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March 22, 2006


...than a giant snake behind.


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woooo hoooo! a post!

I didn't know snakes had behinds....

Hopefully, they didn't leave it behind in the toilet.

woooo hooo! a first!


"Abandoned Snake Butts" WBAGNFARB

why don't they know if it is a python or a boa? Couldn't they tell from the feathers?

How do you separate a man from his snake? With a crowbar...!


The guy's lease probably said he wouldn't be allowed to have a dog over 25 pounds, so naturally a 7-foot python is the next choice.

I believe the writer of this article must have been a fan of sir mix a lot.

I believe the only difference between a python and a boa is tha fFemale pythons lay eggs . . . something like this post.

The landlord must be a male, otherwise there would have been no complaints about the giant snake behind.


LOL, tnx! Some stuff u can find on Entertaiment in Azerbaijan.

"Hey, I HAD to leave. The snake wasn't paying his half of the rent."


So, this is GSOK?

*not zipping in*

Well, I'm here but not happy about it. I had something cute to post on SOK and now it's not relevant.
So I'll just sit here and pout until something funny happens - and - as an homage to SOK, I'll hum

Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking...

El, stop your teasing. Post it, dammit!

Don't make me break your hummer.

I nominate BSOK - Behind the Son Of Kilt

Cool, I like it Coast. Sounds like a Godzilla movie.

And I like it too.

Looks good!

Would I regret it if I suggested Snakes In Kilts (SIK)?

*Remembers to remember personal info, for once*

I am here. You may now commence the humour portion of the program.

Good remembering, Blue. My goal for the day is to remember my personal info and my location at all times.

Its okay KDF - I'll remember it for you.

;) Thank you ASK. As I said, it's a goal I've set for mySelf.

Private message to KDF - everyone else just move along, please.

KDF, I'm feeling like an idiot and stupid - AGAIN. And this time you won't disagree with me since I know you've already thought it. Check your e-mail in about 5-10 minutes.

*zips out to brush her teeth*

*waits for El to brush her teeth*

If I agree, can I have an e-mail too?

*Hands floss and mouthrinse to El*

Those are stretch goals for the likes of us, KDF.

*stands by with xanax and a bite stick*
Can I have an emale too?

I dream big, Blue.

Boy, El takes her dental hygiene very seriously. I mean, 24 minutes?

ermm.. email I mean.

Hold, please. My grits are ready.

w - you got both

And I'll have you all know that El is still brushing her teeth.

So, I don't got neither.

*trembles in excitement*

*slips over to emale*
and email.

<--- is an e-male

*whispers* why yes, yes you are CR. It hasn't escaped my notice, I just haven't seen a casual and subtle moment in which to jump you. I would suggest ducking soon.

↓ is apparently suffering from an excess of moisture. She was planning on skipping, not slipping.

That seems to happen a lot.

Merely sayin'

*steadfastly refuses to duck*
*steadfastly refuses to comment about moisture*

*wipes chin*
I have drooling issues. I know. Someone hand me my bib.

That looks sooo much worse looking than I intended and yet I will be posting it anyway.

Okay, El must have meant dog-minutes.

Yeah, Wolfie, I'se gonna say...although slippery kinda makes sense on a snake thread.

Must... put... blig... away. Later, Lil' SOKs.


Wait.. I don't drool. I swallow. Umm.. that is sooo not helping any.
It's raining and I forgot my umbrella. So I'm wet. Okay?
No not okay. I forgot to towel off after my shower. Yeah. That's better. I think.

*gives up*

Is it suddenly warm in here?

*Refrains from asking for details of KDF's big dreams*

*zips back brushed, flossed AND having spent several minutes on phone with daughter*

OK, e-mail in 10, start countdown....

*wipes wolfie induced sweat from his brow*

*leaps from the shadows to dive tackle CR*

*misjudges and overshoots her target*

*sails clear across the room and thru a door marked 'gents'*

...silence...sound of toilet flushing...running water..

*casually saunters back into room*

I soooo totally meant to do that.

*shakes foot to dislodge a square of tp stuck to her heel*

Hey - stop! - that was the last of the tp!

