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March 24, 2006


You hear about this sort of thing happening, but it never happens to us.

(Thanks to Chris Quinn)

UPDATE: Is this the "Illinois Department of Transportation"? London calling...

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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"alternate routes" *snork*

An IDOT worker recognized the incorrect number...


Gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase "Great - more f&@king construction"

'Dan Ryan expressway'= 'WASP yearn randy s*x'

"Sir, we're going to have to give you a ticket. You can't drive here."

"But the recording told me to take the dirt road..."

ASK - 'IDOT' are you missing another I?

The London article raises the question: What do we wear when we blog/comment?

(For the record, I've got my casual Friday clothes on...a little more casual than suggested.)

Reminds me of when I went to visit the College Foundation of North Carolina, (www.cfnc.org) and typed www.cfnm.com instead.

What the heck was the point of the survey?

"Ma'am, on a scale of one to ten, with one representing 'aluminum sphincter' and ten representing 'yellow onomatopoeia', how would you rate the following statement: 'I often talk on the phone naked.'"


"Great. Now, using the same scale, only inverted, how would you rate this statement: 'Sometimes I have such bad gas that I fantasize about the gardener while braiding my armpit hair.'"

"What does this have to do with my overall satisfaction with public television?"

"It's just a survey, ma'am."

"Okay, uh...seven."

i'm always fully dressed in chain mail.

re: London: Who thinks up these studies? why?

I'm not sure I understand what the confusion is. This type of thing always happens to me whenever I call the DOT.

Snork @ Judi.

Also, why is the Post Office starting a telephone business. Don't they have enough work to do? If they don't I can certainly send them some of mine. The mail here is always going to the wrong place, can you image the havoc they could cause with a phone system. Also gives going Postal a whole new outlet.

That's good - you'll be safe from lightning strikes.

That was my first Snork - I'm no longer a snork virgin, I feel funny inside now.
*going to my happy place to process this event*

THat was for Judi's chain mail.

chain mail. Sorta defeats the purpose.

And, judi, I don't think that's the kind of protection you need around here.

I think Judi meant male chains.

ID(I)OT Spokesperson: "Apologies to anyone who may have called that number and did not get the information they were looking for; however, 'wink-wink-snork-snork' to all who brazenly enjoyed the number originally provided."


I'm not sure putting a letter that says you'll get a big zit on your knee if you don't forward it to ten friends within two days over your left nipple qualifies as 'fully dressed'.

But it works for me.

*enthusiastically volunteers to be part of judi's male chain!*

So I got naked to call the DOT and I was put through to a phone sex line -- imagine the convenience!

What does the oosic(sp) wear on the phone?
Enquiring minds want to know.

Not SO surprising . . .

on the other hand...

Caller: I want to find out about road conditions near Joliet?

Operator: I'm Renee, and School-Girl Just Got Out Of Prison ch*tline, and I'm here to make your dreams come alive!

Caller: Can I make it today, or should I just pull over?

Operator: Just watch out for black ice, baby...

Caller: Really ? Thanks!

Operator: Black Ice is a she-male who works here sometimes, but she's not for you, honey-bear...



Hi! Its me!

Hang on a minute, will ya? I halfta get nekkid...

*Puts phone down*

*drops trow*

*scratches a dangly bit while reaching for the phone*

Hello? Hello?

My admin once printed medical ID cards for an insured that had a sex line number instead of the carrier on it. I laughed - the insured did not.

The first clue that the number was wrong came when the phone was answered by a real person. In Illinois, it isn't that unusual to have state workers with a sideline job.

Hopefully, the folks at IDOT are dressed for work while working their second jobs while being paid to work for the State of Illinois.

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Mark Twain

"...unless its over the phone" orcel, who recomends everyone ought spend more time naked at home, on the phone, whatever. Perhaps then my daily commute won't take as long.

thanks. now i have an eye-worm with all these old brits making phone calls in the nude. ugh.

SWMBO and I got pulled for speeding in southern Illinois about four years ago by the IL State Patrol. Now the stop was righteous - we were flying. It was Thanksgiving weekend and the officer said that they were running a special for their out of state vistors that weekend. For $50 cash then and there, we got both copies of the ticket, she kept her license and nothing was reported to our insurance company.

Wait a minute! These people are talking on the phone nekkid at HOME?! Ruh roh.

The first clue should have been that they picked up in less than seventeen rings.

The ballpark right next to the Ryan is the home of the S-O-X, did you spell that right?

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