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March 20, 2006


They could use a couple of these babies.

(Thanks to John Wohn)


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I'm thinkin' they'd soon be your former friend, spouse, co-worker, OR BOSS...just sayin'.

and also, FIRST.

Hat trick??


Also available at www.bitterangrypeoplewithanaxtogrind.com.

Pure evil.

Yeah, what he said.....

It would be a real laugh... all the way to the unemployment line. I'd guess that Logitech would object, too.

Scott, join us down at the AS YOU WISH thread. We have a lofty goal and we're about to achieve it.


What no comments for the remember tonight post???
Oh well

Smart cow-orkers would figure this out. Yes, it looks like a wireless mouse, except that it has a wire headed straight for electrical outlet. Duh!

Personally I prefer the car jumper cables applied to the body with wet sponges, but I realize that it may be a personal preference.

And the fire extinguisher filled with gasoline is a real hoot.

They could use a couple of these to revive Edgar and Tony...

Jack Bauer would simultaneously strangle you with the cord, and 'right-click' your genitals until they smoked, while shouting,"Joke office supplies??? There's no time!!!!"

Oh, I SO want to get one of these for one of my petulant co-workers who, when her PERSONAL mouse broke, asked if I could get her a new Logitech wireless mouse instead of a Dell mouse, because, you know, that would just not be good enough for HER even though the computer is a Dell and belongs to the company. I said no, but now.....it looks like it's a yes all the way! *evil grin*

Guaranteed amusing. As used by the crowned heads of Europe. Has brought tears to the eyes of Royalty. 'Denmark has never laughed so much' - 'The Stage'. Guaranteed to break the ice at parties.

*Snork* at insomniac

This mouse would be very useful in breaking my wife of her eBay habit...

Oooh! Must get one for my software testing bro-in-law for his birthday! He probably won't fall for it though.

"Welp, I'm going to send out the TPS reports right after checking my e-mail, and then YAARRGGHH!!"



"What happened to Bob?"

"Pacemaker. Nice joke, dude."


They have a Super Model for just $6.99 at the right

Eureka...a snappy ad slogan for this hilarious (fool all yr friends, folks) product:

From those wonderful folks who brought you the taser...

$10 Buck's says that at some point tonight, Jack passes the guy from "prison break" or "jail escape" whatever that dumb show is called; in a heating and air-conditioning duct; they have the cursory "how's it goin" and move on without an inkling of "WOW! how weird.

Warranty: 30 days

I'd make a small wager that it wouldn't last 30 seconds ... after the shockee discovered whut/who caused the "surprise ...

My son got me with the pen, it was waay over the top -- all my hair stood up and my arm hurt for a week - all my muscles tightened up to my shoulder - I was not amised, I was pissed

So THAT'S how you got sent to prison!

Maybe I could get one for the tow truck driver who towed my Ford sat. night.He SEEMED nice, but was pretty CrEePy.Especially when he got into my neighborhood and said,"Hey. isn't this the neighborhood where there was that murder?"This really happened.Maybe I could just get him a steering wheel cover that shocks. He'd probably laugh and laugh....

**YAARRGGHH!! ZZZZZTTTT **SNORK*** @ the pleasantly fragranced Federal Duck

Yeah, tow drivers are creepy. I'M A TOW DRIVER!

Snork @ Bill and Mr. C

Yeah, Adonis, but you're like, um... so NoRmAl- I can tell.....

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