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March 29, 2006


...somebody actually wants credit for those songs?


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which is werse?

tht someone wants credit for them, or that someone is upset because they were "stolen"?

Seeking damages, huh? I'll tell you what's damaged.

Question: what is the most embarassing thing a song writer can say?

Answer, and I quote: "Kim has acknowledged in interviews with local media that he was influenced by the Spears' song"

Kim didn't go so far as to hire short people, did she?

Well, then it isn't plagiarism as I'd define it!

kibby - The lyrics were just "partially plagiarized," in the same sense as analyzing partially digested material during an autopsy.

Have you noticed how she creates more coverage of her questionable taste in life than she does of her questionable work in her work? I think the key here is linkage. There's definitely linkage involved.

and Kim Do-hyun is really K-Fed as he anagrams to "Yo!, dim hunk!"...

once again I'm caught in a web of italics. Does anybody know how that happens?

I meant "questionable taste in her work not questionable work in her work...although...come to think of it, the work in her work (tempting the fates, here) is is questionable and tasteless.

The article said singer Lee Hyo-lee was "sexy." Inquiring minds should visit the fan site: http://leehyori.blogspot.com/


They do not want credit. They want cash.

Hyo-lee plagiarism, Batman!

... in the same sense as analyzing partially digested material during an autopsy.

Posted by: MOTW | 09:38 AM on March 29, 2006

... probably with the same results.

I wonder if she is going to sue the parody artists that have parodied her Oops song.


Is it even possible that 4,000,000 people haven't sent you this yet?

I sent that link to the blog yesterday. I am surprised that his daveness has not used it yet Christobol. My link actually had the pic of the statue

C'bol, please...I just ate.

OK S_P_J_G, now I'm going back to bed.

I didnt know Twitney's ramparts were that big, Do ya think it was a body double.

Anyone think Britney's example has influenced Jessica?

... partially plagiarized ... ???

You mean, like, they used musical notes ... and words ... and all that?

I sent in the birthing statue picks a few days ago too. When they didn't show up I figured it was too gross even for Dave. The irony of course, is that Twitney was scarded of childbirth and had an elective c-section.

Scarded? I mean "scared". Sheesh, even writing about Britney kills your brain cells.

"Dave...They do not want credit. They want cash."

Dang straight they do! That K-Fed dude is costing Britty all KINDS o'bling...


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