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March 29, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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It's a doggie Thong

Now I have seen everything.

Nope - if the dog has that who am I gonna blame for MY stink bombs?

Coast - you just have to get one for yerself!

*snork and amen to CR*

'Starter Tail Hole' WBAGNF nothing.

The "suggested" tail hole. That reminds me when a girlfriend of mine used to ... Oh, hold on. I don't think I'll go there.

who said thongs were only good for eliminating panty lines?

Dog Thong & Flatulence WBAGNFA Adam Sander/Ben Stiller buddy movie.

... um ... "starter hole" ... (no I'm NOT goin' where sardonicynic wouldn't go ...)

I'm thinkin' that the average ... um ... pet person ... who would buy this would think, "I'll just make the hole a bit tighter, so that Bowser won't be able to shake it off ..."

Then, the tighter stricture would cut off circulation, and Bowser's tail would take the same route as the objective when farmers use an
elastrator ... merely sayin' ...

Of what a tale (Not tail) we (not whee) could tell, but the dog ran away.



Earwig Alert: Classical Gas....

Thongs in blue,
Every doggie wants one..

Thongs in blue
Wonder if Lassie wears one?

You and Ol' Blue
Are subject to
Doggie gas now and then...

Just forget Fido's thong,
And find you've got no friends,
(These puns never end...)

Key Quote: "They also provide quick release for allowing the dog out to do his business."

For those of you who are around when your dog "does his business."

"flatus or flatulence"

Ummmm.....what's the difference? Just askin'.

Holy cow, U.O. - your link needs to come with a warning AND a free bottle of eye bleach!

...Which is not to say that you don't have a good point. Just - eek.

flatulence is the condition, whereby you need to exhaust flatus as a gaseous product ... the words are not (technically, in a language sense) interchangeable ... as would be the case if we said "He's got the farts ... he just let a fart ... ooooh, that fart stinks ..." and so on ...

Merely trineta help ...

MG - well, I thot p'haps I'd see if I could sneak a little surprise in there ... Of course, most rural folks -- well -- many of them -- already knew whut was there, tho they mebbe din't know the actual product name ...

Other methods of describing that same tool/process include "rubber bands" and ... um ... "elastic" ... that's about it ...

OK, I sorta sandbagged ya ... but this thread din't appear too active, so I din't think it'd burn a whole lot of eyeballs ...

I'm fairly sure this method is still in practice ... it has a lot of advantages ...

AS A MATTER OF FACT, I do believe that certain types of selection (tail docking) for both sheep and dogs (depending upon breed, of course) use this method ... faster, simpler ... snap it on (does the link show the applicator? I din't even look, 'cuz I've seen 'em before) and walk away ... and so does the critter ...

Can someone please send me a Gizmodo invite so I can post funny and sarcastic remarks up there? Really I'm a great guy..funny name..but great guy..hey how comes no one think zwxphtt could be a real last name?

Or you could just stop allowing the dog to eat things that make him fart, like Purina products

Dog thongs? That's it I'm outta here.

Pirate Boy - That was Neil Diamond's Song Sung Blue, not Mason Williams' Classical Gas, which is an instrumental.

Just sayin'.

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