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March 20, 2006


Do NOT go to the bathroom.


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Anyone have any idea what "high security quarantine facilities" consists of?

What is it about bathrooms that makes these snakes hide in them.

Well, I already do not care for public restrooms...especially in airports...this just proves my point even further...look before you sit....YUCK!

"after a reptile smuggler apparently had a case of cold feet before facing Australian customs."

The hell with the snake. How about that case of feet??? What's up with that???

No, that's OK. I looked it up: As long as the feet are cold you can bring them into Australia legally.

"...the incident shows the effectiveness of tight security measures at the airport."

Or the ineffectiveness of their plumbing...

The snake had just flown in from Malaysia (and boy, were its arms tired!), and was expecting to be kissed many, many times.

The 1m green tree python, a non-venomous snake native to South-East Asia, was found by a cleaner in a female toilet in the arrivals concourse yesterday afternoon.

Though airports are by far the least bad of offenders, considering how often public washrooms are 'cleaned', this snake may have been there a while. Heck, it could have wandered over from the men's room. Or the tarmac.

See, people think I'm crazy but I'm not....see there are toilet snakes. Dave, thanks for the validation. I always look in the bowl to make sure there are no snakes or rats or kittens or ovenmitts or....

*shuffling off to find a therapist*

I have the feeling this guy is a disgruntled husband who snapped after yet another fight over putting the toilet seat down.
"This will teach her to look before she sits!"

Kat, you found my ovenmitts?!

"was found by a cleaner in a female toilet"

I'm as concerned about a cleaner being in the toilet as I am about the snake. And how did they determine the toilet was female? Just curious.

At the corner of south 18th st and E. Carson st Pittsburgh, Pa. ( operated and maintained by clear channel ) stands a high tech, high security, self sanitizing toilet facility that cost us $250,000 to erect . You'll never feel safer and for now , it only costs a Quarter. Not to mention it's a tourist attraction.

KDF - so they are yours, um, er, I don't think you want them back now. I poked them with the toilet brush they didn't fight back so I, um, well, um, went about business as usual.

Oh! Well, then. Keep 'em.

i like the article much better when substituting the word snuggler for smuggler. but then, that's just me.

Francis - Two things:

(1) Being from Cleveland, I am tempted to make some sort of joke about a toilet being a tourist attraction in Pittsburgh. But I will politely decline.

(2) You said "erect." Haha!

Cold feet?


(and ... )

... flown in from Malaysia (and boy, were its arms tired!) ...


cross- didn't we have reptile snugglers on the blog yesterday?

To women in airports down under
Don't make this one tactical blunder
If you stop at Sydney
To tap a full kidney
Look first, there's no need to wonder.

It could have been worse. In Chaco Canyon, I found a six-foot diamondback rattlesnake in the port-a potty. No door ever closed any faster, and, no, I was not on the same side of it as the snake. It left shortly thereafter. Not even a snake can take a Park Service john for long.

If his feet were cold, why didn't he just make snakeskin slippers? Would have solved the whole gettin' the snake on the plane situation.
*wide-eyed look*

I, too, noticed the snake was found in a "female toilet" and was puzzled by the remark. As all plumbers know, the receiving end of the plumbing connection (or connexion if you're reading this Down Under) is the female end. The end to be received is the male end. This is also true for computer hookups, stereo hookups, etc. So where do Australian men make their, er, "deposits"?

This is just publicity for the upcoming film "Snakes In a Toilet", starring Samuel Jackson.

ah you guys are just a bunch of big girly blouses. with matching handbags.

when i was a kid, i used to go into the woods actually LOOKING for snakes. one of my greatest finds was when i lifted up a piece of wood and, lo, there were about 50 little hatchlings. most were black and yellow garter snakes, but a few were the bright green grass snakes. those were the ones i went for.

my mom was so proud.

p.s. chuck norris uses snakes to floss his teeth.

how many feet to a case? curious but not to bright minds.....

You know, ever since I saw that movie (what the heck was the name of that movie?!) where those teenage boys put a snake in the school's plumbing and it emerged JUST AS the big manly female PE teacher SAT DOWN......uh, I've been prechecking toilets ever since. This just confirms my fears. Thanks. **legs will now remain crossed for hours**

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