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March 29, 2006


Who's up for some tasty cow-nosed ray?

Maybe later.


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Who, ray?

journeyed to Seoul, South Korea, last year with a case of Jack Daniel's whiskey, a carton of ray filets and a recipe

After a case of Jack anything tastes good.

Dear Dave,

I know you hear stuff like this A LOT, and probably won't even read this, seeing as you have a life, but the first time I read you many years ago, I was stunned that the English language could be bent this way. When I went to college, I majored in writing. For this, you bear at least some responsibility. No, I will not sue.

I just heard that an essay I wrote is going to appear in an anthology from one of your former publishers, which means I am now a Real Writer: I'm not going to see a dime of royalties. But I promised myself two things... I am going to get drunk, and I am going to thank Dave.

On to the second half of it.

God bless.

MB -- Congrats.

I can't believe they do that to oysters.

Oooops! It's oyster-SHUCKING ...

Congrats, MB.

When I first read this, I thought it said, "Cow-nose gays."

But this makes much more sense. OK, not really.

Cow-nosed Rays? The LATEST in our military secret weapon arsenal.

... not highly portable, though cheap to fuel.

When I first read this I thought it said "cow-nose rays" and I thought "Great, now we have cows that can shoot lasers out their noses. That's gonna make things interesting at milking time."

What's a ray loin?
Not much. They're pretty dumb.

*rim shot*

(Hold the ray. Just bring me the whiskey marinade.)

i went to school with 'cow-nose ray'....

Key Quote:

"I like it, but of course, I like everything," said waterman Kelly Place of Williamsburg after trying his first bite.

says the Mikey of the seafood world

... if a cow laughs while chewing does it squirt milk out it's nose?

As they say in Jamaica, "Everybody loves ray, mon!"

MB - Awesome! Enjoy your bender.

COW-NOSED RAY anagrams to NOW OR DECAYS. Also, EW AS NYC ODOR. Both seem like appropriate commentary.

I'd love to try some of that cow-nosed ray, but unfortunately I'm lactose intolerant.

I have been trying to sell these things for food since I was thirteen, they chase away the fish, nasty on a fishing rod, but they keep they bikinis top side on an outing.

Bears a striking resemblance to this.

Ya think so Bumble? I'm a little partial to suggestin' it reminds me of Darth Vader ... or ... Dick Tracy ... merely sayin' ...

BTW, kibby' -- LOL @ your "cow/milk/nose" item ...

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