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March 25, 2006


Plenty of action in Maroochydore.


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too early for this crowd, I guess

too many folks busy with their own "rowdy bursts" in the toilet, one suspects...

Ok, so I found something I wanted to comment on, then I found something even better, and then something even better than that...

Thanks, Dave! That was one funny article!


Is it too early to *snork*?

*waves good morning to bulldog*

*waves good morning to puppytoes, too, who wasn't there a minute ago*

When asked why he was in the ladies loo, Rowdy responded, "Cuz that's where the ladies was, mate!" adding, "Crikey!"

"MAROOCHYDORE" and "Attacking Backs" WBothBGNFARB

thank you.. southerngirl! happy saturday to you, too! *shyly waves back*

Wow, what timing! I just TOTALLY heard a rowdy burst coming from the bathroom. And it wasn't even me!

that's it. if it's going to start getting posted on the internets, i guess i have to start using the basement loo exclusively.


ditzy shela, picks pocket, flushes loot, when trap in loo - good library reading material

mebbe she disnt really MEAN to flush the loot down the loo - mebbe they were out of paper?

VF, Leetie and JU, altho a little bit TMI, iykwim. ;)

Sorry, s'girl. I guess it's a good thing I didn't mention that I waited until JU went out to walk the dog before I hit the loo! :)

Key (edited) quote: ..."still holds the... record for most tries ever scored..."

Wow...if he scores everytime he goes to a women's toilet...

(Private note to Adonis: Hey, look, a PROPER use of italics! Wow! I can't believe it!)


pauper pick pocket in a pickle when picks prong of protector's mate

Moral: Do NOT get pinched Down Under.

so, basically, all this dude got for his $300 wasfondled by a crazy woman - I'd say he got screwed...

well, on second thought...

What a cock up!

would being bipolar also account for the water draining backwards downunder?

Maroochydore? Mooloolaba? What, do theyu use a random syllable generator to name places down there, or what?

"Honey, we'd better leave early if we're going to stop in Boobooloominoonoo because the traffic in Trytopoopoo is terrible and that detour through Tootoowallawallabingbang may make us late to Longoosik."

Wow, last time I invited a girl to grab my nuts in a bar she walked away with my tray of peanuts.

Brunker, testified that Berkin had walked straight up to him, put her hand down his jeans and “grabbed my nuts”.

When asked what his reaction was to this Mr Burns said:

“I just about leaped out of them (his jeans) in shock”.

Good thing they clarified that it was his jeans he almost jumped out of.


Nope, if I lived there, I'd have to move.


*snorks* for Leetie and Mud :)

yeaup not in Okeefenokee anymore toto.......I'd have to move to somewhere like ...Thonotosassa or maybe Apalachicola........

?? kind of strange the way they threw in the bi-polar diagnosis.

Anyplace named "Maroochydore" worries me...but what concerned me the most was the "Holiday Accommodations Guide" link. In the interest of further research I clicked on it and found that Maroochydorians like to vacation in "Caravan Parks" called (and I haven't included all of them):

Bli Bli Riverside Caravan Park
Caboolture Caravan Park
Caloundra Empress Relocatable Home Park
Cambroon Caravan Park
Coolum Beach Caravan Park
Coolum Coolseas Caravan Park
Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park
Eumundi Caravan Park
Glass House Mountains Tourist Route
Maroochy Beach Park
Mooloolabah Caravan Park (Council)
Mt Tibrogarnan Relaxapark
Mudjimba Caravan Park (Council)
Pincushion Caravan Park
Toorbul Store
Yandina Caravan Park

A "Relaxapark" does sound like something I could get in to...

(wanders in with cup of coffee)



Good solid Florida names.

Hey, southerngirl, it feels like I've been missing in action around here. Anything notable happen in the past couple of days?

(Waves to slyeyes, who wasn't there before)

(rushing to be # 29)

snork @ insom

y'know what the only thing my pedantic little mind could come up with was? (excuse my sentence structure - pedantry has blown my circuits)

This is a rugby league update, not a rugby update.

Bleeeah. Boring. I know. Now I've got that off of my chest, I'll go back and try to be funny.

Nope.. I got nothing original. *goes back to sleep*

*waves at daisymae*

I don't know - I haven't been around much. :(

Maybe El could summarize for us?

*waves at daisymae*

Quiet Saturday.

Kafaleni (who is probably long gone) - That is just the sort of errant pedantry up with which I shall not put.
- Some Guy Named Churchill

I am making a mental note to never purchase a pair of Australian jeans, which apparently have the hip pocket located in the front, right around the fly. You could probably get busted just for whipping out your credit card.

Wow. I leave for a little while and NO work gets done. Well, back to the necessary but irritating role I've found myself in.

Andy is a doofus and from the last 24 thread shows he does in fact not know how to use italics. That is all.

italics? we don't need no stinkin' italics

and we don't need adonis to look at the dublin article, or all we'll hear about is the size of his corn.

(maybe he was already there - I ain't lookin')

I'm a little afraid to use italics now. But, when you are talking about bi-polar "chicks" in the loo with wet wallets and nuts, don't you think the rules governing italics no longer applies?

*snork* @ Bad News

And I concur.

i met her in a bar in Maroochydore
where there's blood on the floor and the jukebox
don't play much ABBA, A-B-B-A, ABBA
she walked up to me, put her hands down my pants
i squeaked 'where you from?' I think she said 'Mooloolaba' Moomooloolaba, Moo-moo-loo-laba...

well, i'm not the world's most distractible guy
but when she squeezed my nards I really thought I'd cry, "Mooloolaba!"
I'm not dumb but I wanted to know, if this was foreplay ,how much further they'd go in Mooloolaba!

Well she let me go, went straightaway to the loo
Next thing you know, my cash swims with the poo!

So, when me and my mates go out drinking a few
One thing we'll ask is 'do you know if you're from Mooloolaba?" Moo-moo-loo-laba

bravo, insom! :)

Okay, Adonis, I'll play nice. Really. I formally offer my apologies for poking fun at you.

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