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March 17, 2006


Part HUH?

(Thanks to Susan Gleason)


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I feel like...that link needed a warning...


OK, who needs a life more - the guy in the pictures? Or the guy that took the pictures?

HEY GANG - I think I found some of those sex toys that were stolen yesterday!

Again, I got nuthin'.

Oh, NUTS!!!!

OK...but can this guy mimic a flying cow? I don't think so...

So, really what you are saying is that I shouldn't do this even when trying to hide from the boss?

No, no! These are for those folks who like to meet and have sex dressed as animals (on the TV maybe?!) Did anyone see that CSI episode where one was murdered? Those folks are called "furries"!

Cop: "So did you see what the perpetrator was wearing, ma'am?"
Witness: "Well, he had a stocking over his head ... and two ski gloves on top of it ... and something stuffed in the front of the stocking so he sort of looked like a giant moose."
Cop: "Have you been drinking, ma'am?"

Ok, Huh AND why? Is this a guy thing?

THIS they allow to pass through the filters on my work computer. Sheesh.

*snork* @ Chianca

I'm not sure why this was blogged other than the utter ridiculousness of it.


(uh oh, now I'm answering my own questions like Alfred...heeeeeelp!)

All I can do is echo Judi's "huh?"

Oh I am just totally speechless on this.


Words fail me.

"I was a little restless so I took some Ambien and went to bed. Next thing I wake up and I'm an ostrich!"

Skiing, camping, diving, tennis -- these are the things they chose NOT to do with sports equipment. I just have to wonder what we'd be looking at if this crew of wizards was behind the the heist of $1,500 worth of sex toys.

I knew I shouldn't have left my digital camera laying around...

I think this is what happens when a bunch of college freshmen go camping in the everglades and drink too much beer...

yes, A warning would have been appropriate.

"Grey for having the potential to shake your confidence in sanity and meaning"

CoastRaven, you cracked me up!

Forgive COAST, I was writing as you posted, didn't mean to yoink your bit.

Hey - that looks EXACTLY like my first grade teacher, Mrs. Somethingorother!

I remember, she was always telling me "WA-WAH-WAH-WAAAAAAAAAH!"

notta prob Martini - long as I dont have to pay for it, I dont mind having my bit yoinked!

Do you enjoy having your yoink bit?

Does your yoink bite?

OK, so "HUH?", "WHY?", "WTF?", "WTD?", "...can this guy mimic a flying cow?" and all the other questions that have been asked here are valid, but maybe the REAL question to be answered is "How the heck did Susan Gibson come by this link to send it to The Blog in the first place?" Oh wait a sec... it's a "UK" site. That explains everything. Never mind.

Whoa, I'm suddenly afeared of what I started. (Backs quietly into a corner and huddles around a mug of green beer).

Tamara - That is not my yoink!

rejected sesame street characters?

sesame street after furtter cuts to public television budget, thanks george!

daisymae - take deep breaths and repeat many times: I am NOT Alfred. I am NOT Alfred.

You'll be fine. :)

jim henson's mentally challenged cousin
who never got a show of his own,
but inherited jim's black mask collection....

i think i will go back to red button.

jim & i created alot of the stuff you
guys see now,
i got into the black masks and he cut me off,
he used to say WWKD,
"What would Kermit do?",
that sticks with me...
i coulda been something..

This should have been entitled:
Things you can do with your outdoors gear during the off-season".

get over here and do that dirty frog thing,
ya baby, that's it...

Some one is getting into my racket.

For crying out loud. Are you waiting for me to reply to my self. Well here. "Hi Self"
There finished. Now back to looking, at some guy, dressed as a mutant squirrel suit, for the squirrel army.

Alfred - since when did you buy commas?

Since, I decided, to use them, in the original way. They where meant, to be breath marks, sort of, like in, poetry.

Someone take back the commas from Alfred and let him be like he was before.

*winded from reading Alfred's post aloud*

Alfred - commas are the dimples of comedy. You don't need dimples to be cute. And if you put them in the wrong places, you'll look like a botox victim.


Fine, I will be more careful with them.

Out of curiosity. If I over use them. What would happen?

Ask Adonis ;-)

First, they lower-case your name. Then, they take the "a" away altogether! In your case, it would be especially insulting, as you might be confused with "lil fred". See, best to keep the commas in tight control.

If you're especially egregious, they take you to Abu Ghraib, put a black hood over you, take pictures and post them on the internet, for peopel to say "Huh?" at.

A commady of errors, in any event.


Then we throw question marks at your name...


Better watch my asterisk.

Don't worry, Meanie - we'll handle that for you.




Blue, I love ya honey, I really do, but that just doesn't sound right.


Where the Meanies are men, the posse is women, and the sheep are nervous.

*Adjusts volume*


Ain't no sheep here, pal. Move along. Dam shepherds.

Well, at least it wasn't a goat. I mean, sheep are bad, but goats are just sick.

The shear audacity!

At least it wasn't an eel. That would be worse.

That's an electrifying thought!

The moray the better.

Actually, they're pretty tasty with butter.

I've always thought that sea cucumbers were kinda cute...

Of course, who could keep their tentacles off of a cephalapod?

Given a choice, I prefer the ladder.

I'd take the stares.

Over the grassy hulls for me.

I sense that I am being freely lanced write here.

I prefer to ask a waiter.

Hey, you watching any spring training? That guy through a strike.

What is this fly doing in my soup?

The kid's got style.

All together now for Alfred.......


[c'mon, folks, say it with me]


Woo hoo!!!!!

And dang it, Annie, I was messing with the spelling. Well done, girl.

Um, Annie, come over to the side with me for a second, would ya?

Alfred - 'caber' toss, not 'taber' toss....I only mention that because you seem to remember very quirky things, so next time you'll either spell the word correctly, or write an odd yet intriguing solliliquy about how I chastised your spelling. I look o'forward to either.


pssst...McMeanie...what did I do? Did I mess up? Was I supposed to cover 3rd? What the he!! you doin' up so dang late in NJ?

Alright, we're taking it from the top.

   What is this fly doing in my soup?

   Posted by: Alfred | 12:48 AM on March 18, 2006

Altogether now, for Alfred......


Thank you.

Had to do some work on the ole' synapses first, Alfred. Thanks for waiting.

Showbiz pepole, I tell ya' sometimes.

I had traveled someplace else entirely.

Musta just got yer wireless signals crossed.

ooops....um...give me a second...waiter!
...urp!...the "Chappaquidick doggy paddle?"
...the "Cheney freestyle?"
...the backstroke?

Dam wireless signals.

It reminded her of burnt toast. Tasted much better though.

Wheee! What did I win?

Woo hoo!! I love a little political humor with my vaudeville routine. You were just too darn busy with all those brain cells and whatnot, Annie.

Meanie has stepped out for a moment, but 'eel be right back.

He went to get my prize, didn't he?

I've reviewed the tape. I think you've won a herd of sheep.

In my defense(hic!), earlier Alfred and I were discussing Alfred the Great of england. Hence the confusion. Easy to get addled about buggy soups and pommie kings.

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