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March 13, 2006


Now they're rising from the dead! And if this was blogged last week, well....it's happening again!

(Thanks to everyone in the universe, and Peter Metrinko who put us on the trail with this link)


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Laotian rock rat. Did it have to be a Laotian rock rat?

That's balinese for FIRST!

"I guess they are tasty little morsels," said Dr. Dawson, with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

What the-?

Walks By the River - The Tamara Chronicles: Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was with a rush of anticipation seldom found outside of Nora Roberts novels that I awaited the arrival of my darling Tamara. The air was cool, with a mildly overcast sky that promised a hint of rain; the sort of light spring rain that serves to moisten the skin and excite the senses. Having seen but a picture of her, nothing more than a myriad collection of pixels glowing on the screen, I was not prepared for the experience of all three dimensions of loveliness readying itself to pounce upon a world I once knew. As I fruitlessly tried to settle my hair into some recognizable style and calm the butterflies whirling in my stomach, my cell phone buzzed; the starting signal for what would prove to be an unforgettable liason.

Next Up - Chapter 2: The Encounter

p.s. I'll try not to let this get out of hand, but, as I mentioned previously, Tamara does rule the universe.

*breathlessly awaits the next chapter of The Tamara Chronicles*

Well, not actually, cuz I'm leaving soon, but I will be sure to tune in tomorrow!

*still wants pics*

Does this involve Laotion rock rats? Cuz, if so, I'm definitely in.

Fed...what did that have to do with Laotian rats? with furry toes?


As Dirk Manly gently caressed his Laotion rock rat, he felt a sudden pang for Esmirelda, the Chilean barmaid he left on the shores of...

Ok, I'll stop.

I'm all caught up, Ducky, go ahead on...

WOO-WHOO! Remember, you must insert KDF in a love triangle, El as a dominatrix, and me as a geeky-rockin' tech guy!

*even if that doesn't happen, still looks forward to the story*

Please Sir Duck, We want some more!

said in best Cockney Oliver Twist voice

Duck better not be teasin'. Nobody likes a tease. (Crosses arms and taps foot impatiently...)

Oh, and plus, I was first.

Oh, for the love of Laotian rock rats! Chapters??

HAHAHA TRWC! What, you think we would accept any less?

Just kidding Tamara. :)

Unless you like it. You know I'm an insufferable attention-wench.

NO!!! TRWC, would you please enable Fed to post more chapters? PLEASE! He seems to live and die with your every word!

...and the more Fed posts, the less squawking from pop-less tart.

Well, I'm an attention-wh0re myself, you know. And we're all fans of Fed's huuuge...talent. And I don't want Adonis to cry. So feel free to carry on, Mr Duck. ;)

Yeah, I'll squeak less if you do!




Wait! I have a pop-tart, and it's HUGE!

Um, pretty sure Fed's gone for the night, Adonis. Patience. :)

Me wonders how you know that!

adonis - there's something shiny on the '24' thread....fetch!

OK...since throbbing tale of the rendezvous with Duckistry seems to be over for the evening, could someone please explain the Laotian Rock Rats to me? In particular, the story alludes to (a) seeing them dead in a market, on sale for somebody's dinner; and (b) the fact that they have "never been seen alive."
So...when they enter the food chain, they're PRE-DEAD??? Prehistoric roadkill? or the rat hunters are blindfolded? Isn't this like saying, "To view American beef cattle, you must visit your local McDonald's fast food franchise and purchase a so-called "whopper." Scientists are baffled at their origin, because no one has ever seen one alive."
Of course, that may be a poor example...

Annie, nicely done! He ran right over the the 24 thread and Judi busted him. Har.

Yeah, pretty funny. Not like I was going to do anything anyway. Me also wonders what it'd be like to go blog-cold-turkey? Probably get more work done...

Yep. She got you good, donis. But now you'll grow up to be a citizen in good standing. We know you've got it in you!

Hey, donis -


Don't mess with judi. You can mess with the posse and we'll poke you and have fun at - er, I mean with you, but cross judi and we may never see you again. :)
just sayin', sweetie!

Boy, life can turn on a dime, eh?

Uh, oh. Can't find donis. I think he's taking this hard. Chin up, footie jammies man, we like having you around. :)

*lays out a bowl of milk for Adonis*

If ya feed 'em once, they always come back.

Poor little Pop-less tart - Sometimes that 'something shiny' you see is the headlight of a train headed your way.

