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March 17, 2006


Part HUH?

(Thanks to Susan Gleason)


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Annie, I'm a bit frightened to admit that I was actually typing that. Addled minds, and all.

He's not here so we'll blame him...

It was Meanie's fault.

Oooh, yeah! My border collie will be very excited. Actually, she's always very excited. True story - I bought two sheep this evening at Target. They're big fluffy fake sheep for my sons for Easter. But now that I've won a herd, I'll search for my sheep's receipt (once I untongle my tang).

I'm named after that pommie King. I think he was great. So did the rest of England. And the Norse kind of liked him too. For entirely different reasons.

Your tang is tongled? Mine tool.

I've herd Target's pretty baa-aaaad about returns.

Yay! Alfred's here. But my border collie says it's time for bed. We've a big day tomorrow, picking up our herd of sheep. Merinos, I hope.

What's up Meanie's kilt? No good-byes or anything?


Night, Annie. Sheep well.

One baaaad joke....two baaaaad jokes....three baaad jokes.....zzzzzzzzz

Say the magic woid and win a hundred dollas....

,,, ,,,

Done took too long and p*ssed her off. Hey, how fast do you think we can drink this C-note?

Very impressive and yet mildly disturbing, Groucho. How did it get this late again?!

I think the Green biere has gone and addled one or both of our brains. I'm hazy on "C-note."

Do ya think we can we wake her up for a "goodnight"? I'd rather not have her going to bed angry at me.

The usual way.

And, MAN, that was fun.

C-note = the prize bestowed by Groucho.

Now our codes are belong to you.

Ah. Thank you, my sweet green pedant.

Wait, it's in my head somewhere....

We risk being sucked deep(er) into the awesome power that is the blog. But three or four hours of sleep is plenty, right?

Up early on a Saturday following St. Pat's, eh? How'd you get tagged with something that evil?

Alright. Yeah, I saw the new post. Guess we can let one go by......

....can't we?

We are a supportive popele.



*sneaks up on sleeping Meanie and spray paints him chartreuse*

*Yawns, stretches, gets up, looks around, scratches backside, rubs itchy nose. Makes note to reverse order of last two actions next time*

*Goes to brush teeth, washes hands, catches glimpse of self in mirror, examines overly dry tongue. Wonders why tongue and skin are same color*

*Glares at empty beer bottles scattered about. Curses St. Patrick*

*tiptoes through room eyeing sleeping bloglits, decides to skip comment lest they awaken*

Sweet Green Pedant WBAGNFA all-teacher folk trio.

*zips in from su.so.ca.* (where it's raining)

*looks around*

What a mess! What is wrong with you people? Didn't your mama teach you to clean up after yourselves?

*waits for answer but only hears snoring*

This should do it!

Jeez, woman! For the love of Godiva, put a sock in it! Please? :^>

*snork* @ Eleanor

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