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March 28, 2006


But you want it.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Hey, I just got promoted, I don't want it, I NEED it!


First on my first day back here since Thursday. Not that I'm sure anybody here noticed me missing. :)

I wonder if parents can get something like that fitted for their daughters?

Guy #1:"Here, hold this briefcase for a minute."

Guy #2:"Okey Dokey."

Guy #1: *runs away with remote, and at a safe distance* BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!

Guy #2: OW, that hurt! *turns to guy #3* "Here, you try it!"

Guy #3: Sure!

"All prices are excl. 19 % Dutch taxes"

Ummm if we're going Dutch shouldnt I just have to pay half?

Think about that a little more carefully, CR. You'd be buying batteries by the pallet.

Yeah Meanie - and the smartass boyfriend would just figure out a way to set the thing to vibrate and....
(Damn I am glad I dont have kids)

"Hey, wait a minute ... I think I picked up the wrong briefca-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!"

Let's see -- 899EU=$1,080.16 plus 19% tax=$1,285.39 -- aw, heck -- let's just order two while we're at it.

I'm thinking of a scene in 24 where some faceless courier has one handcuffed to his wrist...before Jack gets hold of the remotes...then lays down some patented JackSmack on him!

I was alarmed when I saw this. It's shocking to think that the manufacturer would get a charge out of providing such a product without getting static from the lawyers.

I wouldn't want to carry that in the rain! Might be fun at the airport ;)

Dave's correct again - I DO want it!

(course, Dave's always correct, other than that one time - you know, the unfortunate miscalculation as to how many inflated balloons will, in fact, fit in his suv - of course, I prefer to beleive that Dave was not incorrect that time so much as he was permitting Mrs. Blog to be correct, just this once)

Great - now all i need is something to keep my valuable briefcase in.

But serious, double-ought level, ruthless international terrorist spies are NEVER without one of these: http://www.eurospyshop.com/dogflotationveststypeyorkshiresizexsmall_p_414.html

That's nothing that a good pair of rubber gloves couldn't handle.

Until a way is found to preemptively detect the briefcases, the Baggage Handler’s Union of America (BHUA) says their workers are taking matters into their own hands. When asked why baggage handlers were wearing large oven mitts shaped like lobster claws Dirk Luggit BHUA boss replied defensively, “Wull, it’s all they had at the dollar store.”

Meanwhile airport security personnel are scrambling to come up with a way to deal with the problem. One worker has already been buzzed by a loaded briefcase. As he was carried off by paramedics, he was quoted as saying, “Bha bha bha bha bha bha wha’ the hell was that?”

I don't know about the letting go thing. When I got electrocuted turning on the garbage disposal at my parents' house I couldn't let go. My sister had to pull my hand off.

No...I don't want it.

You might as well wear a sign that says, "I'm carrying something soooo valuable that, of course, you will want to steal it."

Is this like that glowing suitcase in "Pulp Fiction"?

What was up with that anyway?

I'd love to have a shopping cart like that, so when I'm at the grocery store and some senile old lady (or man) wanders off with my cart. I'd only have to flip out a remote and WHAM. No more wandering around the store eyeballing every one elses cart. The usualy think "Purse Snatcher"

They usually think "Purse Snatcher". (Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while.) I'm either getting illiterate, or senile.

telsa would be proud


I believe it is "Tulsa" :)

Sarah J;

As your sister pulled your hand off (?), did she say "I gotta hand it to you?"

I was raised in diapers that also required 16 D-Cell batteries, which, by the way, created a "fully loaded " appearance at all times. I was forced to learn Spanish this way also.(I can swear fluently in 7 languages now). I really have an opinion on this one, folks~That briefcase should not be legal, not even during this administration...

MoFaux - I don't know what to say. I'm sorry about that diaper thing. Wow.
Hey, pull my finger? ;)

And so the arms (har!) race begins. Next we will have machete wielding briefcase thieves, then Kevlar business suits. Who knows where it stops.

What happens if someone steals the remote?

bb- There's a lojack on it. Unfortunately, the device to activate it is in the briefcase.

Annie, I'd love to pull your finger, but I'm a married man....

okey-dokey....just tryin' to make you feel better. But you're married, and hey, I can't perform miracles.

okayyy, im not reallly married

ok, but now that diaper thing is kinda grossing me out.

Alright, I have to admit, I made the whole thing up just to impress...YOU~ we never wore diapers in my family-The Scottish blood forbids it,girl.

golly, I'm not into fibbers...

we did after all wear gollyfibbers during the cold season , and I'm Thrilled you know about my culture!!!!

Culture?! What kind of culture? Petri-dish culture?

"All prices are excl. 19 % Dutch taxes"

I'd pay that tax in a minute considering they have no income tax!

Sadly Annie, youre correct again. MY PEOPLE do not really have a culture at all.Please read my book available on Amazon.com entitled: Scotland: The Un-Culture...

Pee-Jay - I would be willing to beta-test that for you. I was working on putting together ingredients for a cookout last weekend, and my cart disappeared. You would think that someone might recognize that they had a cart that was loaded with the ingredients for 10 lbs of potato salad rather than their own. It took me a half hour to find it.

dj - was the couple that had it arguing?

Him: "And just who the hell are we feeding this week, Ireland?"

Her: "Shut yer pie hole and grab some of that Velveeta that's on sale before this yahoo gets it!"

Him: "What do you want, buckster?"

You: "My cart back. You can keep the Velveeta."

Him: "Damned straight."

You: "Actually... oh nevermind."

oh yeah, and those lovely people with the TSA will really make your life easier when they get those little shocks when you travel. uh, yeah. i dont think so.

Now that's just the thing to make Deal or No Deal more like Fear Factor.

(Okay, I admit it, I watch Deal or No Deal. But not Fear Factor)

I've only seen part of "Deal or No Deal" but here's what I immediately thought:

How hard would it be for them to remote control the numbers in the briefcases?

I've had on of these for years. Of course mine's not cordless.

*Snork* at everybody on this thread, and good morning.

*Snork* back at ya Betsy.

*snork at all of Annie's posts*

I'm waaaaay behind.

Must run.

Ta ta.

I know some place with worldwide very cheap devices. http://www.budgetspy.nl

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