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March 23, 2006


You have our sympathy.

(Thanks to Tammy Korolnek)

UPDATE: Possible related news item, courtesy of Doug Brockmeier)


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I could have done without seeing that before I went to bed!


My dinner is hung like a scallion.

I can only guess where you ate tonight Judi to post stories like this at this hour.

That's Despicable.

When I was younger I used to own a horse. It was at the barn where I first witnessed two horses mating.

My my my. Needless to say, I was VERY disappointed with my first boyfriend...

Yeah. That's what *I* would order.

I guess that explains what happened to the horse's other testicle.

Okay, now that I'm a little bit recovered...

I had heard of men of the male persuasion injecting themselves with tissue of animals as a medical treatment for sterility, but this is very hard to stomach. (no pun intended)

Quote: A vet found the testicle after an examination, said Egbert Simons, a spokesman for the court in the eastern town of Neuruppin.

"Your honor it was behind his right ear."


They mean Guoli's-huangs.

The girl in the picture is trying not to crack up.

Thats a new twist for a horse theif.

If you are what you eat, the clientele of this establishment are a bunch of dicks. That includes the writer of this article.

Well...I can think of...nothing...to say.

Except: Dog to God: When I get to heaven can we have my testicles back?

do they sell "Members only" jackets?

As for the second article in the thread, I am reminded of lines from an old cowboy poem:

"Now, yuh see that roan?
Better leave'im alone.
He's a rig with only one ball.
But the boss, he's a geldin'
With no balls a'tall.

In the poem, the cowboy narrator tells about being hired to break bad horses, and in his words:

"With my teeth in my pocket...
My ass they did bite...
I went tuh ridin' bad horses
From daylight 'til night

But the boss saw the tough time the cowboy was having and:

"Up stepped the boss an' sed,
'Ah'm tired o' you takin' all them hard falls!
Rope out 'at windmillin' stud
An' we'll cut off his balls!'

Of course, things backfired, because, as the cowboy was holding the horse and the boss was reaching for the stallion's 'nads

"Ah heard a loud squawl!
Ah looked, and the roan had the boss
By the balls!

So, in the news report, the buyer thought he had purchased a "rig," which would be damaged goods. But the brave veterinarian was able to determine the horse in question was "complete." And as Inspector Clouseau would say, "Ze kess iss sol-ved."

Tune in next time when I'll attempt to explain why we refer to a naked chicken as "dressed."

Is that why they call me a c...?

What's the big deal? In Washington, there are plenty of restaurants that serve D!cks.

So the question is, are you the main course, or just an appetizer?

Yum, but showing this to a 12-year-old boy was far more intertaining!! What a reaction.

I hope it comes with a breath mint.

San Francisco's Healthy Penis just cancelled his goodwill trip through China.

I wonder if they'll, er, alter, their culinary offerings for the 2012 Olympics. In Seoul, before the '88 games, the city got everyplace that served dog-on-a-stick to stop because so much else of the world found it "icky" and didn't want athletes getting upset at the sight of dachsundkabob. They also imported pigeons -- and, not to eat, either -- which are not indigenous to the Korean peninsula, because they thought it made the city look more cosmopolitan. I wonder how they like them now.

right on lairbo. pigeons...rats with wings. as to the entree, ewwww, yuck, and ewwwww. i just dont like chili.

qnsb: chili dogs, especially, I bet.

sliced, dipped in flour, fried, and served skewered with soy sauce

These are simply not words that should at all be used in the same sentence!

*Snork* @ Insom . . .

members only


If you are what you eat, I could be you by morning.

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