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March 18, 2006


We had fish and chips last night, at a place in London where the menu also featured Spotted Dick. We also observed St. Patrick's Day in an appropriate and tasteful manner. Which leads to the observation that, if you are looking for truly comical plumbing -- and who is not? -- you need look no farther than the men's room of an English pub.

Today we head back to the United States, so blogging will be minimal, unless judi comes up with yet another excuse to link to pictures of men in kilts.


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Safe trip Dave! See you on our side of the pond!

See what Dave has done to us. I was dead certain from the reference that the first link was gonna be the image that blinds. I cannot imagine the discipline it took for him to refrain from that.

Its not so bad looking when cut. And is rather tasty. The food that is. Ok I said. Now what?

Now I'm hungry.

(heading for a snack before bed)

Have a good trip home, Dave. There's a 24 marathon on WGN all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I think they're (not there) running Season Three.

*tries to imagine serving anything remotely resembling the picture of "Spotted Dick" to company*

*decides t'would be much better to impale himself on a sword*

*Checks for presence of late sleeping djt, and quietly places holographic image of Bar*y Manil*w over his bathroom mirror*

Oh, Meanie -- that IS mean!!

Welcome home, Dave and Ridley!

*snork* at Meanie, and yeah, sly, he lived up to his name on that one! ;)

oh, I get it now...it was that whole "chartreuse" thing, right?

*needs coffee*

"..truly comical plumbing -- "

is this a euphemism or what? it's too early for me to figure out if we're making fun of the pub patrons or their facilities. either way, pictures, please!

Safe trip Dave!

*I thought the link was going to be a picture of Dick Cheney*

Spotted Dick & the Truly Comical Plumbing - GNFABritishRB

By the way, the big news over here is whether or not Brangelina are getting married today. So, you haven't missed much.

"I was dead certain from the reference that the first link was gonna be the image that blinds. I cannot imagine the discipline it took for him to refrain from that."

I'm thinking it wasn't so so much restraint as it was pure strumpet-induced exhaustion and ample quantities of Guinness.

March 18th. Ow. My head. Does anyone know how to remove green-beer stains?

"Welcome home Dave & Ridley!" (ouch, too loud)

(Psssst....Mrs Blog - You better get that Leprechaun out of the house before Dave gets back. Oh wait, it's just Walter. Nevermind.)

SG gets a cee-gar! (To go with her beignets and coffee).

"snork" @ Lisa for Spotted Cheney ;-)

The Brits actually changed the name of this pudding to "Spotted Richard" awhile back cuz people were embarrassed to order it. But the real name is baaaack . . . probably because, (from the looks of this recent photo), of occular demand.

Welcome home Dave - hope a few extra tips of the tankard don't result in a nuther name change from "Pond" to "Golden Pond."

Travel update!!
I am off to see the most beautifil lady on the planet for the weekend!! You all have fun, and keep the net snorking... see ya next Tuesday!!

P.S. Meanie - you can turn off that switch now. ;-)

Have fun, Coast! We'll save your spot 'til Tuesday. :)

Drank Green Water yesterday in honor of Irish(Scot) ancestors.

When Mormons celebrate, we do it up right, the EB.

Punkin'poo ---aspirin, water, and some bananas for potassium.....

Thanks, Blue! :)

and Coast, what KDF said!

Coast - just run the videotape for me then?

I'll hold down the fort here and look forward to my copy on Tuesday, assuming I survive.

We'll be thinking of you (or in my case, thinking like you).

Coast, we'll miss you.

Dave, don't mess with Saint judi.

(wanders off to get some coffee)

LisaBFF - thanks for the Brangelina link. The motto: We’re together, get over it. Priceless. LOL!

Seious question: The pic of "spotted dick" looks like it's something awful. What is all that stuff?

** confused look ** why does judi need an EXCUSE to link to pictures of men in kilts?

I've spent a few months in london & england and NEVER saw a spotted dick. not even once. never. ever. WHAT? oh, never mind....

** wanders off with confused look **

EL - It's an English pudding.

Eeeurgh...horrible....icky poo sickly yellow pool...custard (lies down to recover lunch).
Spotted dick looks nice though.

EB -

Thanks...... shhhhh.....

Herb - no, we didn't rename it 'Spotted Richard' because that would be even worse. A 'Richard' in Cockney rhyming slang is a turd (Richard the Third).

Perhaps this is too obvious but no one else has mentioned:

1. Someone has taken a bite out of the Spotted Dick.

2. That red stuff that appears to be oozing out of it.

Thanks daisy. It doesn't sound so bad, except for the suet. But I think the only way you could order it would be to point to it on the menu and not speak. :)

I love custard - comfort food - yum.

EB- heh. And at Bachelor parties we play board games and eat pizza.


