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March 09, 2006


Could someone please get directions?

(Thanks to fivver)


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AH! Yes!

OMG! I have a friend in Clermont, FL! I bet she's going to church again SOON!

>> 13322 Excalibur Road, Clermont

"Whoever removes the sword from the stone shall get royally liad."

>> • Women, far more than men, are likely to act out their behaviors in real life, such as having multiple partners, casual sex, or affairs.

Why? Because they can.

Seems about right - we are always calling him during the better moments of sex anyway, why not put the two together?

Dave - directions on how to do what? Whatever it is, I'm sure they have a 'how-to' video.

Gross and Lubben will tackle... each other?

"Lawdy, Lawdy - come through the roof and I'll pay for the shingles!!!"

Free church porn, enacted by the team of Gross/Lubben(rhymes with luvin')? Hmmm.

Special guest speakers, Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert.


*puts out sign-up sheet*

pssst Annie, judi posted this.

Sorry - I should have directed my 'directions' comment to judi. My apologies. I just assumed judi would be above this sort of post...*snicker, snork*

>> former porn star Shelly Lubben relating her mission to "...break the chains of sexual addiction."

Pretty sure I saw her do this in the film "B&D Hardcore Volume 11."

>>• People who regularly visit Internet porn web sites daily: 40 million

Not a surprise. Who would visit porn sites while constipated?

ew, Gross. I think porn addictions are Gross-ly underrated, but the idea of a church sponsoring porn has me enGrossed.

Ought to be wtfv instead of wftv.

Directions? Go to the seventh circle of hell then hang a left.

Sorry, KOW, that's directions to my office.

"It's time the church addresses the issue of porn", instead of Priests simply PARTICIPATING in it.

(Don't get me started)

I'm up for it. [ahem...]

Wonder if they're preachin' to the choir.

ROFL, sly - good one! :)

Okay, Judi, to get there you take US Highway 27 North from Miami 'til you come to the Slawson Cutoff. Get out of your car. Cut off your slawson (oops, maybe you don't have one!). Then take a left.

(Unashamedly stolen from Loveable Art Fern, the TeaTime Movie guy...Johnny Carson, may he rest in peace)

psst... Stupendous... I think what you meant to say was disashamedly. DUH!!!

Well, well, well...right in my backyard (so to speak) sort of...Claremont is northish of Orlando, the land of Mickey Mouse and all things Disney. Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?


Number of porn sites: 280 million and number of people who visit daily: 40 million. Let's see... carry the 6, convert to polar coordinates and integrate... that's 7 porn sites per person!

Oh, and YESSSSSSS on being posted!

Punkin' Poo -- I am NOT trineta pick on you, or NEbuddy, but I've gotta say this ...

I have grown a bit tired of general references created or fomented by the media, which create stereotypes which then become entrenched in the collective mindset of the general public.

I know it's a fault of the media, 'cuz I wuz once part of that gang ... it is difficult to not assimilate such ideas, when they are constantly repeated over and over and over and over and over ... well, you get the idea.

The specific example I am irked by at this time is the assumption that anyone who has been molested by a member of the clergy was molested by a Roman Catholic Priest.

We never hear or read stories of the Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist or many other denominations, whose clergy have molested children. I know for a FACT that it has happened, and it is not a small problem among the "non-Catholics".

Why is it that we only hear "news reports" of one religious sect, and its clerical misdeeds? (I am not for even a millisecond saying that any part of that molestation/behavior is in any way acceptable. What I question is why only one group is singled out for the lynch mob or tar/feathers event.)

Yes, I know that the "humor" of the jokes is easier to create or repeat, if it is identified with a familiar emblem or symbol -- in this example, the Roman Catholic Priesthood.

Sorry for the rant. Please resume regular -- and more fun -- blogging.

*syruptitiously passes a rock glass with 3 fingers of Famous Grouse to O. the U who obviously needs it:) then replies to KDF, The:*

You're (not [not knot, naught, gnawed or gnaw it] your, yewer, hewer or yewer¹) probubblebubbly right.

¹yewer, n, singular One who hews yews.

S-Man ...

tnx muchly -- Famous Grouse! That ranks up there with Laphroaig and Lagavulin ... I'm not worthy ... but I'll take it!

Jessica Hahn Nostalgia Tour?

Praise the Lord and pass the fornication!

psssst - O the U - you keep forgettin' to conclude your rants with "BOOGER!"

it's a rule, ya know


Sorry "T" ... My bad ...

that's better

of course, it goes without saying that shelly lubben anagrams to ... Belly Ben Lush ...teehee!
**retreats into hidey-hole apologetically**

ooooh - color - doesn't that make the world explode or somethin'?

You FOOL!!!

Guess I didn't find much to laugh about on this one. Seems like a worthy cause to me, and those stats are pretty eye-opening and sad. It certainly is an epidemic.

O. Molesting children is a non-denominational crime. Although, for us mental health professionals who work with these kids, some kind of affiliation with "church" is more often than not part of the profile of a perp.

You are absolutely right, priests are targeted a lot because they are public "servants," or are supposed to be. I was in a class with three Catholic women who were aware of a priest who was molesting kids in their parish, and they had to threaten with calling the evening news before the church "transferred" him. That was in the 90's, that same branch who tried to sweep it under the rug is now bankrupt from paying the lawsuits off. But I also had a friend who was raped as a youngster on the alter of a protestant church by her "pastor."

Now I am going to go light some candles and pray to the cow gods in penance for being too da** serious.

tnx Hanna ...

I personally know more than one family that has been ripped apart because of the presence and influence of pornography in the home.

As a recovering Catholic myself (thank you, Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt), I think that the media's focus on Catholic priests is because they (the priests, not the media) take a vow of chastity and are not allowed to marry, thus virtually inviting themselves to be held up to a spotlight - and when they fall, the cameras are there.

Excellent point, Mr. C ... and a valid facet of the entire equation, I'm sure ... but only one facet, I would suggest ... merely sayin' ...

thank you O-U. i too feel that catholics [as usual] have been unfairly treated.... and it seems to me that these so called christians are unnaturally obsessed with s-e-x.... um, what is wrong here?? what, they're just checking to make sure that all this stuff is really 'dirty'?? what would jesus watch? right. not this stuff. sorry - i dont think these people are funny, but very sad.

the whole deal/concept is sad ... merely sayin' ...

Folks.....while all the banter is great. It IS about time the church started talking about porn. The church needs to quit talking about STOPPING porn (which will not be done as long as evil exists) but dealing with the familial and socially destructive results of it. These crazy guys are trying to do that. Ck out some of the GROSS info at www.xxxchurch.com . Real guys fighting for the hearts of real people, dealing with REAL issues. JMHO

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