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March 09, 2006


You need a good audience.

(Via the incredibly informative weekly chat of Mr. Gene Weingarten)


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That's just evil

No, not evil! I'm just sayin', better her than me!

That was contagious. I could not stop giggling along. On the flip side, I'm REALLY glad I'm just visiting.

That's alot of gas.

Can I tell you just how much I needed that today? Now I can move forward with my upgrade! :)

Sweetness overload!!! Get the insulin!!!!

(And the economy size package of wipes!)

BTWj - sorry about my "out of sorts" mood yesterday ... this helped a lot, to get me out of the doldrums ...

Not to quibble, but the title on the right says "quintuplets". Is there one under the bed?

That sound is incredible. Someone should snap it up for a Sci-fi film.

I always forget to go back and check the chat after the edits.

Damn. Here comes my boss. I had the sound WAY too loud.

Coast is clear.

Now I really wish my computer would let me see those kind of things....grrrrr...stoopid work "computer usage rules"

Kinda makes up for when they all poop at once!

Lorrie: After laffin' so long and hard, I'm sure momma got a few presents.

Right, Wally Ballou - There should be a 5th one for them to be quintuplets. Maybe the 5th one is the family rebel and refuses to laugh so they quietly removed him to an undisclosed location.

the 5th one was the really talented one, he/she was holding the camera...

This was on AFV two(?) seasons ago and won both the $10,000 and $100,000 prizes. Why is this suddenly viral now?

That was so cute... I got to giggling, too.

Not all of us are 100 percent current on AFV. Not all of us even know what "AFV" is.

Okay, did anyone else actually find that kind of creepy? I mean, the laughter sounds like something you'd hear on the soundtrack to a horror movie.

AFV - "America's Funniest Videos". It's like stupid pet tricks, only with humans. Baseballs to the crotch, skiers into trees, your basic low-brow humor....heyyyyy, kinda like this blog....doh!

BoredCrow - at first it was cute, but I still hear those babies giggling in my subconscious. There they go again, worst earwig I've even had. They won't let go of my brain! Omigod - this is worse than Manilow! Make them stop, please!

Is AFV the same as America's Funniest Videos? If so, I hope they won, 'cause this is adorable.

OOHHH Dave gives the smackdown!!

& BoredCow - THATS one of the reasons it is evil... well that and the five little demons...
five little mouths to feed
five diapers to change
five potty trainings
five pta meetings to attend
five college tuitions
five grown leeches that will move away and won't write or call unless they need money!!
*ahem* OK - I'm done

Coast, don't forget:
five driver's licenses all at once.
I can envision it now: five of them swerving down the road, laughing that creepy laughter... ::shudder::

I think this video is another sign of the apocalypse.

On the subject of AFV: I carefully avoided that show for years. But a few weeks ago I was sitting for my 5-year-old grandson and HAD to watch it because my son has a Home Entertainment Complex that involves about a thousand remotes, any one of which is capable of cutting off all power to the entire city of Chicago. My g'son said, "Oh this is a GOOD show!!!" and was totally convulsed...rolling off the couch onto the floor and holding his stomach. A couple of days later, on a hunch, I asked my 93-year-old father, who is profoundly deaf and finds talking difficult, if he had ever seen it, and of course he smiled broadly and indicated that, yes, indeed, it was a fine piece of television.
So there ya go. Something for everyone. (I should add that last weekend Uber Father and great-grand-son spent quality time pushing great-grand-daughter around in a wheelchair with many "narrow escapes.") Guys. They're all alike -- plus or minus 90 years, it makes no difference:)

Coast-Also, "five more bells to answer, five more eggs to fry and all they do is cry." *or giggle as the case may be*

TRWC-I was wondering the same thing. Now we have to search back to see if everyone came up with better material this time. ;-)

Betsy--I have sat through my all-time least favorite movie, the one about the mouse who is adopted and treated like a human--for the same reason. Granddaughter number two loves it, and I love her. It's just that simple.

And I do watch AFV from time to time, just to escape from the sex (not the violence) of regular tv. I like the candid pieces of babies and animals who just do the darndest things. Oh my, I coined a phrase...

I know, off to the doghouse. I go willingly. What beer is being served today?

For all the giggles, there's a high creepiness factor there.

Coast, et al. Five? I only count four.

Coors Light.

Spoke too soon, Hanna.

You know, we have some pretty awesome little brew-houses in Oregon. One of my life's goals is to be able to say I have tried them all, but we keep going back to the dark ales that are reminiscent of imported Scottish ale. Very good with fish and chips.

Betsy - my sons (ages 7&9) love it, too. The problems start when they begin to replicate all the lovely stunts they saw on this show. Sort of like a junior "Jack@ss" show.

That little video just turned my day around. Thanks Dave (and Gene too!)

I am glad that somebody else noticed the number of babies disparity. I was worried that I had gone blind and missed one when I counted.

so, where's the fifth quint

He was swallowed by the shark.

Is it wrong that I think the mom is kinda hot?

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