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March 30, 2006


It is definitely happening.


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"Oscar-winning rappers"

There's yer proof right there!

Proof of extra-terrestrial life: Paris Hilton.

Well, if Pat Boone could record heavy metal...

Ultimate outcome, (and perhaps a good name for a rap group,):

The Notorious R.I.P.


Meanie - Paris Hilton may be proof of extra-terrestrial life, but she sure as hell isn't extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Not a bad plan.....get 'em all in one recording studio and......BOOOOM!!!

That's hot.


Now yer talkin'! Who's up for a
K-Fed /Parasite duet?

drop her like she's hot?

'K-Fed/Parasite' Shouldn't that be 'K-Fed=Parasite'?

Well, I was referring to Parasite Hilton...See, they're a perfect match! 'tho perhaps he should call himself K-Fedickus so she thinks he's Greek. (or Roman, or Dutch...those Europeans all look alike, you know?)

That's such a coinkydink! My parents were originally considering naming me Crunchy Black, too.

Sometimes I wish I lived under a rock.

The video that goes along with this recording ought to be something, though.

F-ked and Paris Hilton... is there anyone who would like to beat the rap(pers)?

We ran into her at a William Morris agency party and she said she liked our song Stay Fly and asked could we work with her," said Jordan "Juicy J"

see, the problem is that, by work with her, Paris clearly meant would the three of them like to bang her, and when they said "hell yeah", she got so excited that she stopped payin' attention, and now contracts have been signed, and studio time paid for, and poor Paris is still waitin' to get banged...


maybe they could just record the three of 'em doin' her with a "dance track" playin' in the background - it'd be way better than the crap they won an academy award for

Let's see now, she has been:
In Movies
In Television
A model
A Perfume Seller
A Spokesperson
Asked to Sing on a Rap album

Yep, I'd say Paris is a real Renaisance Failure.

I'm so terrified this may actually happen, I'm thinking of building a sound proof bomb shelter

I don't believe this. Rappers are too cool to do this.


*snork* at Lab.

Will someone remind me why we care about some hotel owner's obnoxious daughter?

*Turning Jimmy Buffett up louder on my cd player* I can't hear you......

working title for her new video: "It's actually pretty easy out here, for a ho"

It may be hard out there for a pimp, but since the majority of my generation has no concept of what good music is, it's easy for people with no musical talent to enter the "music" business.

Ah come on Bumble - there is PLENTY of quality music being produced by the current generation! Theres - ummm - well what about that guy from... nooo that doesnt do it for me either.

How about that group - nah they suck too. Well OK - you're right on target with that one!

Well, duh!

But this is coming from a girl who mostly listens to musical soundtracks, so what do I know? :-)

And I'm in Memphis. Don't know how I feel about all this.

Anyone besides me (a) watch American Idol this week; and (b) find it amusing that the shtick of the week was "songs of the new millennium" and the single biggest criticism of everyone was their poor song choice???

Well, duHHHH!!!!

TC Krunchy-bits - in your last paragraph, the one where you talk about all 3 rappers 'doing her' to a dance track, your participle was dangling.

Hey you guys are all so hard on Paris-She's a real sweetheart.I mean, she has a dog , after all.A starter dog, but still....

Didn't she lose Tinkerbell? Or did it run away?

Wow, this is definitely a great career move for Paris. I mean, with all her street cred and everything.

I heard that the dog called his agent and complained, threatened to sue for maltreatment, and was retired to a penthouse suite with 24 hour servants. The deal was sealed by the promise that he never ever had to look at her again... I heard that somewhere...

Hanna --

I heard that (or read it) too!

I think it wuz on a blog, on the internet, so it MUST be true!

Yeah, on a blo ... oh ... um ... nevermind ...

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