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March 17, 2006


But it's really azred's fault.


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** ducking AND hiding now **

First, again?

A truly sick, sick mind developed this...I LIKE it..

Shit I actually went all the way...

Az - a simulpost for first (but you got on first)! That's my 3rd first today (I know, one is only technically a first, but WHO CARES!...besides a simul anything is more fun!).

(does a Triple First happy dance)

I wasted time laughing my a$$ off on this a while back - one TWISTED mind came up with this!

** joins daisymae in snoopy happy dance **

** goes back to drool some more at the men in skirts site while wondering what green beer tastes like **

Have you seen the Red Easy Button in the Staples commercial. I love it when the woman pushes it and the office is instantly clean and organized, and the guy is in the cupboard.

(wishing I had an Easy button here)

do I get any points back for NOT sending in the virtual bubblewrap URL instead????

judi...we need an Easy button on the blog. Then any time anybody (I'm thinking TCK, here) misbehaves, we could *boom* press the Easy button and put them in the cupboard.

That was great!

Anyone else remember the original? The Big Green Button?

I miss it. *sniffle*

If you do this long enough, it says, "What would you're mother say?"

Which makes me snork, considering where I picked up the link.

Now I'm having red button withdrawal.... Come back, little button. Come back....


Oh no, I'm seeing spots! ***:-p***

There actually is a secret white button, in case anyone is wondering. You can click on it at the point where there is no text, just the button. To find it, just press the TAB key and a yellow box will highlight where the white button is. When you click it, it'll open a link to an AOL Homepage that isn't there anymore, but there's still that sense of accomplishment when you find it.

OK, I've moved to the laptop so I can keep clicking on the desktop computer with one hand, type here with the other hand and eat lunch with the other hand. I'm really counting on that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


Great........all I need. Another big red period.........

No I didnt really, I just wanted to see your reaction.

Nobody remembers The Big Green Button??

Sorry, TRWC, but on St. Pat's, it should be green.

Tamara - I think you're obsessed with your button.

Aren't we all obsessed with my button? I mean, isn't that the reason we all gather here?

What's the point of that? It says not to press the button, and, conformists that we all are, we come directly back here, right?

By the way, if someone wants to reprogram that with boobies, I promise to find the multiples more interesting, and maybe play it all the way thru.

I got as far as the "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" page, and then got bored (read: couldn't find the damn correct button).

really funny, unless you're color blind, like me,
then it is just mocking me, mocking me, the pain....

productivity killer?
that's the fastest i've moved all week...

*snork*@ bahoola

They ought to fix the white button link. And maybe put a link to the bubblewrap thingie there.

Oh, GAWD, there goes Mr. C. again with all the "nice s, Tamara; you're obsessed with your button; I need a cold shower; I can't stop thinking about you tied to your desk with your phone cord, Tamara" disrespectful, obscene, undignified CRAP!

*feigns feminist disgust, raises eyebrows, fixes icy, wide-eyed glare*

Mr. C., I simply have to ask, WHAT... ABOUT... ME!?

Well that was a LOOOOONG loop. I am beginnign to understand my problem meeting work deadlines.

Tamara - Good point.

...And for those bloglits who are obsessed with men in kilts, I offer THIS...

KDF - You're next.... Not knowing much about your s, your button, or your preferred method of being tied to your desk, more information is required.

Click on the link I posted in my reply to Tamara - it should distract you.

same test george Jr. took to get into college
("look, this is my son we're talkin-bout here,
i don't care how he scored" George Sr.)
Georgie, never, never push the red button again,
you already got your degree,
signed We's the Peoples

Whoooo! Thanks, Mr. C! Erin Go Bragh!

RE Mr C's link: Seen it before. Ho-hum!

Mr. C, after reviewing your link, all is forgiven. :D

Tamara - No doubt.

Wait a minute... "Mr. C's link"? What exactly are we referring to here?

can't. stop. pressing. the. bloody. BUTTONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

"george, push the red button
only when i tell you to, your daddy
had his chance, those a-holes are gonna
wish they never heard the name haliburt-- i mean cheney" -Dick

No, no--"bloody" is four threads down.

*IRISH SNORK* @ Tamara!

vice president found on pavement,
ten feet from the porch,
"put him on ice, he might recover"
"where's the dick recovery unit?"
where's mrs. cheney,
where's my lunch,
who called for a press conference,
the president doesn't eat meat on fridays..
Don't you threaten me with another penis,
that's not possible...
Oh, you only threw the short half the first time,

...attempts to throw severed body part at TRWC...

"You can't handle the truth!",
but you can handle a severe penis...Huh?

tossing penile projectiles at police,
..how is this related to the war in Iraq?

