)

Ok, I'm ready! Bring it on!!!!

bizrey - you're in Texas - define a 'less-deserving locale.'

Aaaannnnd...the FIRST goes to Annie!

Nice perimeter, girlfriend.

why, thank you! I've been working out.

you know, since the first time we saw the vice president, I though I knew him from somewhere... then I realized that he is president Dugan from Red Alert 2! I hope he becomes president

wine: check

phone ringer on silent: check (judi, check that out!)

potty break: check

*looks at clock; still 30 minutes away, may have to update that check*


Actually we (San Antonio) have plenty of electricity, but they're re-routing it to Houston, Dallas and Austin because they took a lot of their systems off-line for...ah nevermind no one cares

sly: Don't you have one a them porta-potty thingies? That you can drive with? I KNOW it was blogged.

*adjusts hers*

It's real comfortable!

Chili-cheese dogs: Check.

*Husband and eldest child still up. May have to shoot them in the thighs*

double snorks at woostergirl, for both posts

They just tasered this looney guy on 'Prison Break.' Ouch, I hate it when tht happens.

I saw in previews that at some point in the next 6 hours Audrey will be held hostage by robocop!!! We can only hope he does more than shoot her in the thigh!

Still at work so no chance of being drunk and still three hours to go before I get my Jack fix. :-(

SuzyQ, is that LA reporter guy watching us? I'm a tad shy about sitting on a portapotty thingy with the media about, you know, after last time.

Why, thank you, Suzy Q. Let's meet slyeyes at the all-girls bar and compare check lists.

Oh and I tried to file my CA state taxes, but the martial law guys shot me in the thigh.

wooster; check


My cat is circling my Chicken Caesar salad. I need an inner, inner perimeter.

(get away, d*mn it!)

Mad, I believe you meant to say "marital."

*see Valerie's post above*

sly and wooster: meet you at the bar.

sly: I don't know if he's watching us. Could be. But, you know, that portapottie thingie, you don't hafta actually sit on it. Just attach it. Like I said, it's real comfortable!

Hey! I've been shot in the thigh!

Oh...never mind, it's just a ketchup drip from my hot dog. Carry on.

Whoa, in the preview, Jack was just warned that he's "playing a dangerous game here." It's gotta be a good one!

BIG *snork* at bb!!

*Wooster departs to off husband and child, and meet sly and suzy for mojitos*

Since we know from the interview that Suzy has to run from the desk-top to the tv, working in the bar might be too many stops. 'specially with that porta pottie thing on.

Marycontrary: Jack's "playing a dangerous game"? Who'da thunk?

I second the snork at bb.

attached? You mean, like a syphon?

I must have been missed the day that was blogged.

OK, did anyone else think this show was just like 60 minutes - only longer?


You all were on at 8? Snorks @ all of you!!!

The millions of loyal bloggers who have been critiquing my taste in the beer that I habitually wish I had for '24' should note that tonight (a) I have beer; and (b) it's Tecate.
Is that o.k.?

CJrun: I ain't workin' the bar. I expect to be served...expeditiously, too.

PS: The portapottie thingie is....portable!! You just gotta learn how to do the bowl-legged run.

Betsy! Welcome. Belly up to the bar with us.

I had the choice between the sox game or jack bauer time. Guess what, I'm a cubs fan.

Double snorks @ Suzy Q

(and snork @ bb for good measure)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The cabin crew will shortly be closing the doors of the aircraft and Jack Bauer's flight 24 will be departing for Los Angeles and points beyond.
Please turn on your personal seat screens to follow our progress and activate your PDA's and cell phones of death. Thank you for flying Jack Bauer Airlines. This plane will destruct in 9 minutes. Thank you.

RIP tony

My daddy says President manilow is a
no good commie, and he's gonna
open up an extra big can of woop*** for him.

Then he's gonna shoot 'em.

Go daddy!

sly: Yes, it seems complicated, but it's not. Read the directions in French, it makes much more sense that way.

I want to know why Dave's trying to do his taxes when Jack Bauer will take down Uncle Sam's thigh with his super PDA. I mean, I'm filing a perimeter extension after the show. Ha. I have 0200 hours after that! Gulp*

Prison Break's over: Check

Beer here: Check

Everybody ready?

We're already at 56 posts.

Here's sneak preview of Jack Bauer's new movie, The Sentinal.

Is there any product they won't use a Pussycat Dolls song to sell?

AA: Here's some suncreen for the unfortunate SUNgirl in the Ricecub post.

Yay!! Finished work early today!!! I get to see the whole blog... er... I mean Show!!!

Wine: Check

Food : Dang - It'll hafta wait.

tropichuntguy: We need you! It's about to start!




SuzyQ: Talk about timing, eh? :)

Audrey: "reroute your plane, Dad, I need you"

Dad: "Okay"

Dave said not to post until after 2 beers...but I've had a beer and a shot, so I think I'm good to go.

Here we go!!

Gotta go get the beer....

It's a melee and we're still in the previews

Ok, so I had the GREAT idea of turning the TV so I can see it from the dining room. In the process, I trashed several candles, a giant book, a shell, and various other things that just crashed. Will check it out later. Must. Watch. Now.

Heh...talk about managing upwards!

I've got it! Jack is the new Marwan! He just keeps getting away.

Even as the head bad guy, Manilow is a weenie

This Pres is a total wus.

Prioritize BAUER!!!

He is the head bad guy because he IS a weenie...

"prioritize Bauer"

Ohno! I missed the first few minutes. Arghhhh! have I missed my sexy pouting goddess of reconfiguring things?

Those protocols aren't gonna be enough to track Awwwwdry

Oh, they are so going to be in trouble if they use Chloe!

Bill is back!! Woohoo!!

That guy really hates Audrey. He must've dated her. Or he's been watching the show.

There is a way they can USE Chloe. Sounds kinky.

Jinx, Betsy you owe me a coke!

No, no goddess sighting yet.

Alright! Who left the bold on?


Now it is three against the world.

They're going to use Chloe. That's sacrilege

Hi Annie way up there in first place.

Daddy's home!

This is like the Anti-Bauer (Robocop) and the Anti-Palmer (Prez Manilow) against Season Two's two Bauer and Palmer show, isn't it?

welcome, wolfie. I think your love goddess...er, Chloe is safe for now.

What IS with the soundtrack?! It sounds like something from a bad sci-fi show!?

Where did the James Bond/Ace Ventura music go this week? Or, perhaps we will hear it later?

I'm sorry - there's a payphone on the runway??

There's daddy.

Good thing the city is locked down and planes can't randomly land.

Given that everyone is looking for Jack, wouldn't it be better to leave the recording some place, tell the Sec Def where to find it, and then go create a distraction?

Daddy's here....

Or maybe not.

Wow LA Airport is so secured during Martial Law.

Here comes another prior character ready to get killed

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