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March 29, 2006


...is to make you stop emailing it to us.

Thank you.


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Hovered, refuse to click.

Looks like shes getting it doggie style to me.

Second! I'm glad I didn't send this one in when I was tempted to. I had a feeling poor Dave and Judi would have seen more than enough of it by the time I saw it. :-)

Oops, make that third.

Didn't you already post this one?

Lesson learned Dave.

I promise I wont email any Twitney stuff anymore.

Maybe something having to do with doggie style caused it.

Darn I just used 'suggested tail hole' in a post about the dog fart thingy.

I hope those gross dolls people don't get wind of this.

Sorry, Dave and Judi, should've known everybody would send it in! I'll repeat, though, she had a cesarian-she didn't want to feel the pain of regular childbirth, and who the heck gives birth with their back arched like that anyway?

djtonyb - you know how Jui hates hoverers.


The funny thing is. My wife just asked me for the email address for the blog. So she could send it in knowing that we love to make fun of Twitney

Dave, I'd like to thank you for NOT posting the version with photos. I'm running low on eye bleach.

*wipes up after self*

Can you imagine what will happen to poor Sean if, in about 12 years, his middle-school classmates find out about this?

Decidedly NOT pro-bear life, however . . .

Oh the poor poor child of Mr. and Mrs. Spears!!!!

Hopefully in a few years Sean will be adopted by a caring family and will raise him to be a normal human being.

Or he'll at least be adopted by some kindly wolves

Here's one with a picture in case you missed it somehow (and still want to see it)

He's not making any political statement, just exploiting a young woman who has been exploited enough, already...

MKJ - see if you can find the industrial sized eyeball bleach and brain cleaner on sale on e-bay, wouldja?

Not that I'm defending her, it's just that I'm thinking why didn't he use somebody like Madonna for his model??? Because she is older and has more lawyers????

*pats Hannah on her head*

No, she never asked for all this attention and exploitation, now, did she? The poor thing...

The only way that she could give birth in that position is if she shot the kid out like a cannon ball. Her pelvic bones and gravity would keep the kid from exiting the "mother ship." (that will be $500, thank you)

The artist was a guy,right?


Oh, and, like, Madonna is like, so over. Her latest album is relying on ABBA samples to get any sort of club play, and her new look, with the ultra high hip-revealing pink lycra thing, should never be seen on a woman over 40, I don't care how in shape she is. Hope the next incarnation is better, cause she hasn't done anything all that good or innovative since "Ray of Light".

Maybe The Donald will purchase the statue.

... or the BritTwit her ownself ... merely sayin' ...

I think they should place a poster of that statue in every high school- unwanted pregnancies could take a slight dip

Dave I don't believe you. I think you had a good reason for posting it!

I loved Ray of Light.


I love The Donald.

I'm in the New York area. I feel the need to protest this statue. Now accepting suggestions for funny/unusual/insane things to put on a placard or chant. Hopefully staying away from the pro-choice/pro-life issue.

Spread out on all fours, ass up in a doggy style position, clutching the head of a bear. I have no doubt that that is exactly how Britney gave birth.

I didn't see the picture, but the description about did me in...


Wavey - I suspect that's how she conceived.

Yep, you got that right. That was what I was sardonically getting at in my post :-)

Such a waste of good sculpting skills...

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