Adonis, donis, carpweasel, RRT, lapdog - kindly pick a name and get your mortal butt back in here. The blog babes are all pouty now that you're blurking, and they refuse to do hairflips. Us blog guys are getting antsy, and may be forced to do something drastic.

It was I who provided you with the knowledge that made you drunk with power, and it is I who now summon you back to prove your worthiness of a place among the bloggers. You have been shown the way of the blog, now step forward and use your knowledge to get a little posse for the good of blogkind.

....and my addy is real, if that would help.

donis, you and I attended Blue's HTML class together. We have a history; a certain italicky, linky, bold kinship that brings a tear to my eye. Please come back to us. The blog needs you.

*extends supportive hand and a bag of M&M's*

adonis, how 'bout if we give you a present?

For Adonis' consideration, tongue deeply embedded in cheek (Check all that apply):


Blue, you're a sweetheart. :)

*Tries to do mango joke, decided to just say thanks.*

*zips in and looks around*


Blue, I applaud your creativity but is every one of those a link? I don't have the energy today.

But I give you an A+ for effort and put you at the top of the posse's Guys Most Liked For Today list! :)

Yep. He's a peach. 'Cept he's blue... still a peach though. :)

Maybe he's a mango?

Hm. Point taken. Today, he is a mango.

I had a point?

I keep checking here for chapter two.

Maybe that was your point.

Every one is a link to a hilarious site that Adonis (note upper case) was enamored with lately. Thought it/they might spark a smile.

Chapter two is still in draft.

Jeez guys, I just took a break.

Look at what happened: I upset 1) the posse 2) TCK 3) the blogess herself. Of course I needed a break. For the record, I only blurked for about 20 min or so after the shot heard 'round the blog. (although I got a nice, well-chilled "I'm serious" email from judi) Also for the record, I wasn't going to set off any italics, for the last time I noticed that the slightly amused/perturbed ratio was about 1/50, which is never good. I was joking, although you can deploy my skills on spammers! And KDF, my reference to you was about the earlier thing I said that I wouldn't italicize without warning. (bad joke, I understand)

In short, I'm sorry. Also, thank you for my capital A. Also also, I'm back!

Adonis, you're adorable. It's a relief to see you back in fine form. We were worried that we might have hurt your feelings; thus all the peace offerings.

We play a fun little game here with footie pajamas, banishments, hairflips and whatnot, but sometimes we forget to call a timeout when someone might really need a minute to recover in that other universe.

We appreciate your good humor. We're glad you're back. Now, let's all get back to normal.

And would you please stick a real e:mail address in that personal info box? You know, in case of emergency?

"Jeez guys, I just took a break."


*takes back bowl of milk*

Thanks for the good vibes KDF. As for the address, I might have, before the icy email from judi. I know this is a copout, but I'd like to protect myself a little. I mean, how do you know I won't tick off all bloggerdom again today?

Overall, I'm just glad I didn't flame back when I was misunderstood. I envisioned judi posting my email address and all the blogsters sending me I will not attack the blog with italics a thousand times in each message. *shudder*

(I was worried the most that I'd alienated you, but don't tell anyone else that)

Tam, it's turned to cheese by now, and is excellent over crackers with a nice cab-sav. Thanks for the good wishes all.

Aw, silly A-Man. You didn't alienate me. I understood your reference in the 24 thread, but was worried that others would think I was involved in RRT's plot to slant the blog. So I clarified.

As for Judi... ya gotta trust me on this. She was very surprised to hear that you were upset, and felt crappy about it. Check out the Woman of Your Dreams thread for her comment and others (at 5:30 or so.) You were all over the blog today!

Yes, the italics thing was annoying. But the only thing anybody really cared about was that your feelings might have been hurt after the fact.

And if it makes you feel any better, I was worried that I had alienated you. So there.

Can somebody please play We Are the World so we can all get on with our lives now?

*group hug*

I seriously had no idea. I thought my stock on the blog was somewhere near Enron, so I took a blog-siesta. I looked this evening on my email, and had this: (all appologies to judi for sharing)

please see below, and listen, if you're really absent 'cause of what *I* said,
PLEASE don't be upset... come back, adonis! come back!

judi, the penitent

Also, she forwarded this from Blue:

Hi, Judi - a couple of us at the blog are a bit concerned over young Mr.
Adonis' disappearance following his smiting yesterday. We have tried to
encourage him back to the blog via yesterday's Terrifying Squirrel Update
thread, but seen no response. I have combed the ReMOAT and a lot of threads
looking for his e-mail address, but he always covers his tracks under all the
screen names he's used, so no luck there.

