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March 14, 2006


The guys are on near the end of this show (which will "migrate to the Monday box after tonight's show has aired," according to the lovely Brett Spencer)

UPDATE: The Simon Mayo show is now available as a podcast, here, according to Brett Spencer, who says he is definitely not single, though flattered by the bloglits' interest, and may or may not be lovely (we have to ask The Blog).


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Where's Ken? Are we gonna get another play by play?

Man - at first glance I thought Dave was gonna be interviewed on Naked News!!

Krap - is that all they have is RealPlayer over there? Is that like Metric Audio or something?

Just how lovely is the lovely Brett Spencer, Judi? And is he single?

"The lovely Brett Spencer"

Do they still get to take titles like that? King Pimpletrousers the Brave; Duke Phlegmlips the Simple; etc?

Is it just a matter of having it printed on your card?

*calls Shirley in HR*

C-bol, I suggest you refrain from calling Shirley in HR.

If you do, she'll pull your file and discover your many "feeble excuse" absences from work and then want to discuss with you why you hate your job and even when you tell her your child has asthma and has to go to the doctor a lot, she won't believe you and will put an asterisk "*" by your name on the personnel roster, which stands for "hates his job".

In summary, not worth it.

Forget about Dave & Ridley: I want to see Gareth Furby.

Odd silence from Blessed St. Judi. Could it be she's keeping the lovely Brett all to herself? Judi, no fair!

Brett could be a female name. Why would judi keep him or her to herself? I know judi's resume says she's interested in men...but...we shouldn't jump to conclusions, should we?

(ready to leap)

*thinks Eleanor is sweet for pretending she isn't sure there's already several *** in Christobol's personnel file*

Click on 'Watch Monday's news' and drag the slider to the 20 minutes 40 seconds point. There's a two-minute segment featuring the lads.


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