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March 21, 2006


This can't be good.


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*deep breath*first

*squeaky voice*I'm not exhaling!

Just be sure to wear a condom while eating any infected birds, martens, or cats, Dave.

You can tell they were infected by the fact that you caught them.

Beware, all weasel-like mammals!

(hunkered over meal)

You people and your chicken, you are gonna catch the something horrible one day.

(gets told about news story and looks up from his plate of honey mustard weasle tenders)

What? WHAT?!!?

would "prey spectrum" BAGNFARB?

At least they aren't crapweasels or we'd really be in trouble.

... um ... I saw this somewhere earlier ... on the blog? ... I recognize the pix of the critter ... looks a lot like Frank Byrnes ... merely sayin' ...

Crapweasels. She HAD to mention crapweasels.

Chianca - I hope you mean ALLweasel-like mammals.

My humble apologies to Major Frank Byrnes ... his official nom de M.A.S.H. was "Ferret Face" ... a mere cousin of the aforementioned "Weasel" ... sorrysorrysorrysoverysorry Frank ...

I think I'll just echo the "uh-oh" sentiment on this one. Bird flu has me worried.

Martinishark- Honey mustard weasel tenders: Hehe!

if weasels are getting it, look out for an outbreak on capitol hill

Oooh, sj! That was good!

UO, the major I believe you are referring to is Major Frank Burns. I remember this because (among many other reasons) we have a local pharamcist by the same name.

After reading this, I wonder, can this be used against the squirrel menace that plagues our suburban dwelling spaces? I'm normally against biological warfare, but those squirrels have no conscience or mercy.

NW ... yep ... sorry, I misspelt his name, besides callin' him a weasel, instead of a ferret ... my bad ...

As to the problem of squirrels, it's not merely suburban ... I've seen the damage squirrels can wreak upon a roof ... shingles totally gone on one side of the building ...

Aunt Nancy -- I mean all mammals, weasel-like and otherwise.

OK, that was the last time.

Bird flu, West Nile Disease,Mad cow disease,-I just dont care!you can't tell what's gonna get ya, and I say, this is just ANOTHER reason to hunt cats.

I read the title of the linked article, and at first thought it was about Simon Cowell.

To make sure, I just tuned in American Idol, and to my HORROR THIS GUY is featured.

Of course, I'm not quite sure if I'm horrified that HE is on the show, or that I'm watching American Idol.

*snork* @ Martini :)

Weasel - Look Out!

The Vegetarians have got it right. Have you ever heard of "Mad Tofu Disease?"

Okay fine BL, no Mad Tofu Disease, but someday genetic modification will get out of hand and we WILL be attacked by giant mutant soybeans. Then who will have the last laugh?!

Okay, maybe no one, because all the omnivores will already be dead from all the diseases MoFaux listed...

Uh oh.

There are 5 cases here in Guatemala. Doesn't seem to be international news, though. What with all the illegal border crossings, it's only a matter of time...

the last I heard, the government was recommending that we prepare for the pandemic by stashing cans of tuna under our beds.

I'm trying, but it's pretty much packed with leftover duct tape.

I expected to see a picture of Dick Cheney there..

*snork* at Betsy.

So, why isn't it called the Weasel-Like Mammal Flu?

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