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March 16, 2006


Just look for people with huge smiles on their faces.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)

UPDATE: Hmmmm, could there be any connection?

(Thanks to Karl Weckstrom)


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What the hell do they do with pot holders?

Ahem....I HAVE an alibi...

Maybe they where hunting Vampires. I mean the leather whip is the traditional way to hunt them. And the other stuff could work to distract the Vampire.
Or maybe the person was looking for a horse item and all he could find was the sex shop.
I mean it could have been for any reason.

Fidty snorks at insom first!

Does that cover everything?

SuzyQ - Maybe "pot holders" is vernacular for "roach clips"...

Well I guess SOMEbody likes to watch...

rainbow pot holders? Does this make sense to some one more familiar with sex toys than I?

Ok, I will NOT register for the second link.
And you can't make me!

...something called a leather pride party.

Interesting wording. Were they so afraid of it they refused to get a definition? Worried that if they left out the words "something called," people would contact them demanding to know what it was? Did they know, and think so low of it that they passed a subtle insult in the "something called?" Am I overthinking this?


Mr. C: Well, clips would certainly make much more sense. You can do SO much more with clips than with pot holders.

Suzy Q - This is what we have heard, anyway, right? WE would never do anything... kinky, would we?

Jemmy- Imagine being the young reporter that gets this beat. Would this person even want to walk into the store?

Maybe the people wanted to make a movie and where low on cash.

Rainbow potholders! Oh, my! *fanning self*

Mr. C: Kinky? Me?? *look around* Why, I never.....ur...um....nevermind!

He should have done something called "an investigation" before he submitted something called "a news Story".

Know-whadda-mean, know-whadda-mean, say-no-more, nudge-nudge

erm..lookS around...

*watches Tamara fan herself with the potholders*

Go, girl!

hmmmm - suspension cuffs

Jemmy - note that editors "hack" on the stories after the reporters write them. And since it's a TV station's web site they may be concerned about their "family image". *snorks at the thought*

CR! lol [making mental note]

Thanks, pogo. I figured that there was a simple explanation but... I like imagining a very shy reporter trying and failing to get up the courage to ask what a leather pride party is.

Really, I just like imagining.

just make notes judi - no photos please

pot holders: maybe= girdles? i mean, ya know, strictness and handcuffs and all...

Maybe the pot-holders are for when it gets hot.

Judi, take photos. Blue's selling them on E-b*y.

"suspension cuffs" -i'm ignernt but doesn't that sound like they're restocking Abu Ghraib?

In the first link, I'm betting on the security guard. (And I don't even want to KNOW what rainbow pot holders are!)

On the second link: We knew crime didn't pay, we just didn't know it was so stupid!

"People just decided we were an easy mark. Now we are not. Now we have cameras...

Correction: We used to have the cameras.

Jemmy...that was precisly my reaction. Only I envisioned it as clearly the work of someone trying mightily to distance him/herself from the topic. It reminded me of a British couple I saw in the Uffizi Galleries in Rome, in front of a godawful painting called "The Martyrdom of St. Agatha." Apparently St. Agatha's demise involved tongs (possibly hot) being applied to her bounteous nipples.
The wife was saying to the husband, in a sort of choked-off voice, "...I imagine some sawt of suh-gery, don't you think?"

Somebody get the leather bib for CoastRaven. There's drool all over the suspension cuffs.

Insom - don't play ignant with us. We know better, since we saw Meanie the Blue's pix on Hebaay.

fyi - "Leather Pride" is a gay festival.

Cool! A B&D B&E!

I wouldn't have bothered ripping off any of that lame stuff from the convention... I mean, there weren't even any good s*x toys listed, like bulldozers, forklifts, axle grease, welders, air compressors, jackhammers and all... B O R I N G !

Anyway, after the dipsticks beat the crap out of the cameras with boards to get them off the wall, I couldn't.... er, I mean, I'M SURE THEY WEREN'T ANY GOOD. Conjecture, yaknow....

and an electrical stimulation device.

Like a taser?

Annie- I think you answered the question about the pot holders with the "Leather Price"

I think it would be kind of interesting to have a movie that seems like its being shot from security cams.

two pairs of leather and metal bondage suspension cuffs, a 28-inch-long leather whip, bath salts, rainbow pot holders and an electrical stimulation device.

Do they rub the salts into the sores after a good whipping? Ouch!

I think the salts are for stopping infection.

Interesting that this story (which was pretty widely reported here in Jacksonville) found it's way to the blog from the "Action 9" news page.

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