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March 22, 2006



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Big deal, you can order one yourself online

They also come in beige and grey (not gray)

all your fish are belong to us

Of course they're blue. It's winter. Hello!

By the way, Skin Mucus WBAGNFARB.

Where's Meanie? Does he know anything about this?

Mmmmm, blue slime ...

"It's not because of an environmental toxin, but it could be a response to an environmental change, such as more ultraviolet radiation hitting the Earth."

I would think that an increase in ultraviolet rays would cause an increase of pigment to protect the skin, not a total lack thereof ... kind of like when humans produce more melanin to prevent sunburn. But then what do I know? I'm not a scientist.

"When I first saw it, the silverish part of it really shown; it was really iridescent," he said. "But when I got it on the ice, it looked silverish and bluish."

"But then, darndest thing, after we took 8 more shots of SoCo and nailed those rolls, it turned neon greenish and tried to mate with Jim. We threw rocks at it, but they were changing color and singing show tunes, and...

"It was as blue as blue can get," Albert said of the fish. "I took some slime scrapings from the fish and sent them to Wayne, along with some pictures."

This is Meanie's fault! I swear I had nothing to do with it! Really! I don't even live in Canada! Really!

...from the land of sky-blue mucus...

Sure it wasn't mutated. Neither was this one.

Okay so red meat is out because of heart disease, birds are giving us flu and the fish are mutating. Next: Attack of the vegetables

*wanders off to do research on breatharianism*

Last line was the best. They sure grow 'em special in MN.

Like Bucket said, they stopped the story just as it was getting good:

"The odds of catching a blue perch are like getting struck by lightning," Bassing said. "Since I've also been struck by lightning, I guess I really defy the odds."

"Since I've also been struck by lightning, I guess I really defy the odds." I agree, that's a significant line! I know a lady who has a friend who was sitting at a metal desk when his house was hit by lightning and it reportedly knocked him for a loop. She says he hasn't been "quite right since". I met him, and can see she's right.

Anyway, I can't believe no one's figured out the whole blue fish thing is just part of a publicity stunt to promote Dr. Seuss' old book. Those publishers will do ANYTHING to make a buck when sales start to fade!

Say, KOW, have you heard about the dangers of pesticides? And genetically modified crops?

Also, with organic plant products, you have to watch out because sometimes the plant, being attacked by more insects, will increase its natural chemical defenses. And those chemical defenses are sometimes dangerous to humans.

Perhaps we should all graft chloroplasts into our skin and make food directly from the sun!

Comment spam is also blue and mysterious.

Blue Yellowtail? E-x-hellent! Smithers, get my tartar sauce!

I blame this on Dave. What with all his blue shirts, the fish are simply trying to imitate him.

I'm not surprised they're blue. I mean, what is there to do all day when you're a perch except wait to get caught and eaten... I would be depressed too...

First we had mad cows (and who can blame them?) and now blue perch.

I suggest we recruit some animal psychologists to look into this.

My perch, they have a funny glow
And I'd kinda like to know
What's giving them that hue.
But don't it make my walleyes
Don't it make my walleyes
Don't it make my walleyes blue.

Oh, right. Here we go again, blame Canada...

Every time a mysterious blue mutant species is discovered it's the same old story, blame Canada. I mean, you guys catch us doing it one little old time, and you blame us for everything now...

Read my lips: We. did. not. plant. the. mysterious. blue. mutant. in. your. lake.

Honest, eh?

We apologize Canada and we will never do it again. (I didn't think they were listening)

Global Warming. I've been trying to warn people, but no one will listen, and now the perch are blue.

What's next Fushia abalone?

Hey, no fair using colors that guys don't know.

Fushia = pank

Again, no fair.

BoredCrow, you have something there. And breatharianism may be out with all the air pollution. No wonder Dubya is in such a hurry to go to Mars. We really need a do-over.

Well guys, we'll just have to invent our own colors. First one, Triple Hot Babe Metallic Cool = Red

And of course the "Hot babe" part is dedicated to Eleanor and Cyn.

By the way, I found out where the fish are coming from:


I baked a ham once that turned silver. did not eat it.

tramps' link. (right?)


*El-ism for very cute

There's them darn fish. They are getting everywhere I tell ya.

Oh, and ladies, please vote on Albert at my blog. This is well deserved, trust me.

Free prizes for voting. Really.

*Snork* as always at Insom, and another for KJP:)!

*drapes self casually over piano, swirls whiskey in old-fashioned glass, caresses microphone, and sings*
Are we blue? Are we bluuue?
Ain’t the tint
On our skin t-
ellin’ you?
Are we blue? You’d be tooooo
Rays were
All gettin through
There was a time
We were pure silver fish
Now our slime
Has gone and got vermischt…
All our scales
Gills to tail
Changed their hue
What to do!??
We’re so bluuuue!

*puckers up fish lips and blows big kisses to the audience in the smoky underwater boite*



*sends Betsy a drink*


DON'T EAT IT!! George Carlin says there IS no blue food!!

Of course, he went on to say that blue food probably gives you special powers... but in this case, I'm thinking it'd give you the special power to hurl chunks at projectile speeds.

djt...Why, THANK you! You're so sweet! *quaffs 2/3 of old fashioned in a gulp*
Oops! There's SpongeBob! Gotta go!
*blows kiss*

Lake Mille Lacs. Isn't that where the Schaeffer Pen and ink factory used to be?
DR. Schaeffer?

Shaffer Pen is a coincidence. If you do spot blue walleye we would appreciate an offical sighting at bluewalleye.com Wayne Schaefer

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