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March 13, 2006


Here we are at are at the Peter Pan statue. Moments after this picture was taken, we froze to death and were eaten by a pack of the tiny dogs that roam Kensington Gardens.



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Frozen to death and eaten by dogs? Oh dear! Dave is posting from the Great Book Tour in the Sky!

I'll miss you both. :(

Dave, are you wearing lipstick? Whose?

Also: as a serial blurker, it is with extreme humility that I say: FITDY!

Dave's lipstick does look awfully nice.

Dave, in my experience you Miami types can "freeze to death" in front of the ice cream case at the Publix, so my guess is it's probably just considered "brisk" there to everyone else. Now excuse me while I go out and work on my tan here in the Houston area (80's today predicted).

Oh, and when you get to dinner, wouold you mind having some bangers and mash for me? I'm hungry!

Dave looks to have gained weight. Dave, you need that regular newspaper column man to keep you, if not skinny, at least...more slender!

Gained weight? Nonsense. It's just an optical illusion caused by the absence of Dave's usual blue shirt.

The color must be off on that picture. Dave's shirt doesn't appear to be any shade of blue. That can't be right.

*snork* at SoapBoxer!

(80s here, too)

*Passes Dave a napkin to wipe the blood pudding from his mouth*

Dave and Ridley are wearing sport coats. They must really be intimidated by the veddy, veddy proper Brits. :)

I think they look very handsome.
/end kiss-up

BTW, Dave, napkins are used from right to left in England.

Is it a crap-cam effect or is Peter Pan giving those guys the finger?

I thought Peter Pan was just blowing the ravenous-tiny-dog-whistle...

Hey, speaking of food, don't forget to try the Spotted Dick...

And remember to clap your hands if you believe in fairies!

Have you two got an official crap cam photographer, or do you grab some unsuspecting Brit and get him or her to snap the shot?

Don't hurt the tiny dogs Dave. They belong to the Queen. (Just move slowly and think happy thoughts.)

Hi Ridley!


Do you recognize any of these?


Bad timing on the pic, I hope you didn't tip the guy. It's clear that only one second later you managed to give Ridley an uber wedgy with your right hand...

Or maybe the pic was timed right, and Ridley had the last laugh by not wearing underwear today?

"I say old chap, look at those two yanks bum-grabbing around in front of the Peter Pan statue."

"Thruppence my scones and smack me a weckersham. Blimeyed yanks, prolly t'ink it's an antique from the druids or somef'ink ig'nrn't like that."

"That one has quite the coy smile, dunn'ee? And to think...wait. The one with the green jacket. Where's his right hand, I wonder."

"Scandalous, in'it?"

*has difficulty visualizing Dave being eatin by packs of Devilish Corgies!*

... suppose it could happen though.

I just want to know why they put cosmetics on him if it was a radio program.

Dave - If you're both that cold, you wanna get naked & cuddle. (If you do, remember to take lots of pictures.)

Doheth! Remind me to F5 before I rip off C-bol without knowing it.

p.s. Tamara rules the universe. More on this later; big hurry today.

*just before the pic*

"Ridley, I'm sure we agreed we'd wear the long coats and go Matrix tomorrow!"

"Dave, I told you, I spilled beer on my blazer at the pub. I'm not trying to get an extra day of Matrix in on you."

"Well at least take off the glasses."

"But it's sunny!"


"Okay guys, we need a publicity shot in front of the statue. That's nice. Ridley, lose the shades. Great."

*Dave goes for the wedgy.*

"Ewwwwwww! You're commando!"

"Tamara rules the universe"

Damn straight.

Fed: What's your version of your date with Tamara? Inquiring minds want to know!

"Tamara rules the universe"

Damn straight.

Posted by: Tamara Rhymes With Camera | 12:00 PM on March 13, 2006

CRAP! There's no living with her now!

"Tamara rules the universe"

Damn straight.

Posted by: Tamara Rhymes With Camera | 12:00 PM on March 13, 2006

CRAP! There's no living with her now!

Tamara and Fed - Pictures! Where are the pictures?!

*Dave, in my experience you Miami types can "freeze to death" in front of the ice cream case at the Publix*

Very funny, Soap! You can always tell who's from So. Fla. at Disneyworld. We're the ones in long pants and sweaters when the temp drops below 80 degrees.

There's one pic; he won't let me post it!

We understand TRWC - being a Federal Duck he has to keep his duckin cover. (duck and cover!! HA I slay myself sometimes)

"Tamara rules the universe"

Wait a sec... WHICH universe? THIS universe, all of the parallel universes, the Twilight Zone or the weird universe of Southern California? Or the REALLY bizarre universe that insom comes from, wherever the heck THAT is?

Coast - I think MadS has found the explanation we've been looking for.

Yes Meanie - but now I have forgotten the question

Give it a little Deep Thought; it'll come to you.

Daisymae sed "You can always tell who's from So. Fla. at Disneyworld. We're the ones in long pants and sweaters when the temp drops below 80 degrees."

Yup, exactly... I have a sister who lives in Daves' 'hood, said she and her daughter found Dave in the store one time with the freezer case door open, one hand on a pint of Chunky Monkey, and he was frozen solid as a rock. They had to drag him outside and stand him up against a palm tree in the sun to thaw out. I won't go so far as to draw any parallels between that incident and the one there in London........... but I'm sure SOMEONE will.

*snork* @ Blue

I know the question. Hee hee hee...

oh THAT question!!

Wait....what was it again?

I don't remember the question, but I'm pretty sure the answer was 42

42? Man. I got Yellow. Stupid decimals.

If you don't know the question, then by all means, enjoy your sanity.

You're not fooling me, Blue, with that 12:59 post.

psssst - Blue - it ain't workin' - try distractin' her with somethin' shiny

pssst, TCK, that's how we distract you!

*following TCK's advice, removes hat*

*just realizes that Meanie is too tall for his hair*

*mesmerized, yet still knows the question*

Er,.......some of this?

Silly bloglits, everyone knows the answer is 42.

The answer is always 42 and you don't have to go to Milliways to know that!

*winks at TCK*

El: I love you, but that is not the answer, nor the question.

Blue: Yes, please.

I thought the answer was "D"

KDF (mistress of the sexy hairflip) - tho it is true that I am easily distracted, shiny objects are not generally the source of said distraction

oh, and like El said, the answer is always 42

(and no I'm not just backin' her up cuz she winked at me - well, not JUST cuz she winked at me anyway - them green eyes...)

*lustrous, shiny hair flip*

pssst, s-girl, the answer is more along the lines of: ☆ ∂ ¿ §

Thanx, KDF, that was my second choice. :)

Wow. you look like...adults. That's not even business casual. That's formal, and you look *comfortable* in it.

I'm frightened.

I love Ridley's coat though. Very Angel's black duster-ish.

I think if you put Dave is that coat, he would be David Bowie. Instant style.

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