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March 24, 2006


Dublin, Ohio, home of hybrid corn inventor Sam Frantz.

(Thanks to Becky Kjorvestad, who sent this via snailmail, and said, "When I die, this is NOT how I want to be remembered." We are not 100% sure Sam would agree with her.)

UPDATE: Yegods! The fun never ends!


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Something to do with Easter Island. Other than that I got nuttin.

Wow. That's corny.

Been there, done that ~ last December, in fact. It's at a fairly busy intersection but incredibly, there was NOBODY else there visiting the giant corns. In fact, I bet nobody is there right now...

Kinda Phallic, no??

Dublin yer pleasure - Dublin yer fun

Has judi seen these?

Hey, don't forget the Corn Palace in South Dakota! We were there some years ago. There's a lot of corn, there.

I'm guessing the corn lobbyists are grinning from ear to ear.


I'm gonna need a bigger popcorn popper.

Has anyone ever heard the tender Indian love story about Chief Leatherlips and Princess Chapstick?

Wait: Chief Leatherlips' name meant "same size as blue"? How big would that be exactly?

"you are the scalp of chief leatherlips"
nothing to add. . .

The cement corn is old news. Those of us in central Ohio have been wondering WHY? for years now. I mean one is a statement, over a hundred is just tacky. Like those companies that put hundred pink plastic flamingos in your yard. Tax money at work!

almne...yeah, I see your point. Like the Washington Monument: One is majestic; 100 would, I dunno, look like some kind of windfarm.

Kinda makes me wish Squanto had minded his own business.

one is majestic, a hundred is just bragging...

one hundred and NINE, people, c'mon, get it right. It figures that you would go riffin' on my homeys when I'm incommunicado - and yet, and yet... I got nothing.

The corn is a huge embarassment and a complete pisser of wasted tax dolllars.

that atrocity is only a coupla miles from my house i specifically don't go that way as often as i can just to avoid it.

i'm originally from Iowa and even "The Tall Corn State" doesn't have anything that ridiculous. well, nothing "that ridiculous" corn related.

other than corn, obviously, i'd like to know what the people in dublin ohio have been smoking...

rick: what about the corncam? ok that's not 'ridiculous' per se. but still.

I keep waiting for the Gigantic Tub of Butter and Salt to be built next to it. Now THAT would be something...


Next to the "Caravan Parks" of Maroochydore,
Ohio seems to be the place to go.

George: Same size as blue is a lot bigger than battleship gray, about half the size of Pantone #C84E00, but is dwarfed by Flamin' Hot Cheetos red.

Glad to be of assistance.

SHA-TE-YAH-RON-YA, which means 'same size as blue.'

I thought they were talking about our own Blue Meanie.

What song says "...waving fields of corn?"

The scariest part of the Dublin corn is that I think I remeber that the city paid a good bundle of money to the artist to ensure each ear is unique.

I work in a building just across the street from this, um, spectacle, and it creeps me out every time I drive past it. The caretakers must spray plant killer around the base of each ear of corn, because the grass is always dead around them. At least, I *think* there must be caretakers who do this, because the alternative is too scary to ponder.

Look around that site. The Dublin Art Council clearly knows nothing about art, or the value of money.

You could also stumble over this. Now, that is the kind of erection that doesn't get enough attention.

There seems to be a whole lot of people who live nearby--we should all get together. Maybe we can have a picnic in the Field of Corn!


I, too, live around the "Corn Graveyard." When my children were younger, they would hold their breath as we drove by – just as they did when going past a cemetery. Actually, this isn't as creepy as the "Butt-crack Bunnies" at Woerner-Temple and Avery Road! God Bless the Dublin Arts Council for always giving us a reason to scratch our heads and ask, "What were they thinking?!"

I live nearby and I LIKE the corn! I think it is a very interesting artwork.

I'm embarassed to say I live very near this monstrosity. It's like a big crop of man parts attacking!!! Quite scary up close!

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