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March 26, 2006


It's getting closer.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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Man this is sad - am I the only one working on a Sunday... oh well... of course the six legged lamb was born in Belgium - the worse word know to the universe! (I can't believe I even said Belgium in public)

good - noone was around to see that I MEANT "worst word"

I want to comment, but I want to avoid saying anything trite like "This is baaaad". But I think that ship has sailed. So never mind.

I wonder if he will need any Mint Jelly when he amputates. He should wait til Easter is here.

YAY, Leetie!!

Six-legged lamb born just in time for Easter. Drumsticks for everyone!!!!

wow, a simupost with the same thought. Great minds...

I'd put it on Ebay.

But then, I'm sick.

Some people: I'm just relieved there are other people just as sick as I.

Punkin' welcome to the club.

*snorks* all around. I'm grossed out.

(Thinking of Mary and feeling sorry for the little lamb)

*snf* the farmer doesn't want to hear the pitter-pitter-patter of little feet...

Maybe we should give it a name.....
How 'bout Destroyer fo the Seven Skies?

...I promise i'll come up with a better one later....

Mary had a little lamb
Its feet too many by a duo
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb just could not go.

She dragged the thing to school one day
Which was so very cruel
It made the children scream and bray
To see the dirty wool.

And so the teacher dressed it out
and did it without fear
Mint jelly she went to scout
For when Easter comes this year

Why do we love the lamb so
The frieghtened children cry
Why we love the little thing you know
'cause it is so crisp when fried!

Must be something in the chocolate.

Soon to be a major motion picture: The Silence of the LambChop, a Sherri Lewis production.

Doesn't this technically make it an insect? Next thing you know they'll start showing up at picnics and beach blankets, and someone will invent a lamb repellent containing DEET.

Coast, you turlingdrome, wash out that mouth!

Would that be served with a nice Belgian lambic? (Apologies for use of that word outside of a serious screenplay).

DEET for the bleet

If humans are bi peds, is this thing a sexaped?


The report said Maurice Peeters, a Belgian farmer, "noticed there was something different about the lamb"

Lakedog, only if you're aroused by six-legged sheep.

CoastRaven, that was just sick.


CR you are demented.


(This is a tough crowd.)

Thank you ladies!

Is it horrible that I am now planning to make Shepherd's Pie for dinner, because of this post?

*thinks DB Blog has far too much influence on her life, and yet has no plans to change*


1. No.

2. My thoughts exactly.

*waves to daisymae*

People Magazine is investigating rumors that Mr Peeters' ewe had an affair with this guy.

poor thing

I hope they can save it and it lives a long and happy life...

*snork* @ CR

*applause* for Leetie!

What we know:
Six legs is two more than four.
Lamb is tasty.
We can clone sheep.

......And the lamb shall lie down with the lion. And the lion shall go "WTD?"

-- Isaiah 11:6, King Dave edition


Blau Meanie~ Lustig! *snicker*

*appreciates her desktop foreign language translator and snickers along with Bumble*

KDF~ Dictionary.com wouldn't give me German words for meanie, snork or snicker, so I had to settle for half-and-half. :-)

With apologies to Bill the Cat, Ack!

Gus, the Border collie, and I just got back from giving some sheep close order drill. I didn't actually stop and count, but I'm sure they all had the expected number of legs.

German word for "meanie" is meanie, adopted from English. Snicker is "Lachen", or laugh. Snork will just come out something like Lachen.


I actually took a short nap at the keyboard after that article.

good thing it wasn't a horse, imagine the shoeing.

looking at the pictures for rather too long a time than is good for me, shouldn't it be the middle two legs that go?


2 legs bad, 4 legs good
2 legs bad, 4 legs good

6 legs...?

I hope he doesn't amputate the legs the way my grandfather neutered his cat: at home, by himself, without anesthetic.

Farmers are a tough lot.

I think I have lambracnaphobia now.

*appreciates KDF's desktop foreign language translator and snickers along with Bumble & KDF*

The UNofficial German word for SNORK is SCHNARCH.


pssst, Daisymae, "lustig" means "merrily"

*snickers some more*

Darn it. Now I'm craving chocolatey, peanutty, caramelly, nougatty deliciousness.

*consults desktop translator*

"Schokolade Erdnuß-Karamelnugat köstlich."

Hm. Not quite as snappy as "Snickers." But I feel very international.