Wow, great news on the previous thread about ASK's daughter. Please keep us updated, ASK. We're rooting for her! :-)

So we're slipping and sliding this morning, eh? I think someone spilled the jello last night and didn't clean up.

so, do you guys intentionally move every time I'm gone for a coupla days? if i was the sensitive type, i might think you were tryin' to lose me or somethin'

good thing i'm not the sensitive type

but El - looks like you're e-mailing everyone but me - what's wrong with me? is it my breathe? are you intimidated by my stunning good looks? do i got a booger on my face or somethin'?

:( don't take it personal Thaddeus, I didn't get an e-mail from El either.

Yes, You. Did. TheASK.
Don't say that just to try to make Toto feel better - sheesh!

*pets Thumper*
There. Do you feel better?

AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I've had four error messages in a row accusing me of...of being...comment spam!


ah, wolfie always knows how to make a bunny feel better

(NOTE: use of the term "bunny" in this context should be construed as a reference to a slightly scruffy yet stunningly good-looking male of the heterosexual persuasion)

I'd say something about wolfies eating bunnies (especially scruffy yet stunningly good looking ones), but I think I might have used up my innuendo quota for the day already.

*hands wolfie her innuendo quota for today*

I know you will use this better than I possibly could.

there are innuendo quotas?

hey, that was me! what happened to my name?

I can't figure out how to post annonymously and sg does it on accident.

I've wondered how to post anonymously...but haven't tried it yet.

*waits for wolfie to use the innuendo I brought in*

Whoa, I thought the innuendo quota was a minimum daily requirement. It's an upper limit? Man, I won't be able to post for months.....

S-G, maybe Deon took it?

wolfie - ck e-mail in a coupla minutes

Can someone show me how, please?

I don't know how to post ananymously either

or do I?


Blue, Deon knows everything else, so maybe he does know what happened to my name!

and I know how to post anonymously, but that last time wasn't on purpose. ;)

sure it wasn't

Didn't you switch to Betty Boop not too long ago, S-G/BB?

Careful what you put upper-inuendo there Blue.

Sorry, Coast, I can't reply the way I would normally. There is now an innuendo filter activated against my Blog account, and I have to resort to direct and explicit language.

So, e@t me.

Hello neighbors! Who wants cupcakes?!

*Installs innuendo filter blocker™*


*I'm takin' this thing back!*

You don't like the cupcakes? I know they're kinda small, but you can have more than one. And they have raspberries on top! Yum! Chocolate and raspberries.

It's the innuendo filter operating on my comments, Sarah. I was offering a very nice compliment on your UNACCEPTABLEs, but apparently anything having to do with UNACCEPTABLEing is being blocked.

Sorry - I was, erm...busy *tucks in shirt*

*turns on neon "Euphemism/ innuendo free zone" light*

but c'mon - they have raspberries on top? How'm I supposed to...

OK, sarah has just proven herself to be the undisputed queen of inuendo

nicely done!

*stands and applauds*

*licks the frosting off a cupcake*

*wonders what those cupcakes look like since I'm F!ickr free at work*

*is confused as to why Thaddeus is applauding her*

All I did was bake mini cupcakes and put fruit on top! Agh!

*sits in corner with her halo*

um, right sarah - i was applauding your cupcakes

*Checks Sarah's halo. Finds expired use-by date*

Had a hunch....

It is not expired. It's a brand new one, just got it yesterday. The old one was gold, but I wanted a silver one. It goes better with my hair.

*sneaks in and steals a cupcake*
*cops a squat on the big comfy couch to watch the innuendo fly*

And it matches my shoes

*Reads fine print sticker on inner surface of Sarah's new halo*

Not valid until activated. Call 1-800-GO4HALO

Um, you can't even wear it without activating, so obviously I called as soon as I got it last night. Blue just thinks I said something or did something on purpose that I didn't. I don't even know what it is he thinks I said/did!!

*skips away to do more packing*

She's good.

She's good.

Anything worth saying is worth repeating.

Yeah, ASK. That's the whole problem.

Of course I'm good, hence the halo

Nobody can possibly be that naive. But its fun watching her try.

Not referring to the repeat.

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