*scratches self*

*stumbles to bathroom*

*opens one eye slightly*


*vows revenge*

*snork* @ djtony!!

*sits back and waits to see what horror djtb will inflict upon the unsuspecting Meanie*

*won't enjoy it, tho, cuz Meanie sent me beignets and coffee*

*winks at Meanie*

*shares remaining industrial strength eyeball and occipital lobe cleaning solvent to djtonyb*

I'm sorry for your pain.

Shares with, not too. That late night pun-fest did me in.


*stumbles off to bed for a nap*

"late nite pun-fest??"


Unsuspecting - not!

*Sets up perimeter cameras (thanks, Chloe) and tripwire. Checks to make sure Dobermans have not been fed. (Oh, sorry Tamara, false alarm).*

Guess it's gonna be an even more sleepless night tonight.....

*snork* again, this time for Meanie..

*cracks another beer, and waits*

"Spotted Dick Sir" ??
No I'll just have the plain dick with cheese "Thank You"

*Ahem*....speaking of "spotted dick"....

The Guo-Li-Zhuang opened recently in Beijing, exclusively serving delicacies made with animal penises and testicles, exploiting the traditional Chinese belief that such foods enhance virility. (Women can prosper, as well, because penis is good for the skin, according to a nutritionist cited in a February London Daily Telegraph dispatch.) Showcase dishes include "Dragon in the flame of desire" (which is yak) and the "hotpot" (six types of penis plus four of testicle). The most expensive is Canadian seal penis, at the equivalent of about $400. [Daily Telegraph (London), 2-17-06]

"Ummm, sir, would you like ketchup with your "Dragon in the flame of disire"?

El-I know I thought that quote on the Brangelina link was funny too. I think everyone is so shocked he left Jenn for you-know-who that I imagine they're having to say "get used to it" a lot!

About the spotted dick, to me it looks like hollandaise sauce on the left and red caviar on the right. (with I-don't-know-what in the middle)

Dr A --

*aha moment* Spotted turd . . . hmmm . . . *remembers squeamishly* . . . methinks great-aunt Petula made that for Thanksgiving last year -- looked crappy -- tasted worse. Digested poorly (if at all) for about two weeks. The afflicted have good reason to believe that fragments of this substance are still orbiting New Jersey.

Spotted Dick may be nasty (okay, it is nasty) but Dave should have gone for the sticky toffee pudding, which is truly wonderful. We've even bought it at the Cartmel Village Shop and brought it to friends. Serve it warm with ice cream.

Yummy yummy yummy.

"Spotted Dick".....last time someone spotted Dick he spent weeks removing birdshot from his head......

Did anybody else notice this item mentioning Brad Pitt?

WAY LTTG, but *SNORK @ manic!*

So we're playing here now?

...unless he's *GASP* in the Pit!

YAY!! It's faster! but the other thread was up to nearly 4500 posts, no wonder it was ...........s...........l...........o...........w...........

I hope everyone feels as...as...something... as I do to have moved to Spotted Dick from under Kilt.

oh, totally missed that (who's surprised? well, then I guess you don't know me very well:), will we still be okay here?

No turning back, Sarah....the plunge has been taken, and Son of Kilt is born.

SLAP on bottom. Waaaaahhhhhh!!!

...and, of course, it's a boy.

My, Blue, but you are frisky today.

Hmph...I had brought coffee for you all, but something seems to have eaten my post and stolen my coffee. I can't find it anywhere.

*sigh* It was really good coffee, too.

Sharon - I grabbed my cup from Kilt Sr. before I left. Ahhhh! Thanks.

KDF - thanks for noticing ;)

Sharon, just found your coffee on the elder Kilt. It was eating my posts too, then they were appearing two or three refreshes later. 4500 posts seems to put Typepad on the blink... which is why we're here!

...mmmmm, good coffee....

*slaps Blue again, in proactive preparation for his next inappropriate comment*

OK OK - I am a little slow on the uptake today - what with work interfering with my blogging and all - Y'all can stop talking about me now. I'm here! (Amontillado in hand)

And apparently, my psychoconnection with my blog pal from Baltimore is on the blink today. He replied and thanked me for my e-mail and said, essentially, "wow, cool, I'll have to check it out". I replied back with some clearer direction, but, we'll see if he gets it.

*Knocks head against wall repeatedly*
*Moves over to make room for others*


Posted by: CoastRaven | 12:37 PM on April 18, 2006


Ah another fine lunch is over. Now back to not working.

*waves goodbye to ArcticAl*

Aw! Why does lunch have to end? *pouts*

Well, alright, then!

*Gives Coast a prime spot at the wall*

And, KDF, I will say nothing further that might warrant another slap, as you appear to be fully up to speed on drift catching.