If you have his e-mail address, is it possible for you to forward this message
to him or relay a message of your own to him asking that he send me an e-mail,
so I/we can invite him back and offer some comfort and well-intended friendly

Thanks much.

Imagine my suprise! Really, I wasn't throwing a pout contest! I just thought if I posted, even if it didn't include italics, that I'd reap serious flameage. I actually thought it was a little funny I was taken wrong. I would like to reference you, KDF:

Boy, life can turn on a dime, eh?

Posted by: KDF, The | 09:17 PM on March 13, 2006

Beauty eh? Couldn't have said it better myself.

*welcome back*

Also, thanks blue. That was a LOT of linking! Also for the plea to judi! Really, thanks.

We just wanted your e:mail address, Adonis. Judi meant no harm.


/End chapter 2.

I call dibs on the ruby slippers.


"Because I love you all!"

Sooooo, who's Auntie Em?

*SNORK!!!* @ Blue! :D

PS All those exclamation points: courtesy of Sam Adams.

I love a story that ends with Judy Garland drinking a Sam Adams.


G'night, A-man, KDF, Tamara & Sam.

And G'Mornin' Southerngirl, whom I forgot to G'Night.

Please don't leave the blog in a huff, OK s-g?

Thanx, Blue! Mornin' to you, too. And if I ever do leave in a huff, and ya want to beg me to come back, my addy is real. :)

you thought i would POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS?! holy crap. i'm so, so, so more girl scouty than that, adonis. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. i wear honor like a badge of... wait... i mean....... you know. anyway i NEVER would. seriously, there were some really bad people on the message board a while back, nasty people who made my life miserable for months, and i've never posted THEIR email addies anywhere.

i wasn't even upset or anything. why would i be? i just didn't want to have to turn off italics during the show. that's all.



((Dr. Blue[[Judi{{KDF}}]]))

Is it cheap thrill time yet?

*gasp* Here you guys are! *waves*

Blue! When isn't it?!

And, ((Tamara[[Judi{{paranoid-yet-always-ready-for-action Dr. Blue}}]]))

Heee. This is fuuunnnn!!!!

OK, whose fingernails need the trim?

pssst, Blue, I think that's the squirrel

I think that's the squirrel


I need a coffee-proof monitor.

*loves Blue a Band-Aid® for the Laotian Rock Rat scratch and Saran Wrap® for his monitor*

*also more coffee*

Got any bigger Band-Aids® ? Preferably these, if available.

I have those! I have those! And Care Bear® ones! No, wait; that's what I have at home.

Here in my desk drawer, I have Barbie® and Scooby® bandages.

(We have kids in the office a lot.)

(Somebody fed 'em one time, and now we can't get rid of 'em...)

Jeez, Tamara, are you gonna work "fed" into all of your posts now?

Pssstt, KDF, it's their own little code. Don't let on we know, and just watch their posts.


Actually, I think if you go back and look, you will find I generally manage to sneak the letters F, E, and D into every one of my posts.

Also the letters C, B, O, and L.

Okay, I am actually snorking.

I went back and noted the presence of T, R, W and C in many, if not all, of their posts.

We know, Tamara. We're onto your little game.

But it doesn't leave these four margins.

*looks up, looks down, looks left, looks right*

Our secret.

Psssssssshp. (sound of Doctor Blue and Patient 1 zipping lips)

I mean... Dr . B l u e

pssst, we are SO CLEVAHHHH!


Oh, you crazy kids...

so, who knows each other IRL around here?

Good question Judi.

But what do you mean by "know"? and I'm a bit fuzzy on the "RL" too.

do you mean who did we know prior to being here? I suspect very few, but I'm not paying close attention.

I've met a few bloglits...
- PollyPI
- Punky Brewster*
- Wurm42
- Di/DDi
- Kibby F5
- Federal Duck

(I hope that's everyone...)

*I've been to see Punky twice--stayed over at her house the second visit. She's now one of my closest friends. She rocks! :)

I haven't met any bloglits yet :(

Blue, I'll be flying into Newark sometime this spring. Not booked yet, but looking at the end of April.

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