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March 26, 2006


It's getting closer.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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BTW ... 100th! on that last one ... merely sayin' ...

We were talking about a movie?? Bumble, is there something you know about, that I don't have a clue about?? (ok, I know there was something in there about a dog, or something...)

And... a *bald head flip*


At least it didnt have antennae too. Then it would technically be a bug.

Note to Mythological characters-
Odin rides a 6 legged Horse. The lamb is used more by the christians. And well they don't really want a 6 legged lamb.

If some one could creat a 12 legged chicken certain Kernal will be most thankfull

ASK, congrats on spelling Opelousas right. :)

Ya shoulda heard the first time my husband tried to pronounce it, though. (He's from Philly, I'm from Eunice, a town 20 minutes west of Opelousas).

southerngirl~ The pillows thing was a reference to the movie Roxanne (ASK quoted from it earlier): "Your breasts are like pillows. Can I fluff your pillows?"

*Adds another item to the list of things I wasn't expecting to hear/see from Bumble, which now includes talk of prolonged stays in Meanieville, digital alcoholic beverage transmission, and euphemistic pillow fluffing*

SNORK on the bald head flip thing, although I think I hurt my neck.

What? I said I wouldn't come, I'm over 21, and I told ASK he couldn't fluff my pillows. Where's the badness level?

The very thoughts are inconsistent with the halo-crowned image that you have formed here. Or was that all just a disguise?

Wouldn't you like to know.

Enquiring minds, and all that.....

Bumble, you rule. ;)

NOBODY tell John Madden! Otherwise we will have a new Easter "tradition" like his disturbing Thaknskgiving feast...

In the interest of protecting both reputations, I never ASKed to fluff Bumble's euphemistic pillows, she just made it clear that it wasn't going to happen.

Apparently, sparrow was not around for the one-eyed kitten.

A good thing, djt, a very good thing.

Ok, for the record, I DID NOT know that "fluffing my pillows" was a euphemism for ANYTHING!!

Geez, you have to watch everything you say around here...NTTAWWT. :)

And I think Bumble's halo is getting a little tarnished...just sayin', and again, NTTAWWT!

Waiter: Here's your leg of lamb, sir.

Customer: Hey, there's six of these! Aren't there usually four?

Waiter: Yeah, about that. Funny story...

Noob, and "Natchitoches"! I'm impressed!

I remember that one every time - since I pronounced it wrong the fiorst two weeks I was there.

But I can't spell first.

And I am soooo disappointed, sg.

It's ok, ASK, we can still be friends, can't we? :)

Mmmmmm....pillow talk.

ASK, everyone knows that "first" is spelled "fidty." Or at least, everyone here knows.

Having had judi erase my only first last week, I am still in denial.

Occurs to me that a couple of you may not be from Loozyana and therefore don't realize that Natchitoches is pronounced "Nackadish." And they won't tell you why they are laughing.

It is, however, maybe the prettiest place in the state.

To all of you I say,

"I'm a good girl, I am. And I know what the likes of you are, I do."

Eliza - finally back from the racetrack!

Does that thing have four legs on one side and two on the other?


"Come on, Dova! Move yer bloomin' ass!"

they shoot horses, don't they?

BB was not there when i posted!

If it were my dad, he'd have removed just the legs on the right.

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