KDF--I just clicked on your name to take a peek at your blog, and nearly fell off my chair. You know Peter Mulvey?? I went to high school with him--we were in "Blithe Spirit" together, and though he was a year ahead of me, we became good friends.

Weird--small world.

Meanie - the psychic connection is warming up a bit I think - we got a sortapsychicsimul there - you telling everyone I should be here, and me actually bein here.

*breezes in carrying lawn chairs, blankets, chips, salsa, and drinks for all*

hey, can one or you guys help me out, here?!?

*snork* at Blue for "spotted dick under kilt"

and yes, KDF, I think he is rather feisty today. nttawwt.

WELCOME COAST RAVEN!! I'ts about darn time! :D

Oo...howdy CR, I don't think we've met yet.

*winks at Meanie*--my second simulpost!

Hiya sg *relieves her of drinks*. Oh...did you want help with that other stuff, too?


please make that "one OF you guys", and "It's", not I'ts.


Yeah, Coast, but that was like the 17th time he'd said it - keep prognosticatin' long enough, eventually you'll get something right!

CR!! Welcome to the SOK! (that's what I'm calling it on my bookmark bar)

Ha Ha Sharon, VF. ;)

Yay! Coast is here! Not that I'm fast enough on the uptake to have noticed that before I posted the last time.

Hope you read all the talking about you we did on the original Kilt too, Coast. Don't you feel loved?

That'd be your first trimulpost then, Sharon? I know I enjoyed it.

*waits for ask to notice that he was the only guy in a 4-way simulpost*

Ooh - two in a row - too much fun - but that fitst one was a quad.

sarah j, sharon, sg, kdf, sg, sg, oh -i'm dizzy now

I'm trying to wink back at Sharon, but she seems to be awfully busy and isn't noticing.

S-girl, I'll give you a hand in a sec, hang on.

KDF - I haven't left. I just said that I was finished blogging during lunch and started blogging while not working. Still here most of the time.

And thanks for the chips, salsa and drinks sg

The SOK! I love it! Also "sock," which is another piece of clothing in the whole Kilt costume. Cool!

And Sharon, I don't know Peter Mulvey, I am just a major fan. I love the man and want all of you to go to his website immediately and buy all of his CD's, because he is a musical genius. Also a supremely nice guy who loves playing small clubs and getting to know his insanely loyal fans. His live recordings are the best. Get Redbird first, which is a compilation with two other equally talented solo artists, and is pure, unaldulterated music because it was recorded in a living room, around one microphone, no gimmicks.

And go see him if he ever appears in your area. New CD tour underway.

You know him?

*passes a bottle of Bliogra™ to ask*

Take as needed.

*snork* @ ArcticAl for being here most of the time

We know. It's like a big ole' blogoholics meeting here, all the time. :)

Oh, sorry, Meanie--I thought you had something in your eye. Didn't realize you were nictitating at me.

*fans ask to revive him*

Hi. My name is Al and I'm a blogaholic. I've been blogging for three years now.

*passes Jello shots and whipped cream to sg, because she asked*

*and everybody else too, because we're celebrating Coast's arrival*

*sprays all bloglits with whipped cream*

I love whipped cream. Do we have any strawberries?

I do know him, KDF. He is one of the most genuinely sweet and wonderful people it has been my privilege to know. He helped me through a really bad time once. When I lived in Milwaukee I used to go to this tiny little club on the lakeshore to see his band--a bunch of us from our high school would go every weekend. The gang hung out together for years until we started moving away. I still talk to him via email, though--I'll send him to your blog!

Ooooo...whipped cream!

Now I do have something in my eye. But don't let that stop anyone.

Also, in case it's not clear: W I N K !

(I would try to nictitate, but KDF would slap me again).

;) winks all around! ;)

That's great, Sharon. His MySpace page has music/tour updates/blog entries so I have him linked there. Kris Delmhorst too, who I saw at Club Passim in Cambridge a few weeks ago and is one of his Redbird collaborators.

Great to hear confirmation that he is a genuinely good guy, just as I suspected. :)

wow, Blue!! thanks - that's one hell of a hand!

and y'all, if we take this and this and this we'll get something that tastes just like this!

seriously, we did 'em for Mardi Gras. yummy!

and you pour these liquids on which body parts sg?

*fans self, hopes sg elaborates*

Wait, S-G! You mean the whipped cream and syrup are also used as food?

*Nictitates at KDF*


watch out for her left BM, it's wicked!

Right back atcha, Blue. ;) You can nictitate at me any time.

Well, I gotta go teach my class. Hopefully, today will be one of those days when the rotten little bas...er...I mean, the delightful college freshmen are receptive to learning about Shakespeare.

Hey, I can dream...right? RIGHT????

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