I'm with insom ^

Blau~ *schnarch*

Btw, out of curiosity, how is it you know so much German? Did you live there? Have a German parent or two?

It's obvious why the Germans lost two World Wars: simple, concise communication was strategically lacking.

Snappy, um, not.

Bumble - both my parents came from northen Bavaria after WWII. I have billions of relatives there, and I learned German at home as a child, supplemented with German instruction in the then-German neighborhood of Yorkville in Manhattan.

I go to see my relatives every few years, and some of them visit here now and then too.

Incidentally, "Schnarch" actually means "snore", but the phonetics work for SNORK, so I move that we adopt it for use as a German SNORK.

Oh, to grow up bilingual and not have to work so hard at it.


I wish American school systems started on foreign languages earlier. If they did, I might have half a chance at becoming fluent in one. As it is, I'll probably never be able to do more than say bitte and danke and order my Abendessen. Ungrammatically.

this might explain it:

mary had a little sheep
the sheep she took with her to sleep
the sheep turned out to be a ram
and mary had a little lamb

with apologies to all.........

As much as I appreciate the perceptiveness of the observant farmer ("hey! Something's wrong with this here lamb!"), I'm afraid my heart is with Sparrow. I'm just sorry for the little critter, and I hope they can do some kind of not-too-extreme makeover on him.

P.S. to Whoever (not 'Whomever') is in Charge: Lambs are s'posed to FROLIC, ok? Just sayin'

not sure if this is germaine (pun intented) but is this a product of intelligent design or cloning a caterpillar with Dolly??? Inquiring minds want to know?

Schnarch at Azred!!

Bumble, there's a movement around here to have French immersion classes in the schools, so the french/cajun heritage can be preserved, but it's a tough fight...I'd love for my kids to be fluent in French - but by the time they're taught in school, if ever, it'll be much harder for them. I try to teach them words and phrases and stuff, (and I love to talk to them in French, and have them respond accordingly) but unfortunately, I don't know enough myself...c'est la vie!

'course, part of the difficulty lies in the fact that when the older Cajuns around here were in school, they were disciplined for speaking French in school, altho that's all they spoke at home - kinda caused lots of problems, and the result is that not too many young people around here ( and I include myself in this category) can speak, or even understand, French. I understand WAY more than I can speak, and it bothers me that I can't speak it as well as I'd like. Again, c'est la vie!

*ends rambling*

what the heck was that?!?

southerngirl~ "that" was a legitimate soapbox speech.

Frau Egel says I'll have to go to Germany if I want to speak the language fluently, and my mom is all for that, but I'm not the adventurous sort. I got sick and depressed for weeks just contemplating the concept of transferring to a college where I'd have to live on campus (and ultimately decided against it). I'd love to go, but not alone. I don't think I'd be comfortable surrounded by strangers, especially when I can't communicate (well) in their native language.

Blue, how about I move in with you? I can get the same experience of being surrounded by the language, only stateside.

Actually, strike that. As much as a college campus scared me, I’d probably be scarred for life if I lived with you. ;-)

Sparrow is the only one on here showing compassion and a healthy attitude towards this story. How did she find us?

bumble - forget it. I lived in germany for eight years (working for the US army), did NOT hang out with "just americans" and I'm still functionally illiterate in german. I'm also functionally illiterate in spanish after getting straight "A's" in college spanish. but OTOH I can read enough dutch, italian & french and understand some yiddish just from dabbling in the other languages. ok, what was my point? oh, yeah, bumble, don't worry about it.

Mary had a little lamb,
but now her lamb is dead
So Mary takes her lamb to school
between two chunks of bread

So what's the FRENCH equivalent of "snork"?

le snorké


le snorqueau, depending upon the gerund.

Well, Tam, I tried my handy dandy translator thing and it came up with nuthin'. But then I followed Blue's lead and went for the French equivalent of "snore," so,


I like sly's better.


1) Looks like "ROFL"

2) Made me ROFL



Oui, Tamara! C'est bon, non?


Bumble -

Best offer I've had all day, but....well, maybe you're right. Some things wouldn't translate well in the domestic relations side of things.

*double double entendre snork*

Blau~ Thanks anyway. Have some Bier.

We'll always have the memories....*sigh*

Thank you Betsy and Tramp. This was just sad.

*signs off from the blog - probably for a long time*

Aw, poor sparrow. We ghouls were too much for her. I guess we're an acquired taste.

sg - when we lived in Baton Rouge, my daughter was three and went to a church daycare that was largely Cajun.

