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March 24, 2006


It's getting worse.


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What was he using as bait? A pig?

10 feet? 15 feet?


Wow, that was so hard to believe. I feel bad for the abandoned snake even though it is a monster. What person would want a 15 ft. python for a pet anyways?

so these people are joyfully holding a dead snake? ugh.

"The python in the park had all the earmarks of a reptile dump job"

YES O.theU it seems they have feet, and now they are growing EARS too!!!

Yeah, they definitely need a reasonable law like New York: 8 feet and not an inch more.

"Uh, Slithers? I'm real sorry, but you're a big boy now, and you're gonna have to double up your tail and wear this argyle pressure stocking. They're comin' around with the snake-ometer today."

These stories are just a carefully plotted PR stunt to promote "Spamalot".

Argyle Pressure Stockings -- a gnfarb?

Wow, TRWC! Sort of a 'Proclaimers' type group...Scots roots with social significance?

P.S. ...which reminds me, I am in the process of ordering window blinds from a guy who sells blinds by day and has a rock band called "Indignant". I wanted to suggest that they use the phrase "Foot-Stamping Rhythm" somewhere, but I was too polite.

To O. the U,

chinese proverb: "adding feet to drawn snake" = Being redundant and irrelevant.

On an unrelated note, most chinese countries report about snake news this way.

crossgirl, they're "joyfully holding" it cuz it's DEAD!! ;)

"most chinese countries"???

I meant most countries with chinese people as the majority...Not only China.

Forgive my engrish, I not american.

Thats OK pepe - I make enough mistakes on my posts to skew the curve for the rest of the group.

all this simply adds to the hype/excitement of the upcoming thriller "snakes on a plane" starring samuel l. jackson. i know i can't wait... (you know about this, right?).


A movie called 'Slither' starts next Friday...

people...view them as a manageable pet.
Then, they grow up.
Sort of like children... .

Bouncer's can get away with murder in New York. But get caught letting a snake loose in the woods ...

I think I'd look more joyfull holding a dead snake than a live one, cg.

It was only MOSTLY dead.

Thilly thnake, why didn't he just go knock on a door like the alligator did?

Did no one notice that the guy is first article is named "Tom Jones"? And it's an article about a snake.

Maybe only my twisted brain cell works that way. 0_o

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