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March 09, 2006


We lost to Canada? CANADA??

We need to go back to the old traditional style of World Series, wherein only teams from the United States are permitted to play.


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What's worse, the Canadians almost lost to South Africa the other day. South Freaking Africa? It's clear we need to invade Canada and take care of this situation.

Yeah, them guys are serious about their hardball up there ... eh?

The only plus side of it is that the starting pitcher for Canadia (Yes Canadia... If they are called Canadians they MUST be from Canadia right - Californians are from California aren't they? And NO Florida doesn’t count in this argument) is a prospect for the perennially horrible Bawlmer Orioles Hon!

We got hosered!

It's a sign of the apocolypse.

Crap. El's gonna pin this on the Red Sox.

KDF - At least they can't blame Manny - for THIS.

We Canadians won? In baseball? We don't even watch baseball. I didn't even know Canada had a baseball team. We don't even have enough summer to have a decent season.

Man, what makes the insult even worse is that nobody up here noticed.

SEE what happens when we give our ports to foreign control???

As a Canuck, I second everything that Somewhere North just said. I was completely oblivious.

We have your ports too? I know your beer is terrible, what is your port like?

Our port is delicate, light and playful. It's sweet and doesn't hit very hard.


*snork* Good one JD

What do you expect - he "saved" Roger Clemens for the South Africans (much like the "Shaq Attack" on Uganda at the Olympics that year) and used ... AL LEITER?!?!?! WTF? Al Leiter is 106 years old.

This just goes to show that we do more than drink beer and play hockey. Go Canada. :)

Wait, I have to disagree with the idea that no Canadians noticed this. It was the front page story (with a huge photograph) in today's Globe and Mail, which I believe is the national newspaper of the True North Strong and Free, isn't it? They called it "The Miracle on Grass."

Man, the Canadians beat us in baseball AND they have the best national anthem in the world. It's a good time to be a Canuck.

Ummmmmm.... WTF?! Somethin' jes' ain't right here and it's makin' me MAD! How is it that a BOSTON guy and a BAWLMER guy lead (not lead) the CANADA team to *&$%$@#% "victory"? Did someone move Boston and Bawlmer north of the border while no one was looking? Has no one NOTICED? Did the tournament organizers fail geography in school?

Notable quote: As Holliday pulled up lame, Stern raced around the bases for an inside-the-park homer. After being examined by the trainers, Holliday stayed in the game. " More poor journalism. Everyone knows the lame get shot. So they had to shoot Holliday, of course, but then an imposter took over his position and the reporter didn't even notice? Sheeeee.... Incompetence is everywhere.

I demand an investigation! Or a cheese danish... Slimfast for breakfast just isn't gonna work.

wow, the Canucks are comin' out of the woodwork

*breaks out the moosehead and that stash of Manitoba ditch weed that was bein' saved for a special ocassion*

I don't watch baseball myself, but what the hell, any excuse for a celebration is a good one, I always say

Scott, Canadians use newspapers to get the fires started in their igloos. And "Miracle on Grass" has many meanings in Canada.

And of course, it is only fair that our baseball team has American players, we supply your hockey teams with Canadians.


Should we immediately deport all Canadians, except of course these folk, or should we all go to Canada?? :)

*goes to learn the words to O Canada*

Don't worry Eleanor. Most of us got the h*ll out of the States after 9/11, Bush and the hurricanes. You guys really ticked God off somehow.

However, I am totally in favour of America taking over Canada so that I will become American and then I can go live in Hawaii. This is secretly our plan up here. There will be a mass exodus shortly after the annexation.

...and CLEARLY the Department of Homeland Security does nothing!

Count me in the "didn't even notice" crowd. Of course being Canada, there's 90 feet of snow on the ground and my sled dog couldn't make it across the frozen, barren landscape to get to the front door of my igloo. So I didn't make it to the front page of the Sun.

It's NHL Draft Deadline Day though.

Mad - I agree wholeheartedly!! Abner Doubleday is rolling over in his grave!

Coast sed "...rolling over in his grave!" which reminds me, I heard (not herd) Larry The Cable Guy on the radio the other day commenting on "Brokeback Mounting, er, Mountain": he said (not an exact quote, but you'll get the drift) "John Wayne is probably rolling over in his grave, but he BETTER stay face up!" "If he were alive today he'd be wearing a patch over BOTH eyes."

Lord, I apologize.....

SN - Understood. I'm a PR guy, so I made the mistaken assumption that Canadians actually read newspapers (Americans don't, so I'm not sure why I would have thought that.)

WheatieBoy -- Yes, NHL trade deadline day! Will my Ottawa Senators find themselves a goalie??

Hey, and what's wrong with Canada, eh?

John Wayne is lying steadfastly on his (not broke) back in his grave... there will be no spinning bending or folding. Now Rock Hudson - he's doin the Liberace dance in his grave.


Dammit, we need Steinbrenner running things! He wouldn't put up with this kind of--Oh, wait, all he got for a billion-dollars worth of baseball players in the last five years is an all-time record collapse. Tee hee.

El: Do what you want with the rest of 'em, but BNL is more than welcome here in FL.

Just Happy - newsflash - Steinbrenner IS running things. He wants his Yankees home asap. Obviously he wants to win more than Team USA.

But in Canada, all the conservatives and Conservatives are in the Blue Provinces, while all the Liberals are in the Red Provinces and Territories. And then there are the Bloquistes, many of whom are liberal, in the Light Blue Province. At least Sir Sidney doesn't have to pass Canadian customs this season in the National League.

O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux,
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux
Car ton bras sait porter l'épé-é-e
Il sait porter la croix
Ton histoire est une épopé-é-e
De plus brillants exploits
Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits (bis)

RE: Sir Sydney... He can't pass through customs because it's his custom not to pass a bar. Thank God the tub o'lard is gone. Although now that he is a former "O" he will have Hall of Fame stats - they always do (Except Mussina *SNORK*)!

Well, as a proud Canadian, and Canadien/Senator's fan... and ex-Expos fan (Down with the Leafs! Down with the Jays!), I am quite gratified that the Canadians beat the USA in baseball. I heard it on the radio over the dogs barking on my 40km sled ride this morning from my log cabin in the woods through the drifts of snow to the igloo where I process clubbed seals. Of course, my reaction was quiet pride and joy for my fellow Canadians. My touque's off to such a great bunch of hosers.

The sting of our terrible loss at the Olympics in Hockey (yes, it is capitalised) doesn't hurt so much anymore. May we speak of it no more.

Yo, ShoreCrow, leave Moose alone. He's lookin' great this year. I'd take him over Pontoon any day.

I'd take anyone over Ponson Annie - and I always liked Mussina, I just *snork* @ the fact that when he left Bawlmer he sed he wanted to be able to be a 20 game winner - turns out it doesnt matter how much money is in his pocket, he still can't cross that plateau.

Maybe he meant he wanted his TEAM to win 20 games....nyuk, nyuk.

Hey, take off, you hosers.

And Mexico takes the Canucks down 9-1, so we can stay alive if we take South Africa..who's next, the powerhouse also known as South Timor?

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