I was never concerned about her speaking French - but her English was definitely in question. When we moved back to Dallas, it was months before anyone around here could understand her.

Of course, now that she's 14, nobody understands her again.

This is definitely not a hangout for the faint of heart.

We would have barbecued Bambi.

I think Coast may have even laughed at Old Yeller.

But then he made some comment that had the rest of us laughing too.

Definitely *le snorque* @ sing-sing

Double *le snorque* @ azred

My grandparents on both sides had farms, and early on I learned what it meant that "when you have livestock, you have deadstock."

The whole circle of life thing. There was the ocassional anomaly with new borns and those tended not to survive. That's nature.

No one here tortured any animals. There may have been some torturing with bad jokes, however.

I'm guessing the farmer doesn't raise sheep for a petting zoo, but for FOOD. There is nothing wrong with that.

ASK - you lived in BR??

and *snork* (at nobody understands my 14 yr old)

Mary had a little lamb
Its tail was white & fluffy
Now Mary has a shearling hat
And people call her Buffy.

and...ASK - did ya know that LSU kicked some Duke ass this weekend?!?


pssst, Daisymae, "lustig" means "merrily"

Ohhhh...and here I thought it meant lusty!

Noticed it (LSU victory)- but I'm still sulking since I'm an Aggie. At least we gave them a better game than I expected.

My step-grandparents were from BR, so I spent some time there as a kid. Before teaching, I was a Ryan's manager, so I've been all over LA - BR, NO, Opelousas (sp?), Lafayette, Natchitoches, Shreveport...

ASK~ "...laughed at Old Yeller."

Did you ever happen to see the Friends episode where Phoebe saw the end of Old Yeller for the first time? It was hilarious. She walks into the apartment, and they're all watching TV and crying. The dialogue, best as I can recall (though I don't remember who said what), went something like this:

Phoebe: What's the matter, guys?
Richard: Monica's making us watch Old Yeller.
Phoebe: So? It's a happy movie.
Ross: A happy movie?
Phoebe: Yeah. Happy family gets a dog, frontier fun!
Rachel: But what about the end?
Phoebe: You mean the part where Yeller saves the family from the wolves?
Monica: That's not the end.
Phoebe: Yes it is. That's when my mom always turned of the TV and said, "The End!" (she looks at the screen) Hey, I've never seen this part before. Whatcha doing with that gun, Trevor? No, wait! You can't kill him! He's your dog! He's your Yeller! The end! The end! Nooooo! (gunshot from the TV) OK, what kind of a sick doggy snuff film is this?

I guess the hilarity of it doesn't transfer into print very well. If you haven't seen it, you'll just have to take my word for it. Or if you don't care in the least, it doesn't matter anyway. I have waaaay to much time on my hands, yes? Oh, well. Good night. :-)

saw it - but i never would have remembered it without the transcript!

I saw it (thought not for the first time) the other night. I have a wonderful memory for useless information.

correction: though not for the first time, etc.

Thanks to me? I was being sarcastic!

Oh, ho, ho, sarcasm! Oh, no, no, we don't get that here. See, uh, people ski topless here while smoking dope, so sarcasm's not really a, a high priority. We haven't had any here since about, uh, '83, when I was the only practitioner of it. And I stopped because I was tired of being stared at.

(I know, the actual quote said "irony")

ASK~ For my gold star, Steve Martin in Roxanne. And, no, you may not fluff my pillows.

*speechless (from snorking), goes off in search of a bloglette whose pillows need fluffing*

ASK - Ryan's - as in Steakhouse?

*wonders if ASK will fluff my pillow*

Yes (to the Ryan's question), and anytime!

southerngirl! Are you intentionally cheating on TCK, or have you not seen the movie?


*mocking bald head flip (takes talent)*

and goodnight

I saw Old Yeller when it wuz in first release (around Christmas time) whilst visiting kinfolk in Chicago ... my parents and ma's sister and her oldest son went ... I dismember having some teary moments at the ending, even tho I knew whut was gonna happen, 'cuz I'd read the book before I saw the movie ... or somethin' like that ... and also, hopin' that my dad din't see me snifflin' ... I was ... um ... a lot younger then, but thot I wuz growin' up and hadda live up to the "Big Guys don't cry at movies" type of male gender image ...

Whutever ...


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