Bahoola - What the h*ll are you talking about?

it's a long story,
based on one of the classic myths..

i saw a similar story line proposed for an episode of Bones, sorry, wrong blog

i know what you people are up to,
red buttons,
severed penis,
burning police cars,
men cross dressing as animals,
you don't think i see the link between all these seemingly random events?
do i look that stupid!

that was great, except mr button can't spell....

ah Hello,
Mr Bahoola's free time is over for today,
but he asked that we send a happy st. Patrick's
day to all of you,
his family he calls you,
Well anyway, all of this is on his files,
and he's up for parole soon,
so wish him good luck,
The staff at Happy Minds Home for Armless Artisits

tell-em i type with my feet,
tell-em sorry for all the typos,
but that damned ingrown nail is killing me,
and where the hell are my meds,
and the green beer you promised me,
you people are gonna hear from my lawyers...!/%

Bahoola, you are inflicting physical pain here, due to *snorkage* :)


Most people on the net, are not trying to, get a graded reply from their teach. So spelling only matters, if it matters. That said English from a hundred yearsago, demanded, that a comma, be placed just about every where. Next to impossible, to read, really.

Anyone else notice that AzRed posted it. And the button is Red. hmmm... conspiricies.

I prefer Erin Go Bragh-less

I think bahoola plugged himself into a 240 volt outlet... NTTAWWT

the staff wishes to inform you that bahoola
has escaped from happy minds,
and he took the community laptop with him,
I hope you people are happy with yourselves,
he was always so quiet before,
never any trouble,
used to just be content to watch the NASA channel,
poor kid, i hope he makes it,
was screamin something about "Dave",
"Dave will take me in,
Dave takes care of his bloggers,
he cares, he does, he has too,
it's my only shot..."

CR - Ditto.

Alfred - That was a hundred years ago. English has improved somewhat (for most people, anyway) since then. And of COURSE it's a conspiracy! EVERYTHING'S a conspiracy!

*looks around furtively... "sh!t! They're probably listening..."*

I know it's St Patty's Day and all, but couldn't you guys've at least waited till after breakfast...?

..Erin Go Bragh-less..

wasn't that a julia roberts movie?

people who spell everything correctly
are anal, and probably have hands,
try typing with you feet,
i'm at one of those wirelss Duncan Donuts
the manager is staring at me,
they won't serve me coffeee anymore...
it's not easy...

Tamara - You haven't had breakfast yet? What's up with that? Can't you get one of those guys out from under your bed to cook something up for you?


daisymae - I'm already easy - what do ya need a button for?

Something FINALLY happened the third or fourth time through the whole cycle, I forget which one it was. Cute...NOT.

Third or fourth time through?? JT! No more coffee for you!

Forgive me, Tamara, I've always wanted to say this to you...


*presses TCK's button, just to see what happens*

*presses Tiny's button, just to see what happens to Tamara*

OUCH! Careful where yer whippin' stuff, eh?!

Do not be afraid, senorita, ees only my peestol...

thanks mr c for the link. going to store now to get eyeball bleach.

snorks @ bahoola, et al

tamara - can I borrow one of those guys under your bed? ** forgot what to do with 'em.... oh yeah, I have some logs that need splitting. yeah, that's it. **

"mi peestol"

Oh, heck. I think you wanted me to say that.

You got a peestol too? CARAMBA!

OK, pressin' my button will almost certainly do somethin' for me...

but I'm thinkin' that the affect on Tamara will be pretty much nonexistent


whoops, make that southerngirl...too much happy in my st. pat!

I's gun' sa-ay!

See? Talkin' 'bout Tamara's button again, and nobody's payin' any attention to KDF's.

Actually, i think we were talkin' about my button...

but I'd be more than happy to change the subject to KDF's button (especially if she does that hair-flip thingy)

What does it do? It says don't push, so I didn't.

Mr. C., you best be careful or nobody's gonna be pushing or pulling your button, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

pssst - Mr. C - better be careful - looks like she's in a mood - no smiley face or nuthin' with that threat

pssst, TCK, ya gotta earn those hairflips, you know

...and the comma after "hairflips" was merely an offering for Alfred, who is collecting extras today

...or maybe not, I can't decide

OK, if I always behaved myself, I'd never "earn a hairflip" cuz you would have no reason to reward my good behavior - that and I'd never have any fun

and what was that other thing....?

oh yeah


I didn't say you had to behave yourself, I said you have to earn it. You ponder that for a while there, Topher.

Oh, and, ;)

Women. We're so confusing, aren't we?

sorry darlin' - ponderin' hurts my head - I'll just do what I always do in situations such as this one, and go ask another chick for an explanation - I keep one in the trunk of my car just for that very purpose

Wow a genuine KDF comma. Thank you.

And a Genuine TCK um uh. Nevermind I don't want it. No really you can keep it in your nose.

Wow a genuine KDF comma. Thank you.

And a Genuine TCK um uh. Nevermind I don't want it. No really, you can keep it in your nose.



KDF - Tyrone (like the County in Erin) probably doesn't even know he's doing it, but in order for him to earn a hairflip, he figures he has to be bad first, then be good.

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