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March 17, 2006


But it's really azred's fault.


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thanks for the clarification Annie (and for not calling me Tiny) - but isn't that pretty much exactly what I said?

*zips in*

I was going to give Teddy a *hair flip* cuz I'm in a good mood, but not until he lets that chick out of the trunk of his car. Sheesh.

*puts NYY baseball cap on so hair doesn't accidentally *flip* while she's zipping out*

Tennessee was good? When? Nah, that can't be. Annie's pullin my leg.

Also, I would like to point out that the italics attack of 4:11-4:25 on this thread was NONE of my doing. That is all.

HAHAHA! Simul with EL! Suckas!

Adonis - not "good" so much as somewhat less bad - some days they're not all that particular

*let's chick out of the trunk and gives her El's card - just in case she wants to sue or anything*

I knew it was a lie, Tennessee. They can't fool me with that "acting good" talk. Puh-LEEZE!

I've never praticed Lent before, but that darned button....!

I keep pressing THIS, but nothing much happens. What's up with that, anyway?

*Goes to check out bloglit buttons*

This red button was a fine amusement. Very creative.
Now, to those of you with multiple posts of silly banter:
get a life!

Annie @ 5:50- You mean like make-up flip?

Dr. Doug is being mean again!

Dr.Doug- I will have you know, I am on Vacation. What life do you have? Can you give it back?

And I am at work, and therefore have no life right now! So back off if you don't want me to set off italics!

Dr. Doug - this may not have occurred to you, and I can only speak for myself, but multiple posts of silly banter happen to be my one of my preferred forms of entertainment

it may be that your preferred form of entertainment is reading multiple posts of silly banter, and then ordering the silly banter posters to: get a life!

or it may be that your preferred form of entertainment is to be annoying (another one of my preferred forms of entertainment, BTW)

either way, if you are unhappy here in Dave's World, I hear that the internet's a very, very large place

Ty-one-on at 7:04 - nay, twas not what yew said.

Lisa - "make-up flip" - exactly!

Adonis - this is an Irish holiday - leave the Italics out of it.

Dr.Doug - You're a proctologist, aren't you? I think you're looking out the wrong end of your stethoscope. But that's ok. I look forward to the day when my silly banter buys me lots of cabana boys. Until then, I'm quite happy putting tape of the paws of Adonis and Tyrone.


After reading the 100+ comments, I'm too pooped to hit the button.

Annie, I was leaning over, the popular pastime of people who ingest green beer.

Dr Doug, I'm sorry for bringing the man (TCK) down on you. If you decide to check out the rest 'o da 'net, be careful. There's monsters out there!

Alfred - nice zinger about giving your life back - ouwch!

*speaking in a firm tone of voice*

Adonis, you CANNOT threaten "italics" everytime something doesn't go your way. It's childish, and someone equally childish will tattle on you to judi and she has the power to ban you forever.
Note restrained use of italics. They have their place but they are not a weapon.

Any questions?

TCK is a bum!

He kept me in his trunk for 2 (TWO!) days and the only thing he fed me were Strawberry Slurpees. I hate Strawberry Slurpees.

I promise to all that I will never again set off italics unless specifically told to by members of the posse. I understand this will probably not happen, except maybe if we get massively spammed. Henceforth, then, all mention of italics will be for comedic purposes only.

I just figured out a fun thing with the red button. Press TAB. A yellow rectangle will go over the button. Just press and hold the Space Key. Super Button.

That was 'Erin Braughkovich.'

In which her Oscar-winning line was, 'They're called boobs, Ed.'

Cheers to the Dave's Worldians, after a long day of work.

Sorry for all the commas.

(psst, Alfred! After looking long and hard at El's last post, and devoting 2 (count 'em two!) neurons to the endeavor, I think she's still sore at me. Don't tell her I know. I wouldn't want to be locked in HER trunk)

geez - not only am I misunderstanding pretty much anything posted by a chick, now I'm misunderstanding my own comments too

hmmmmmmm, what to do?

I know! more beer

Adonis - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if El's pissed atcha, you will know it - trust me on this one, I know of which I speak

you should also know that if El decided you needed to be locked in the trunk of a car, there's a fair chance she would give me that wide-eyed look with them beautiful green eyes and ask me, ever so sweetly, to do it for her

now, you know I can't resist them beautiful green eyes

so, if you should happen to wake up in the trunk of my car, don't take it personally

Understood. Just as long as you sneak a coupla' brewskis behind the spare tire.

TCK, your 7:35 post was downright dreamy. That green beer is workin' for ya. ;)

Adonis- Having been in the back of a car. No reason. And then being dumped in some unknown area of Montana once. I would recommend not getting on El's nerves.

Anyway I hope TCK will be awake soon.

Thanks Annie.

simul with KDF!

Adonis, there will be NO brewski's in the trunk - for sure.

Isn't that right, TCK? :)
*wide-eyed look*

pssst to KDF, so was his 9:13 post. :)

*ships crate of green beer to TCK, splits cost with El*

See, TCK? We like you.

Okay El. I guess I'll just have to try reeeeeaaal hard to be nice, and not at all challenging.

you know it darlin'


Yes we do, KDF, at least in this particular moment in time and space.


*snork* @ Adonis for the kitties.

El - 'salute' for something you said way up there, that I forgot and now can't find. Oy!

Thanks daisy o'may - better LTTG than never, I always say! :)

...still sitting, looking disheveled, unshaven, bleary eyes, unwashed...muttering...

still. can't. stop. pressing. the. damned. BUTTOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNN....

He spelled "nickel" wrong.

Daniel --

Not exactly ... the spelling "nickle" is an older, but accepted, way to spell the word referring to various denominations of American specie ... This person simply used an archaic spelling ...

This just goes to show that sometimes when your are a bit rushed, we can't have archaic and edit too ...

I found the white button!

You have to keep pressing Tab- the first time will take you to the url, press it again. I have both a Google and a Yahoo toolbar, so it had to click past both of those. Then it outlined a little white button!

And yes, the homepage no longer exists. Whoever wrote this thing should really update it.

Well, that was useless. Takes me back to when I first started making web pages. Did anyone bother to go all the way and see what kind of ya ya ya it is?

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