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March 28, 2006


...and then there is class.


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And a tiny, tiny first....

And no tossing? What a waste . . .

"Everyone found Britney's surprise really hilarious. Kevin and Britney and their friends were in fits."

Says a lot about them, doesn't it.

I'm dwarfed by their little party plans.

It's the idea of a midget Sonny Bono impersonator I find most disturbing. Even more alarming, is there a midget Cher impersonator currently on her absolutely last farewell tour?

I heard they actually wanted to book The Donald ...

This is so sick.

And double*snork* @ Dr Acula for "midget Cher impersonator currently on her absolutely last farewell tour"

more like a shortage of class.

Next we'll hear Britney doing a remake of Short People and dedicating it to hubby?

She needs beat.

I second Lab. Severely about the head and neck.

Brought to you by (c) BANG Media International. not funny

the story sez she "has been at the centre of pregnancy rumours"?!?
Where is this Centre? When was she admitted? How long does she have to stay and WHAT was she admitted for?!? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!

(oh yeah, and the story was published by BANG Media International - *snicker*)

SimulBANG with MOTW.... hmmmm

CR - mmmWAH!

"It was a special birthday indeed."


Oh my God.... This one was just too much... Where was the warning sign we've come to expect? My brain cells are overactive now trying to imagine all these little people compared to the Fedrlines.... The little people must have more class....


Please don't be bitter that Britney booked the midgets before your call came in.

Besides, it is our understanding that the Bearded Lady and the World's Strongest One Legged Man performed admirably for you in their stead.

Rest assured, we'll have the midgets available for your next 24 viewing party.


Wicked Strange Celebrity Entertainment Enterprises, LLC

Is it too late to get their kid into a foster home?

i can't believe there are entertainers willing to debase themselves in such a manner. the consorting with spear/federlines part i mean, not the hiring themselves out so freaks can laugh at them.

I can just imagine K-Fed laughing and clapping at the display "They're just like real people, but they're little!"

You get the sense that when Kevin gets too excited while they are in public Brittany hands him the car keys to distract him with something noisy and shiny?

Does the spay neuter clinic offer a two-for-one discount?

applauding loudly for fivver.
twitney is a moron. sorry about the oxymoron.

She was spotted sipping an alcoholic cocktail, so she's not preggers??? Wasn't she spotted driving with her baby on her lap? Isn't she married to and breeding with Federline? Doesn't that kinda tell ya how much concern she shows for her kid(s)? Shouldn't I shut up now?

Calling a little person a midget is like calling a black person a n*gger.

NOT COOL. They're not only idiots, they're a**holes too. Yaaaay.

Hey, I came from a time when a respectable pregnant woman could have a cocktail or three, and just look at how I... nevermind.

(think Dylan)
You never saw the stares of the little Sonnies and little Chers
When they brought your cake and sang songs for you!
You can't comprehend how they aren't your friend
Not an ounce of talent belongs to you!
You portrayed yourself as a virgin skank
With the subtlety of a Sherman tank
Weren't it hard when your boobage sank?
And your albums were described as 'rank'
And you couldn't even get on 'Deal or No Deal'?

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
To be out of time
To be a friend of slime
A complete wasted mind
Like a Federline!

What a quote:
"Kevin and Britney and their friends were in fits" I'm so pleased; aren't you?
Now, what is with all the asterisks in the middle of not-so-politically-correct words? If we all know what the word is, why not just write it? Shit is sh*t no matter how you write it? Why is typing the word out so uncomfortable for so many?

I connection with the last topic, I can't help but wonder if Brit-Kev are good eating. ** Looks up recipe for 'Fettucini al Federline,' and 'Lobster Thermidor et Cruvettes with a Brittney sauce served in the Provencal manner with spears and oeuvres garnished with truffle patte, brandy, and a fried egg on top, and Spam.'

Dr. Doug - the automated web crawlers are looking for keywords like that. You wouldn't want Dave's blog coming up #1 when someone types "Giant Squid Porn" into their search engines, would you?

*goes to Google*


OMG, I googled Giant Squid Porn and this blog came up. Too funny DjTonyb

But it was third in line, not # 1

Who does juggle geese?

Did you put it in quotes? ;)

Kind of makes you wonder what they'll come up with for his 29th birthday. Quadriplegic mud wrestling?

Nope, I should have.

"Honey, I got you a little something for your birthday."

I guess Brit gave Kevin a little something so he wouldn't obsess about his other little something.

C'mon, we all knew Britney was short-sighted. This "Vacancy" sign will never go out.

Tonight on CSI. "A Little Murder."

one can dream...

Actually that was a title to an episode that dealt with a murder at a Little Peoples convention.

To answer the question in Dave's headline, obviously no class at all. Now if you want CLASS, you have to link to the head(snork)line at the bottom of the BritFed page:

"Nicole Richie toilet sex denial"

*last 2 brain cells click 2ther*

I just remembered this one - when I was living in P-Town we had a regular at the bar, very diminutive-'bout 4 feet tall, and dark latin skin. He was a circus acrobat/performer for a long time, but while he was in P-Town he got in touch with his inner drag queen. His stage name? "Teeny Tiny Tina Turner". ISIANMTU.

djtonyb - I love P-town. :)

So ... I'm assumin' that this defines "class" ... does this mean we can file a CLASS ACTION lawsuit to somehow remove these ... um ... bipedal mammals ... from our lives?

One may only hope ... merely sayin' ...

As a blogger who revels in the extraordinary facets of life, and who comes here seeking brevity from days long drainage of my few remaining brain cells after listening to sob story after story as a social worker in a jail in a racist county with few minorities -

I must, in all sincerity, applaud this blog for thier awareness and insistence upon the correct use of terminology for persons affected by darwfism.

In short, it pleases my little liberal, social working soul, to know that so many others are aware that midget is considered a derogatory term and that little person is the perfered description.

Please take a moment to pin upon yourselves the blue ribbons of societal justice.

You may now resume your usual banter of toilet humor and booger jokes.

Jacki -- merely in case you look back here ...

I might suggest that you watch your phraseology, young woman!

"Societal Justice" indeed! Tsk, tsk, tsk ...

and ...


KDF - Lived there for 8 years, not so much a fan anymore...

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